Some Random Thoughts On Angel 4.1 Deep Down and Angel 4.2 Ground State

Angel Season 4

Angel was lost, now found, in Deep Down.  And meets a new potential AI member in Ground State.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


Deep Down…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel has a dream sequence with all his wonderful friends having dinner together.   But it quickly changes to a nightmare as Angel remembers he is locked in a metal coffin at the bottom of the bay.  AI, now just Gunn and Freddie, are fighting Vampires while trying to get a lead on Angel and ask about a girl Marissa.  Connor arrives and joins the fight.  They win and head back to the hotel and talk about the search for Angel and Cordelia.  Angel keeps hallucinating about not being underwater.  AI gets another lead on Angel and Connor has to figure out how to scuttle it.  And Freddie and Gunn wonder how they are gonna keep AI together.  Wesley and Lila are simply having sex and she wants to know where Angel is.  Wesley does not know or care.  She leaves and Wesley has Justine held prisoner in his closest in inhumane conditions.  She is unwillingly helping him find Angel.  AI finds Marissa, who might have seen Angel the night he vanished.  She escapes and Connor kills her.  Angel hallucinates of confronting Connor and killing him.  Freddie talks to Lorne on the phone in Vegas.  Wolfram and Hart has the lawyers arguing yet again and how they know Lila is sleeping with Wesley.  Wesley’s boat scans and finds Angel and Justine goes down to retrieve him.  Wesley breaks Angel free, but he is still very weak.  Wesley feeds him blood.  AI argues with Connor and he heads to his room.  Angel slowly recuperates.  Lila attends a meeting with the lawyers and is told off, but turns the tables and her boss is killed.  Freddie sees Connor in his room and then talk.  Then she threatens him and stuns him.  Connor wakes up tied to a chair with AI telling him off.  Wesley called.  Wesley takes Angel and leaves Justine.  Wesley brings Angel to the hotel.  Connor breaks free and attacks AI, but Angel stops him.  Angel gives Connor a lecture and asks about Cordelia, which the teen knows nothing of.  Angel tells Connor he loves him, then kicks him out.  He leaves.  Cordelia in her higher dimension is bored.


My Thoughts!!

