Three Random Thoughts On Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6014

A little movie came out last year, one you just might have heard of, starring a cute robot with a big heart and a teen boy.

Okay, it is Big Hero 6, as you probably guessed!


Big Hero 6 BaymaxThe Story…

Hiro is a teen prodigy who is doing nothing with his genius but illegal robot fighting. So his genius older brother gets him to try out for a genius program at the university. He does, aces it, but then his older brother dies in a tragic accident. Consumed with grief, Hiro unwittingly activates his brothers master invention, Baymax. This robot is a portable doctor to analyze and cure all that ails you. And Baymax can see that Hiro is hurting and attempts to alleviate his suffering. This leads to an adventure and heartbreak and fantastic superheroics as Hiro and Baymex discover more happened at the accident than they thought…


Big Hero 6 BaymaxBaymax…

He is just so lovable and nice and loveable. And now thanks to Hiro, he has amazing kung fu action grip and karate kid powers. But back to what Baymax is really meant to do, which is to provide medical care in a caring, happy, wonderful way. Hugs are plentiful from Baymax, as are kind words and expert doctoral help. We never want him to deactivate.


Big Hero 6 BaymaxGrief…

One of the main themes dealt with in Big Hero 6 is the very serious subject of grief and how we deal with it. Having already lost their parents, we can see how Hiro and his brother have grown up and in very different ways and moved on with life. And how the self destructive streak of Hiro’s comes back in major way after his brother dies. Hiro, with Baymax’s very intuitive help, learns to move forward and make something better with all that is left behind. Become a force for good that would make his brother and parents proud. It is a positive message all kids and adults can take it with them.


Big Hero 6. Awesome. And can’t wait for the sequel someday, all with hopefully more Baymax.



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