Three Random Thoughts On Iron Man Three

Iron Man 3

Very very soon, May 1st in fact, we shall see Marvel Comics and Joss Whedon’s newest creation.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

And to prepare for this momentous adventure, I am finally getting off of my lazy Geek butt, putting my filled PVR and Angel dvd’s to the side, and getting caught up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Starting with Iron Man Three


Avengers LogoThe Story

Tony Stark is dealing, or really not dealing, with the emotional fallout from the Avengers battle of New York, so he is working a whole whole lot. Pepper is running the business and sees a man with revolutionary science ideas, who Tony had meanly blew off years ago. Something about him is off, and as we quickly learn, he is in league with the international terrorist the Mandarin. Soon a war between Tony Stark and the Mandarin explodes and chaos ensues…


Avengers LogoPTSD

The fallout from the Avengers is all over Iron Man Three. Tony Stark is even more of a celebrity, but now it is starting to bother him. All because the immensity of all that happened, from fighting beside a thunder god to travelling to another galaxy to witnessing the massive destruction to worrying about Peppers’ safety, are weighing him down. He lives to understand things and fix scientific problems, but so much of what happened is beyond him. In a lot of ways this pushes him to put distance between him and his armour…


Avengers LogoThe Puppet

Tony spends a good chunk of time out of his armour in Iron Man Three. Even when it is almost working. More than once Tony uses his armour by remote control, even when not in battle. It feels like Tony is trying to distance himself physically and emotionally from his alter ego, but this also pushes him away from those who love him. The first time, I called it right away, the second time was more of a surprise. But it all made character sense. And that is something the Marvel movies pride themselves on.


The biggest issue many many Geeks, including myself, have with Iron Man Three is that nowhere is it addressed where Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Nick Fury, or SHIELD are during any of this insanity. Hopefully my next few movies on the way to Avengers Age Of Ultron will clear this up.



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