Overhead shot of all our happy AI people having a wonderful Thanksgiving.  No Gruesome.  Wesley is here and Connor is cutesy and this whole thing screams dream sequence.  This is soooo annoying.  Awww, no food for Angel.  Look, he is still trapped in the steel coffin at the bottom of the ocean.  Wait, Cordelia is still in the credits!  Yay!  But wait so was Tara!  And Connor is now a part of the credits.  Lorne still guest star?  Freddie’s got a crossbow!  Looks like AI is trying to find Angel and pissing off a lot of Vampires.  Knew those Vampires were gonna attack.  Freddies’s got game!  Connor shows up, that surprises me.  And yes, that thing with the axe was tight.  AI has been looking for THREE MONTHS?  To find Angel and Cordelia?  Almost evicted?  I think they would have called in Wesley by now.  And gotten suspicious of Connor.  On Buffy, Spike said Vampires can only survive so long without blood, then they become emaciated.  Lorne not answering calls is not like him.  And they don’t call Buffy over Angel and Cordelia?  Geez, I thought last season ended messily, but this season is starting off this way as well.  So Angel is imagining what might have been with Cordelia.  Wesley mention and Gunn acts stupid.  Meanwhile Wesley is simply having sex again with Lila.  What is the point of all this?  Love how Lila gently pumps Wesley for information while getting dressed.  I don’t believe that Wesley does not care where Angel is.  They are playing him as a dark depressed moody crazy person.  WHAT?  He has been keeping Justine locked in his closet all this time?  And he does know where Angel is!  So Justine heard Wesley and Lila having sex.  Wesley is really trying hard to find Angel, but I don’t think it is to kiss Angel’s ass for forgiveness, but because it is the right thing to do.  This means that Justine broke right away when Wesley asked what happened to Angel.  Justine finally makes her move and Wesley really scares her.  This pathetic Slayer wannabe gets even more pathetic.  Knew the Vampire was still their waiting for AI and Connor.  I have never seen a Vampire do that wall climbing trick before.  How did Connor get in front of her?  Now Connor takes off like another bratty teen.  Freddie is really falling for Connor’s act.  Okay, these Angel daydreams are getting annoying.  Is Connor feeling guilty now?  Looks like it.  Okay, it is really Angel’s day dream, sigh.  Lorne!  Not very helpful.  That fluffy joke is really dirty.  And I think it implies that Gunn and Freddie are sleeping together.  Back at Wolfram and Hart, more boring intrigue with the lawyers.  Lost guy knows Lila is sleeping with Wesley, which does not surprise me.  Justine finds Angel on the ocean floor, but why did she tell the truth?  Why not just lie and say she found nothing?  Of course Angel attacks because he is delusional.  Wait, is Wesley says Vampires can survive a long long time without blood, but they will get brain damage.  Rewrite or did new info about Vampires become available lately?  Gunn and Freddie really aren’t pulling off this concerned role the writers have given them.  So I guess Gunn is over his whole Angel is not my friend crud from last year?  Another dirty joke from Gunn and Wesley.  Lorne!  Reality or memorex?  Wesley knows Angel is hallucinating so he does not take it personally.  Human blood from Wesley!  These lawyers are jerks, which is not surprising.  Lila calls out the VP for being a coward.  The Senior Partner takes Lila’s version of events without question?  Guess they do since they beheaded the guy.  Connor with a video game is soooo teen.  Wait, did Freddie figure it out?  Or did Angel wake up enough to call AI?  Wesley called!  Knew AI was gonna be piiiiiiiiiiiiissssssed.  Freddie with a taser is scary.  Wesley, you forgot to drown Justine.  Freddie calls Connor out on his ruthlessness.  Wesley brings Angel home!!  And Wesley just leaves.  So AI gets mad because Wesley did not tell them about Connor and accuse him of not caring.  meanwhile he saved them from Connor and brings Angel back.  Screw you Gunn and Freddie, jerks.  Connor escapes!  Taser tot he throat has gota hurt.  Angel!  Of course he wakes up and knows it is not a dream.  Because the plot demands it.  Why would Connor believe Angel?  Guess Angel is from the generation that spanks?  Now Angel can tell when Connor is lying?  Buffy mention!  Good to see hell dimension remembered.  Knew Angel would still love Connor.  Kick him out?  Angel would never do that.  Cordelia mention!  Wait, she is bored being an upper dimension being?  Maybe coming back?  Would have been nice to see the awake Angel and Wesley reunion.


Kinda all over the place with this one.  And do not believe Angel would ever kick Connor out.  Because Angel would not.

Angel logo


Ground State….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Wisconsin 1985.  Gwen is a young girl dropped off by her parents at a special private school.  She has electrical powers and no control.  Today.  AI packs up Cordelia’s apartment.  Angel sees Wesley fighting demons and thanks him for the rescue.  Wesley does not care and knows Angel just wants what info he has on Cordelia.  She is alive in another dimension.  Gwen is now an adult and meeting a rich slimy client in a restaurant.  She is to steal something for him and she electrocutes his watch.  But that same object is magical, as Freddie tells AI, and could be used to talk to Cordelia.  It is at an auction house and they plan a heist.  As does Gwen.  Gwen breaks in first, with AI not far behind.  Angel bumps into Gwen as she is ahead of him.  She uses her powers to get the object.  They talk and argue.  Gunn arrives and Freddie sets off the alarms.  AI fights Gwen and she accidentally kills Gunn.  Gwen feels bad and revives Gunn with her powers.  Angel finds Lila watching homeless Connor and wants info on Gwen.  And he smells Wesley on her.  Freddie is upset that Gunn almost died.  Angel confronts Gwen before she delivers the object and they fight.  Gwen shocks Angel and starts his heart, which causes them to kiss.  But the client betrays her and sets up a death trap for them.  Angel helps Gwen use her powers to escape.  Angel and Gwen fight the clients lackeys and then the client.  Angel gets the object.  He uses it to find out about Cordelia and says she is okay.  The think she is gone forever.  But in reality, Cordelia hates her new existence.


