Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.2 Beneath You

Buffy season 7

Buffy goes up against a threat from below in Beneath You.  All in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

In Germany, a teen girl is chased through a nightclub.   The hooded people catch her and kill her.  Buffy has a nightmare about this girl and Dawn wakes her up.  Spike in the school basement tries to eat a rat.  An earthquake interrupts.  Xander takes Buffy and Dawn to school and talk about Xander dating.  The Principal shows Buffy her cubicle and she also goes to see Spike, but he is gone.  Willow is in England and worries what the Scoobies will think of her.  Giles gives her a pep talk.  In Sunnydale, a dog being walked is eaten by some underground creature and the owner, a young woman, is horrified.  She bumps into Xander and he brings her to Buffy.  The Scoobies make a plan and talk to the woman, Nancy.  Spike arrives and acts normal and offers to help.  The Scoobies are split on the offer, with Buffy being for it.  Dawn gives Spike a dire warning to never hurt Buffy.  Buffy and Spike talk while looking at where the dog died.  And it is strained.  Xander escorts Nancy home and they flirt.  Then the underground creature attacks.  It leaves and Nancy mentions her ex and Xander figures out that Anya is involved.  The Scoobies see Anya at the Bronze and she tells them how she turned the ex into a monster.  Nancy hears all the sordid sex details of the Scoobies and is disgusted and horrified.  Anya can tell Spike has a soul and he does not want everyone to know.  Spike and Anya fight and Buffy joins in.  Nancy leaves and is attacked by her worm ex.  Xander wants Anya to undo the curse.  Buffy saves Nancy and Spike fights the creature.  But when the worm changes back to human, Spike’s chip cause him pain for hurting him.  And Spike’s soul makes him feel for the human he hurt.  Anya says she is in trouble for undoing the spell and Xander realizes Nancy will never call.  Buffy follows Spike to a church.  Spike babbles to Buffy, they fight, and he babbles some more.  He mentions that Angel should have told him what it was like.  Buffy figures out that Spike has his soul again and is surprised.  They talk about his soul.  And Spike burns himself on the cross in front of Buffy.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Germany.  Time for the technopop almost Slayer to be on the run.  I am really hoping this one gets away because she seems really feisty.  Nope, dang.  Buffy is dreaming of this happening?  That is never a good sign.  “From Beneath You It Devours.” doesn’t sound ominous at all, not.  Looks like Buffy has it almost figured out.  Great, a tremors crossover.  Meanwhile, in the school basement with a really screwed up Spike, a mouse is being lectured before being eaten.  Saved by the earthquake.  Giles is guest starring!  Awww, Xander is getting all mushy about Buffy saving his butt alot in high school.  Dawn looks properly horrified when Buffy brings up the teens lovelife.  Still have not figured out Principal Woods yet.  Hyena mention!  And Woods has no clue because the Sunnydale coverups are legendary.  He seems surprised that Buffy knows her torture devices.  Asking Buffy if she wants to tell him something is such a loaded question.  Looks like Buffy is gone Spike.  Meanwhile in England, Giles is quickly kicking Willow back to the colonies.  Hellmouth having teeth is an interesting visual.  Giles nails it, Willow is afraid her fellow Scoobies will reject her.  That dog is about to die from the tremors isn’t it?  NOO!!!  Of course she runs into Xander.  Interesting how the average citizen views Sunnydale.  And how quickly Nancy trusts the Scoobies.  Spike!  Buffy really looks scared.  Looks like Spike has cleaned up real well.  Xander really wants to beat the Hellmouth out of Spike doesn’t he, and who could blame him.  Love Nancy’s look when they mention pointy weapons.  Love Dawn’s look when the basement last week is mentioned and how Buffy never told her.  How did Spike get better so quick?  Nancy wants to take her chances on the tremors right about now.  Is Nancy joining the Scoobies as the normal person?  She is so hitting on you Xander, you idiot.  Nancy is so calm with what the Scoobies are doing.  Mention of the attempted rape, which I was wondering if they get to.  Knew Dawn would tell her former bff off, and she meant every word of it.  I have a feeling Spike is still under the big bad’s control, hence why he is not so crazy.  Knew they would show a flashback to the attempted rape.  Call him on it Buffy!  He’s not telling her about the soul?  Are we about to see Xander and Nancy have sex?  Uh oh, tremors.  That is one awful special effect, almost as bad as Glory’s giant snake.  Namedrop the plot point.  Xander figures it out.  Anya!  Trolling for vengeance!  That is a new way of cussing on this show.  So Anya changed Nancy’s ex into a worm.  Knew Anya would feel bad for the dog.  Mention of Spike and Anya having sex.  Is Nancy supposed to be the audiences viewpoint?  Xander, never tell a vengeance demon how to do her job.  Love how Anya can see Spike now has a soul.  Yeah, punching Anya is not going to go well Spike.  Now it is Buffy fighting Spike.  The Bronze is about to get trashed!!  Spike wants to be beaten, probably as punishment.  Don’t blame Nancy for taking off.  Wouldn’t Anya reverse the spell because it backfired so badly?  Love how Buffy decides to search via rooftop, ala Batman.  The Bronze goes back to normal soooo quickly.  Xander calls Anya on her pity party.  Spike!  Knew the worm would turn back now.  Cue chip activation.  Spike really looks sorry here.  His soul is slowly destroying him here.  I think Buffy now knows something is seriously wrong with Spike now.  Xander figures out that Nancy is never ever coming back.  No new Scoobie for her!  Spike is messed up!!  Great way to make her think you are going to try to attempt rape her again.  That’s right, stake up Buffy.  Angel mention!  And Buffy clues in.  And Buffy knows Spike did it for her, to get her to love him.  You know why Buffy, you ninny!  Spike burning on the cross is freaky.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander describes high school very very well to Buffy and Dawn with “At a spanking new Hellmouth High.”  Buffy tells off Spike with “Everything about you is wrong Spike.”  Dawn gives Spike a warning with “If you hurt my sister at all, touch her, you are going to wake up on fire.”  Spike asks Buffy an important question with “And when exactly did your sister get unbelievably scary?”  Nancy asks the Scoobies a question, which causes an exchange of looks between Xander and Spike, with “Is their anyone here who haven’t slept together?”  Spike tells Buffy his situation with “They put the spark in me.  And now all it does is burn.”  Spike asks Buffy for help with “Can we rest now Buffy?  Can we rest?”


While the A story was okay to whatever, with no new Scooby for Nancy, the main action is all about Spike dealing with a newly returned soul.  And wow does this set the ball rolling for so many many things.  Can’t wait to see the explosions Joss.



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