Some Random Thoughts On Angel 4.3 The House Always Wins and Angel 4.4 Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Angel Season 4Angel saves Lorne from another evil casino in The House Always Wins, and welcomes Cordelia back in a kinda sorta way in Slouching Towards Bethlehem.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


The House Always Wins…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel watches Connor stake a Vampire, all in secret.  Cordelia watches Angel, all in secret.  And she is mad he is not saving her.  Gunn and Freddie talk to Angel about Connor and he decides to take AI to Vegas.  They go to the casino where Lorne is singing and is a huge success.  Lorne interacts with the audience but ignores AI.  After the show, the casino owner and mob boss demands Lorne tell him about the people he read in the audience and their futures.  Wesley and Lila have phone sex.  AI gambles and wonders about Lorne.  One of the audience is offered to play a private game.  Angel is taken by security and he gets rid of them.  Then sees the audience member.  AI goes to check in on Lorne so Freddie dresses up as a chorus girl, all to get past the guards.  Freddie helps Lorne escape and he tells them about the mob boss.  Angel gets into the special game and he falls under their evil spell.  AI finds Angel and he is only gambling.  AI escapes into the streets and are chased.  AI realizes Angel is under their spell and goes back to save him.  AI is caught and brought to the mob boss, who plans to kill them.  Cordelia wants to help and gets Angel to win at his game, which makes them bring him to the same room.  Angel still is uncaring.  When Freddie is put in danger, Angel snaps out of it.  They fight.  Lorne breaks the device controlling the spell.  AI returns to LA and find Cordelia in the hotel lobby.  And she has no memory.


My Thoughts!!

Connor is on the hunt.  And Angel is watching and giving commentary from above.  And Cordelia is watching and giving commentary from above as well.  Buts it is really Gunn and Freddie who are really watching from above.  Maybe Angel just needs a snickers bar?  Is that Lorne singing Viva Las Vegas?  Awesome!   Danny Gans?  Plot point!  Of course Angel used to know Bugsy Siegal.  Why would he hang out with a mobster if he has a soul?  Of course Lorne would fit right in on a Las Vegas stage.  Lorne is really really enjoying himself.  Lornettes?  This really works!  Lorne going right by AI is such a plot point.  Wait, is this lady in the audience also in Dr. Horrible?  Angel meeting the Rat Pack is a bit ridiculous.  That is one gaudy apartment.  Well, that thug is a jerk.  And that pinkslip comment sounds ominous.  So the mobster uses Lorne’s power to read the audience’s futures because the mobster has evil plans.  Wesley!  On the phone with Lila of course.  Call waiting?  First time on this show.  Phone sex with Lila like this is gross.  Talk about Buffy Spike 2.0.  Magic chip for the future chef.  Betcha they are going to steal her future luck/talent/power.  Cordelia narration/insults from above is now annoying.  Gunn is pissed at Lorne, he is being all sulky.  Angel can’t fight these guys off?  That’s the Angel we know!  Chef girl is mind zonked.  Actually, the security is laughable Gunn.  Knew they were gonna make Freddie dress up as a chorus girl in green.  Freddie is so not pulling this off.  Sorry, Freddie looks too thin here.  Fluffy is a code word?  According to who?  Lorne just spelled out the plot that we already figured out.  Now the magic whammy hits Angel.  But as a Vampire, would he be affected?  Guess because of the plot he has to be.  Freddie does the best barf sounds.  Ooops, they dropped something.  Great, evil mobster knows of Wolfram and Hart.  Okay, so these future money makers will rack up tremendous debt to the casino and owe money when they are rich and famous.  Gunn is darn good with the punches.  Freddie sure got that green makeup off fast.  And stuffing the tissues down her top.  If Angel’s destiny it to help in the apocalypse, wouldn’t taking that destiny upset the cosmic balance?  Wibbly wobbly timey wimey?  At least they figure out Angel was whammied.  That was obvious, Lorne singing into the mic.  Does Gunn always jump to the wrong conclusion?  Knew pinkslip was lethal.  Casinos are really really really big, yet Gunn finds Angel really really really fast.  Aww, Gunn said Angel is his friend.  So last season episode is now officially taken off the table.  Knew they would capture Freddie and Lorne.  So if Lorne screams real loud and breaks the magic chip holder, that would free Angel right?  More Cordelia higher being narration?  Sigh.  So Cordelia makes Angel’s machine win, freeing him.  So Cordelia’s use of the Force is better than the mobsters.  Just snap his neck Angel.  So seeing his friends in trouble snaps Angel out of it?  Lorne screeching would not break the glass?  One more Elvis reference?  Sigh.  That is a dirty conversation, Freddie and Gunn.  Cordelia!  I think we all kinda knew she was going to be at the hotel.  Sigh, no memory.  Welcome to needless complications.


This is cute one, kinda fluffy, and brings Lorne back.  Now if only they could get Wesley back and normal again, that would be great.

Angel logo


Slouching Towards Bethlehem….

What Angel Investigations Did!

