Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.4 Help

Buffy season 7Buffy and the Scoobies race against time to save a teen girls life in Help.  All in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies are hiding in coffins in a funeral home, waiting for closing time to take out a Vampire.   And they talk of Buffy’s new school counselor job.  Buffy starts her new job and sees many students, some with real problems, some not.  Willow and Xander walk and talk about everything.  They end up at Tara’s grave and Willow goes to say hello.  Dawn complains about Buffy to Buffy.  A teen girl, Cassie, announces she will die next friday.  She also says Buffy will spill something on herself.  Buffy tells Woods who says the school will do what it can.  And Buffy spills coffee on herself.  So she sends Dawn to be friends with Cassie.  The two meet and talk and Cassie gets asked out by a guy.  She says no.  Willow googles Cassie and sees her website and poetry.  Buffy thinks Cassie is a precog.  Dawn thinks the boyfriend will be the culprit.  They see that Cassie’s dad is a drunk and has legal issues.  They sees the father and realize he is not the problem.  Cassie sees them and says nothing can be done, she will die.  Guys in cloaks burn Cassie’s pictures.  The Scoobies continue investigating.  Buffy even asks Spike if he knows anything.  Woods searches students lockers and Buffy clears the wannabe boyfriend.  She gets a clue and talks to another student who tells of some boys who plan to do stuff with Cassie.  Dawn gets distracted and Cassie is kidnapped by the boys.  The cloaked boys are about to sacrifice Cassie, all to gain money from a demon.  Buffy is shown to be one of the cloaked boys and she takes down the boys.  But a demon was summoned and she fights it.  Spike shows up and helps.  Buffy kills the demon.  Buffy and Cassie leave and Buffy saves the girl from a booby trap.  Cassie falls down and dies anyway.  The Scoobies find out Cassie had a heart defect even she did not know about.  Buffy goes back to work as a school counselor.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Okay, is the old lady a Vampire, demon, or portal?  Scoobies hiding in coffins?  And Dawn gets trapped in the coffin.  Let’s discuss Buffy’s new school counselor job.  Yep, old lady is a Vampire.  Buffy sure is bored sharpening pencils.  That teen girl looks familiar.  Hey, that kid from Home Improvement.  Amen to the teen saying she is tired of kids being insecure.  Home Improvement kid is a jerk.  Buffy almost said sh-t in front of the kid.  Willow talking to Xander and slowly opening up.  When did Xander get such wisdom?  Oh gosh, I just realized where they were.  Visiting Tara’s grave.  Guessing her jerk ass family wanted nothing to do with her.  I am thanking Joss he did not keep showing that scene with Willow at Tara’s grave, because I would have lost it.  Betcha this kid is lying about being gay.  Called it.  Knew this was Dawn!  And this teen girl looks familiar as well.  That is such a Willow t-shirt this girl has.  She’s gonna die?  A precog?  Mr. Corrigan?  That’s the Spectre’s real name.  Hmmm.  Buffy does the right thing going the Principal.  Why would Buffy assume Wood is from the hood?  She is not stupid and stereotypical.  The sad part is, what Wood says here about school’s response to bullying is still the same.  And Buffy spills onto her shirt.  She is not this clumsy.  Dawn is drafted into service.  Makes sense.  This guy sounds horny and desperate.  Now hitting on Dawn.  Creep.  This girl seems so immune to her friends jerkiness.  And that is unfortunate.  A precog reading Slaughterhouse Five?  Makes sense.  Dawn, you are a lousy secret agent.  Love how easily Willow hacks Sunnydale High computers.  Checking up on Casey the precog.  They give Buffy Casey’s medical records?  Google mention!  I have heard this was the first time google was ever said on television.  Dirty mind Xander.  That is one cool website.  And very goth poetry.  Angsty from Willow?  Figures.  And about Xander?  Figures.  Casey’s father is a drunk.  Love how they ignore Dawn, which seems to be a hobby for them.   Casey’s father looks familiar.  Seems to be my theme this episode.  Xander looks very uncomfortable being in the presence of another alcoholic parent.  Casey!  She is one very good precog.  Hope she lives and becomes a Scooby.  Crap, Casey is so consigned to her fate.  Cue demon worshipers.  With Casey’s picture.  Wood can sneak up on a Slayer?  Betcha he has demon blood.  Meanwhile the Scoobies are desperate to save Casey.  Love Casey’s bedroom wall, very artistic.  Buffy is so desperate she goes to zombie Spike for help?  Spike saying there is evil in Sunnydale High is a well duh moment.  His soul is still getting used all his previous evils.  Now Buffy is following Dawn’s lead?  This guy is a creep.  Coins!  A clue!  I really thought Buffy would threaten this guy not lecture him.  Okay, good, here are the threats.  Great, Home Improvement jerk.  Betcha he is evil.  And now Casey has been kidnapped.  Yep, evil Home Improvement guy.  Doing a sacrifice for power and money?  Just like those reptile worshiping frat boys from long ago.  Booby traps?  Casey is terrified.  Hate these guys.  Hope Buffy snaps their necks.  Buffy!  Kick his ass!  Crap, these idiots actually raised a demon.  Spike!  Hope Spike feeds on this jerk.  Fresh cooked demon is awesome.  Precog Casey freaks out Spike, which is kinda cool.  This guy has to die just like Warren did.  Booby trap!  Buffy saves the day!  Casey still dies?  What the Hellmouth?  Heart irregularities?  Crap!  They are really taking this hard, especially Dawn.  Back to work for Buffy, hoping for a better day.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander gives a great pep talk to Buffy with “I think you underestimated your familiarity with the world of weird and tricky.”  And Buffy lets slip a bit too much to Principal Wood with “I don’t usually get a heads up before somebody dies!”


Dangit Joss, I wanted Cassie to survive and become a Scooby!  I really really liked the little precog, but I can understand the tragedy of her, and how you put this in the same episode as Willow visiting Tara’s grave.  Definitely smashing the heart strings here.



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