My Thoughts!!

Great, haven’t had a flashback in awhile.  Wisconsin 1985.  Betcha that is Lila.  Thorpe Academy looks scary.  Gwen?  Okay, got that wrong.  Get a Shining vibe here.  Aww, no one is playing with Gwen and her ugly gloves.  Looks like this Prof X wannabe never taught the kid she has electrical powers.  Cordelia still in credits!  Holding out hope!  Sniffing for clues for Cordelia in her apartment.  What about Dennis?  Miss that ghost.  Lets cover all the plot points about Cordelia now.  Freddie sure holds a grudge.  They really are acting like she is never coming back, and it feels real.  Wesley fighting demons!  And Angel shows up.  Are these two finally gonna kiss and make up?  Wesley has his own crew now.  Wesley looks pisssssed and I don’t blame him.  The apology feels so insincere from Angel.  Yep, Wesley knows it and hands him the file on Cordelia.  If these two had only done this months ago, all things would be better right now.  Playing tag with demons is annoying.  They are trying to make her spider like but it ain’t working.  Why are the demon riddles always so lame on this show?  Hey, it’s the dad from My-So-Called-Life!  That is a really really tight outfit on this lady.  Waiting for the waiter to ask her for ID since she looks so young.  She’s a thief and now we know she is Gwen.  Still loves red as well.  Oh look, she’s a badass because she killed his watch.  Cordelia.  Watching her friends.  Angel is artist, forgot about that.  Wonder if the actor is as well.  Love Freddie’s presentation.  She and Giles should team up for this.  Okay, plot point, since Gwen is also after it for a client.  Yes, Angel has done heists before, all Oceans Eleven like.  Operation Chance In Hell is a good name.  Wouldn’t they already have all this equipment.  This there Tomb Raider montage?  Meanwhile, Wesley and Lila are back having sex again.  Of course she knew about Justine.  And they mention Justine hearing them having sex.  So Wesley is all about the mission, except for when it comes to the sex.  And she plans to seduce homeless Connor.  They are really trying for a naughty naughty dark sex Buffy Spike thing here with these two.  I am not buying it at all.  Gwen doesn’t wear a face mask for the cameras?  Batman mention!  Angel is so subtle with the alarms, not.  Again, no masks.  Haha, they went the wrong way.  Can’t just take out the guard with a knock out drug?  Angel meets Gwen!  Now they realize she is here?  Why is Angel surprised?  He has seen magic like this before.  Wow, Gunn, sexist much, ladies can fight as well.  Looks like Gwen just killed Gunn.  For now.  Time for acid flashbacks.  And Gunn is back!  Connor.  Wandering like Bruce Banner.  Watched by Lila.  Angel.  These two are boring together.  Lila declaring herself evil is so banal.  So Angel is punishing Connor for now in some stupid version of tough love.  Love how Angel can smell Wesley on Lila.  Freddie looks too skinny here.  Freddie is rightly freaked by Gunn temporarily dying.  But after five years as a escaped slave/refugee in Pylea, the reality of paying bills on earth is what breaks her?  Aww, Freddie loves Gunn, which we already knew.  Their is no way without her powers Gwen can beat Angel.  Is she gonna make his heart start beating?  Had a feeling this weirdo would be turned on by this fight.  And they are trapped.  The jerk client is just using an excuse to betray her isn’t he?  Lex Luther mention!  Angel as a conductor is different.  Just snap their necks Angel!  Time to kill My-So-Called-Life dad.  So Gwen is really a bad girl trying to do right, ala Faith.  Betcha she is coming back.  Guessing the magic doohickey did not work very well at finding Cordelia.  Okay, they found her and she is happy as a higher being.  But I thought she was bored?  Awww, what crap, Cordelia is home as a higher being.  Cordelia wants to come back to earth.  At least they used deficient, not retarded, which they would have even last season.


Gwen is cool and I hope she comes back.  Which means knowing this show, she won’t.  And why is Connor still homeless?  Because Angel is an idiot.



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