A family has a stalled car and Connor arrives to help them.  Then Vampire tow truck drivers arrive and Connor fights them.  Connor sneaks into the hotel and listens to AI talk to Cordelia.  Gunn leads Lorne away so as to not freak out Cordelia.  AI has to think of how to deal with Cordelia.  Cordelia is not happy and only remembers of to before she met Buffy.  She hears the answering machine with her voice.  Freddie and Gunn go take care of demon.  Cordelia goes to her room and looks at her old stuff and pictures.  Angel talks to her and tries to reassure her.  Cordelia wanders the hotel and almost finds Lorne and his demon client.  She sees Angel drink blood and Freddie and Gunn covered in demon goo.  She freaks and leaves the hotel and is almost captured by villains from Wolfram and Hart, who are stopped by Angel.  This freaks Cordelia even more.  Angel and Cordelia talk in her room and she puts some crosses in his hands, causing him to Vampire out.  She freaks again and runs into Lorne.  Cordelia demands answers.  AI tells Cordelia everything about Buffy, the Hellmouth, and Angel Investigations and she has trouble believing.  Cordelia sings for Lorne and Lorne quickly leaves.  Cordelia gets annoyed and leaves.  Lorne would not tell Angel at first, but finally says he read doomsday from Cordelia.  Wesley and Lil are still having sex and Wesley says he lost bet to her.  Cordelia sees Lorne’s client and he attacks her.  Connor saves her.  Cordelia leaves with Connor and they go to his place in a warehouse and talk.  Lila gets a call about Cordelia and Wesley overhears.  Wesley tells AI where Cordelia is and that Wolfram and Hart plan an attack.  The bad guys attack and Connor and Cordelia fight them off.  Lila watches via video.  AI arrives to help and they win.  Cordelia decides to stay with Connor.  AI goes back to the hotel and find Lorne has had the Cordelia info plucked from his head.  Wesley realizes Lila played him.


My Thoughts!!

Stuck truck in the middle of the night on this show means dead people.  Connor!  Vampire tow truck drivers?  That’s a good way to burn a Vampire.  Of course the family is kinda freaked.  Is Connor breaking into the hotel?  Lemme guess he is secretly sleeping their.  And yes, we left off with Cordelia and no memory.  Love how Angel confirms he is really seeing Cordelia.  Lorne is still a guest star?  Lorne showing up becomes a plot point.  Angel should definitively put undead, drinks blood, on his resume.  Now they go to the obvious, why is she back?  They are trying to be creepy with the ringing phone bit.  And Cordelia hears her own voice on the answering machine, which is freaks her a bit.  Why does this all seem so forced?  Sunnydale mention!   Makes sense she would go through her old yearbooks.  But these jokes about the weirdness of the show to a normal person has been done before, oh so often, on these shows.  Love the old Cordelia pictures.  But they don’t show any of the Scoobies.  Great, she is about to find Lorne.  Or maybe not.  Salivating guy is gross.  Yes, Angel always drips blood when he feeds.  So AI never check to see where Cordelia is before they run off the mouth?  Ninjas try to take Cordelia because Wolfram and Hart are just evil.  Yes, they are spies.  That’s dumb logic by the way.  Kidnapped by a cult would make more sense.  Sigh, are they gonna make Angel and Cordelia kiss?  Time for the crosses to make Vampire face happen.  And Lorne.  Wait, they could not do the recap in a funny way on camera?  Or maybe they are restricted from mentioning Buffy stuff too much?  Actually, Cordelia doing Whitney Houston makes sense.  Lorne seems freaked.  Evil Ninja Law Firm is a good nickname for Wolfram and Hart.  Yes, you are a sidekick Gunn.  Lorne would tell Angel.  Episode name mentioned in episode!  Wesley and Lila.  In bed again.  Wake me when this makes sense or is interesting.  This is not a relationship, this is just self destructive claptrap.  Why is the hotel still suck a mess.  Great another demon.  Angel has super hearing!  Remembered now because it is important to the plot!  Connor saves the day!  So Angel can’t hear or smell his son in the hotel?  She does not trust anyone, but Connor she does?  Now AI is filled in on Cordelia by Lorne?  She seems remarkably accepting of Connor being all grown up now.  Of course Wesley is awake.  It takes Wolfram and Hart this long to tell Lila that Cordelia is back?  How did Wesley move that fast?  This one has soooooo many plot holes.  If they start a romance between Cordelia and Connor, I shall scream then puke.  Wesley!  Full of help and attitude.  And Angel is not killing him, so that is a plus.  Freddie seems hurt by Wesley’s fresh start remark.  Serves her right.  Angel seems happy Cordelia is with Connor.  Now they make it look rapey.  Love Connor’s traps and how he ruthlessly takes down the ninjas.  Cordelia with a sword is cool.  These ninjas suck.  So it was a trap.  Awww, Angel looks so hurt by Cordelia’s choice of Connor.  This is silly.  But they gotta create drama somehow.  Drunk Wesley found money.  Lorne!  All trussed up.  So Wolfram and Hart got the information from Lorne, which makes sense.  But right away, Gunn thinks Wesley was in on it.  Didn’t these guys used to be bff’s?  Wesley is hurt that evil lawyer Lila played him?  Really?  She is evil remember!  Sigh, another depressing ending to an episode of Angel.


Why are you doing this with Cordelia Joss?  Why?  Whats the point?  Really not impressed with this development.



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