Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.3 Same Time, Same Place

Buffy season 7

Buffy and the Scoobies greet Willow back to Sunnydale in Same Time, Same Place.  Or do they?  All in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies await Willow at the airport but she never shows.  They are worried as to what happened and If Willow is cured of being evil.  But Willow did get off the plane and walked by where the Scoobies are standing, but they are not there.  A creature kills a man at a building site.  Willow comes back to the house and it is empty.  She goes to the master bedroom, where Tara died, then hears the Scoobies come home.  But neither sees the other, even as they walk by each other.  They even sit on the same couch.  And wonder where the others are.  Willow sees Anya at the remains of the Magic Shop and they talk.  And Willow still feels bad.  Anya fills her in on what is going on.  Willow goes to Xander’s building site and finds the dead body.  As does Buffy and Xander at the same moment.  They debate if Willow is involved.  Willow goes to the high school and sees Spike who is still not right.  As does Buffy and Xander.  But Spike figures out neither can see the other.  They each misinterpret what Spike is saying.  Willow goes to Anya again to find the creature that killed the man, knowing the Scoobies would think it was her.  They do a spell and locate the demon.  Anya can’t teleport Willow because her powers have been limited.  Willow heads to the cave where the demon is.  Dawn internets for demons skinning people and she gets information that the creature leaves a blood trail.  They get Spike as a bloodhound and find the cave and leaves.  They are all at the cave the same time but are still invisible to each other.  Demon paralyzes Dawn and the Scoobies retreat back to the house.  Willow is also paralyzed and the demon plans to eat her.  Buffy and Xander call in Anya to take care of Dawn while they head back to the cave.  Anya arrives and mentions helping Willow find the cave.  They leave Dawn and all head to the cave.  The demon taunts Willow and the Scoobies show up.  But only Anya can see and hear and touch Willow and the Scoobies.  Buffy fights the demon while Anya heals Willow.  And tells Willow the Scoobies are here.  Buffy kills the demon which frees Willow and Dawn.  The spell that causes the invisibility fades and Willow and Buffy and Xander all see each other.  Willow uses good magic to heal her wounds.  She and Buffy talk and says she accidentally did the invisibility spell.  Buffy helps Willow meditate.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

I love how Sunnydale is big enough for it’s own airport, as we saw last season when Giles left.  Love the Scoobies welcoming committee for Willow.  Yellow crayon callback!  Xander is so calm and welcoming of Willow.  Willow didn’t come home?  Kidnapped by Jonathan?  Wait, Willow is here!  But where are the Scoobies?  Another dimension?  Aww, graffitti in Sunnydale.  Is this Gollum by way of Bob Fosse?  No one is home at Buffy’s place?  At this late at night?  Willow went back to the bedroom where Tara died.  Not a good move.  This feels like the Twilight Zone.  Wait, so that was the door slam Willow heard.  And they are sitting on the couch Willow is sleeping on?  She’s Invisible like the invisible girl way back when.  Dawn really holds a grudge doesn’t she?  Nice fade between what can be seen.  Of course Giles is in a Council meeting all day.  Poor lonely Willow.  Anya looks scared.  The Magic Shop is still closed?  How much did Willow and Giles trash it?  Everyone is so scared Willow will go evil again, does only Xander trust her?  Willow is so happy someone will finally sit with her.  Love how Anya goes right into the negative.  And I really want Anya to narrate all previously on Buffy from now on.  Empty construction sites are scary.  And no skin man.  Great, they go right to evil Willow.  Stupid Scoobies.  Willow is so desperate for answers she even goes to crazy Spike in the basement.  So Spike can see Willow.  Betcha Spike is talking to Buffy with the glowing remark.  And Spike just figured it out.  Buffy never told Willow about the attempted rape did she?  Buffy never offered help to now full of soul Spike?  That’s unlike her.  Love how Anya thinks it is about money.  And love how a dead body near Sunnydale High is considered normal.  Anya figures out the plot rather quickly.  Love their Marauders Map for finding demons.  Bunny reference!  But Anya screwed up that vengeance last week, so withdrawing the spell should not be held against her.  And the no teleport rule just feels like a plot complication right now.  So once again being human has made Anya grow empathy for her victims.  So now Dawn is doing the Willow computer thing.  Knew it was a demon.  Using Spike as a bloodhound is cute.  Dawn wants to go all Initiative with the high tech.  And Willow is at the same cave.  This creepy voice is annoying.  Great the Scoobies sealed Willow in.  This demon is nasty.  And Willow tries magic to survive.  I hate demon mind games.  This feels rapish with the demon.  Stiff as a board Dawn is funny.  I hate this demon.  This skin peeling is disgusting.  Poseable Dawn is cute.  Now the plot comes together.  Yes, Dawn needs the tv remote.  Now the Scoobies know Willow is invisible.  Willow is so happy now.  And Dawn falls off the couch, hehe.  They can see each other!!  Yay!!!!!  The three original Scoobies all happy and together.  Clem mention!  Buffy is still kinda afraid Willow is misusing magic, even through she is not.  You would think Buffy would know the difference by now.  Willow accidentally caused the invisibility?  Not surprised.  Love how Willow understands Buffy suspecting her.  Aww, Buffy and Willow doing the healing together.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander tells Buffy and Dawn the whole wonderful truth “My mouth saved the world”  Dawn asks Buffy and Xander the obvious question “She didn’t finish being not evil?”  Buffy makes light of the situation to Dawn and Xander with “Defeating lazy Willow?  Probably less hard.”  Anya says some thing funny to Willow with “Oh God, please stop hitting me with my own rib bones.”  Buffy laments her career to Xander with “I gotta get a job where I don’t get called right away for this stuff.”  Xander tells Buffy what he thinks of Spike with “And that means something since he is chalk full of sanity.”  And Buffy replies to Xander and Dawn with “Yes, let’s tie ourselves to the crazy vampire.”  Spike gives his two cents worth to Buffy and Dawn about Xander with “I’m insane.  What’s his excuse?”  Xander tells Buffy and Dawn what he thinks of the situation “Dark and dank.  I was hoping it would be dark and dank.”  Dawn makes a simple request to Buffy and Xander, through frozen lips, “Stop talking about vomit!”


Willow is back!  And the whole issue with her returning makes sense, and will, knowing Joss, continue for quite some time.  We also get a really really creepy villain whom I really really hate.  All this and the fun and merriment of a frozen Dawn!



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