Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.5 Selfless

Buffy season 7 Buffy might have to take out a Scooby in Selfless.  All in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Willow moves back into the Summers house and Willow gives her school advice.  The Scoobies worry about Anya.  Anya uses her vengeance demon powers to slaughter frat boys who hurt a girl.  And she uses a giant spider to do it.  This kinda freaks Anya out.  Flashback to Sweden 880 AD.  Anya, before demon, lives in a village with Olaf, and she raises bunnies.  They talk and thinks he cheated.  Today.  Spike talks to Buffy but it turns out to be a hallucination and the real Buffy walks in.  Willow re enrolls in university and sees Anya with blood on her.  She finds the bodies and a girl scared.  The giant spider attacks and Willow magically stops it.  Flashback 880 AD.  Anya has magically changed Olaf into a troll and the village is attacking him.  D’Hoffryn the head vengeance demon talks to Anya and is impressed with her determination.  He offers her a vengeance demon job to her.  Anya says yes.  Today.  Willow tells Buffy about the spider.  Willow confronts a still not happy Anya.  Buffy and Xander hunt the spider and Buffy kills it.  The Scoobies meet back to the house and Willow reveals the spider came from Anya.  This angers Buffy and Xander, since Buffy may have to take Anya out.  Flashback Russia 1905.  Anya and Halfrek have drinks in a luxury place, surrounded by bodies, while the revolution rages outside.  Today.  Xander is against Buffy killing Anya.  They argue.  Xander leaves to find another way.  Buffy gets her weapon.  Willow calls forth D’Hoffryn and he compliments her work as Dark Willow.  She wants to talk about Anya.  Xander finds Anya at the frat house but she wants no help.  Buffy shows up and she and Anya fight.  Buffy slams a sword into Anya’s chest.  Flashback to Once More With Feeling.  Anya does a solo romance song about her and Xander.  Today.  Anya wakes up and complains how much the sword hurts.  They fight again.  Just as Buffy is about to kill Anya, Xander stops her.  D’Hoffryn arrives and takes charge.  He asks Anya what she wants and she says to undo what she did.  This is done because the deaths were magical.  But a sacrifice must happen.  A vengeance demon.  Anya volunteers.  D’Hoffryn calls forth Halfrek and kills her.  Anya is very hurt by this.  D’Hoffryn tells Anya off and says her suffering will continue.  He makes her human again and leaves.  The fray boys wake up.  Xander and Anya talk and he gives her advice as to who she is.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Dawn giving Willow school advice is cute.  So Xander and Anya are finally officially done.  Famous last words Xander, since I think this will be the episode where we see what Anya’s come to.  Yep!  Dead college frat boys everywhere.  Flashback to, well, someplace Norwegian or what have you, 880.  Anya with a bunny??  Wow, this is different.  The troll!  They were happy once, in subtitles.  Olaf fought trolls?  Talk about poetic justice.  What a domestic woman Anya is, putting away Olaf’s axe.  I wonder if they are really talking some Viking language or something.  Giving bunnies for goodwill?  This is a waaaaay different Anya from today.  Is she mad at being called crazy or because Olaf saw a woman at the bar.  Olaf is sooooo romantic with the hip talk.  Today.  Scrubbing blood is never fun.  Spike describes Drusilla so well.  Darn, Buffy is being so nice to Spike.  Okay, now we see why.  Got me Joss.  So how long till Spike ends up at Buffy’s place?  Willow used magic to get caught in school?  Shocker!  Love how casual Anya is about sex.  Of course Willow spots the blood.  Willow, time to call in the Scoobies.  Looks like she is about to throw up.  Of course the frat boys were jerks to this girl.  This would never happen today, would it?  And yes, that was sarcasm.  When you wish upon an Anya.  Okay, I HATE spiders.  Willow uses good magic, but almost reverts to Dark Willow.  Flashback.  Back to Olaf and Anya and Olaf is now a troll.  Wonder if these are the same sets as Pylea.  Love how it goes from black and white to colour because now the head vengeance demon is here.  He really seems impressed by Anya’s ingenuity and determination.  But does Anya have proof Olaf cheated?  Well, Anya being literal is part of her DNA I guess.  Still chasing Olaf the troll.  The difference between your name and who you are is interesting here.  Paging bored Buffy.  Vengeance demon shop talk.  Willow’s resolve face even scares the other demon.  Well Willow tells you have gone too far, listen Anya.  Buffy versus a face hugging spider demon.  Love when Buffy just throws axes.  Xander is piiiiised Willow did not tell them it was Anya.  Now Xander feels responsible.  Buffy has to take Anya out?  They can’t just reason with her?  Like with Willow?  Flashback.  Russia 1905.  During the revolution with lots of dead aristrocats lying around.  Love the guy on fire.  Anya was a Communist once?  So killing Anya was always an option for Buffy.  Buffy always considered humans a different league from demon didn’t she?  I thought they were talking about Angel, not Spike, but Buffy still stuck Angel with the sword.  Angel mention!!  Finally, they bring back to what Willow’s real message to Buffy was in season two.  That only took 17 seasons.  Buffy does have to make the final judgements sometimes.  Can’t wait for the inevitable Willow Xander talk.  Willow is gonna try and talk to Anya’s boss, isn’t she?  Yes, he remembers her.  And admires her work on Warren of course.  Xander tries an Oprah on Anya, just like he did with Willow.  Buffy with a sword against demonized Anya, with alleged Zeppo Xander in the middle.  Buffy is not doing too well here.  Got her!  I think Buffy was holding back a bit.  Flashback.  Sunnydale 2001.  The happy couple of Xander and Anya.  Wait, Once More With Feeling?  Mustard!  Anya solo.  She really did love him, and he broke her heart.  Really feel sad for her.  And now she is dead.  Or not.  Xander for the save!  The boss shows up!  Theme for Selfless, who is Anya/Anyanka/Aud.  And the demon is right, no one is talking to Anya.  She is gonna sacrifice herself to reverse what she did.  Wait, he killed the other vengeance demon Halfrek?  This is her punishment?  Boss seems piiiiiissed.  Anya did it wrong, according to the rules.  Pain not death.  Even the boss knows bad stuff is coming.  So all day long no one noticed the dead frat boys.  Are we finally getting closure on Xander and Anya?  Don’t be a dope is not one of Xander’s best pieces of advice.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy questions Xander’s masculinity with “Strong, successful males say giddy?”  Xander asks Buffy something that would be normal in Sunnydale with “Or a copycat spider demon.”  Anya tells her demon friend Halfrek some advice with “No better spot for vengeance than a brothel.”  Xander asks an important question to Anya with “Did everybody have their crazy flakes today?”  Anya gets Buffy with a good question “This is beginning to be a pattern with you Buffy.  Are their friends of yours you haven’t tried to kill?”  Anya tells Buffy something important “I had forgotten how much a sword through the chest hurts.”  Anya asks Xander a deep question with “What if I am really nobody?”


Anya was always the Scooby I never quite figured out.  Her attraction to Xander was a mystery, but I found her funny and quite a capable do gooder.  This one was interesting.



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