Some Random Thoughts On Angel 4.5 Supersymmetry and Angel 4.6 Spin The Bottle

Angel Season 4

Angel finds out the truth about Freddie’s Pylea journey in Supersymmetry, and an attempt to help Cordelia in Spin The Bottle goes wrong.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Freddie gets an article published on super string theory and no one at AI understands it.  She is asked to present at a symposium with her old professor.   AI and Wesley and Lila are in attendance and a portal opens above her.  Tentacles attack.  AI fights it and wins.  Angel investigates and thinks a comics geek in the audience might be the culprit.  But the geek is simply tracking all these portal disappearances over the years, like an urban legend.  Freddie talks to the professor and realizes he was the one who opened the portals.  And sent her to Pylea years ago.  He was jealous of Freddie and did not want the academic competition.  AI tells her not to, but she goes to get revenge.  Freddie gets Wesley’s help.  The professor sends Freddie a text which opens a portal.  They survive.  Connor trains Cordelia and feelings develop.  Angel goes after the professor and a demon is set upon him.  One with nine lives.  The professor escapes and bumps into Freddie.  She opens a portal and plans to exile him.  Gunn shows up and tries to stop her.  Gunn kills the professor and dumps the body into the portal.  They tell Angel the professor is exiled.  Connor gets Cordelia’s stuff from the hotel.  They later fight a Vampire together.  And they kiss and argue.  Cordelia comes back to AI and wants Angels help to get her memory back.  She also asks Angel if they were in love.


My Thoughts!!

So Freddie got an academic article published.  Winnifred Burkle is her full name, did not remember that.  And she is really being open with what she wants here.  Time for sex.  Lorne getting breakfast in bed from Angel is cute.  Time for Angel’s super hearing to be remembered.  He could not tell it was Connor from the scent?  That’s right, imply that Connor is sleeping with his almost mother Cordelia, because that’s not creepy at all.  Lorne still guest star.  First full admission of sex between Gunn and Freddie.  And Freddie is presenting her paper.  Pylea mention.  Wesley!  And Lila is back.  Bored now.  A knights helmet?  Even their naughty gifts are dull.  Still pissed Wesley?  Wolfram and Hart would already know about Freddie’s article.  Interesting use of the pictures, and I think the first time they have ever shown Cordelia’s parents.  Yuck, Connor is staring almost mommie Cordelia’s chest.  Freddie loves her particle physics.  Something about this professor I don’t trust.  Now Gunn feels left out.  Wesley shows up and doesn’t sit with AI.  Waiting for the shoe to drop on Freddie.  Lila here because why not.  Okay, why would a portal open now, over Freddie?  Is the professor behind this?  Wow, these are awful effects.  Love the guy in the audience taking pictures.  Still would be true nowadays, wouldn’t it?  How far back was Wesley sitting that he could not get there in time.  Love how Lila calls Freddie Gidget.  But she is right, Wolfram and Hart would not operate this way.  Almost showed Gunn and Freddie in bed.  And she is understandably freaked.  Wonder what the police thought of the monster attacking the lecture, and the pics the student took.  So Angel has instant replay memory?  Since when??  And why would he need all the chairs?  So picture student is a geek and maybe evil.  Gunn is a geek?  Daredevil 181 mention!  Wait, other students have vanished?  They all assumed what happened to Freddie was an accident.  Yeah, getting evil vibe from the professor.  I am sensing a geek/make fun of fans theme here with this guy.  But Angel as an urban legend makes sense.  I feel a trap in this room.  Or maybe just a book that gives the professor away.  Very untidy of the jerk.  Lousy poker face Freddie.  He let her go?  Freddie saying sob is heavy.  Freddie saying the prof is gonna die is heavier.  She is almost as angry as Dark Willow.  Don’t trust her!  She is gonna take off!  Freddie went to Wesley?  All because he is now wannabe Dark Wesley?  Well Freddie is right, the prof is a serial killer.  Love how the text message was the spell that opened the portal.  This prof is evil and smart.  So now Cordelia and Connor are fighting Vampires.  And they kiss.  And I throw up.  And AI realize they are stupid and that Freddie left.  Saying you love Gunn in front of Wesley seems kinda mean.  The prof is leaving like a coward.  Angel.  Angel versus a portal demon.  Freddie with a gun is really scary.  Love that payback line from Freddie.  Did Cordelia and Connor have sex?  Okay, looks like only a kiss thankfully.  Connor is one mad moody hormonal teenager.  Angel just keeps beheading that demon, doesn’t he?  Just shoot the bugger Freddie!  Of course he is a jealous prof.  And another portal!  And Gunn!  Only the prof is being sucked in?  Gunn saves the jerk, then snaps his neck?  So he kills, not her?  No body, no evidence.  Betcha they don’t tell Angel about the neck snapping.  Really dense Angel can tell something is wrong between Gunn and Freddie.  Cordelia.  Aww, what a boring talk between these two.  No more lies always bites characters on the butt on these shows.


I like the not so violently hate filled Freddie to this Dirty Harry version.  I can completely understand her being super pissed, but homicidal?  And now we are going to see Freddie and Gunn break up just because.

Angel logo

Spin The Bottle….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Lorne is singing The Way We Were to an unseen audience.  Then he tells them a story of AI.  AI has a plan for Cordelia’s memory with Lorne getting a bottle with a spell in it.  Wesley shows up because he is needed.  Gunn figures out that Wesley helped Freddie with the professor.  Wesley and Gunn argue.  AI does the spell and everyone is disoriented, Lorne passes out.  Cordelia breaks the bottle.  Everyone thinks they are about 17 again.  Cordelia vapid and bitchy.  Wesley at Watcher’s school.  Gunn a mouthy teen.  Freddie a pot loving teen.  Angel a jerk from centuries ago.  Everyone argues as to how they all got their and Wesley tries to take charge.  They find Lorne and tie him up.  Cordelia is freaked by the demon Lorne, while Wesley and Gunn are more calmer with that.  Wesley thinks this is a Watchers test.  So AI splits up to search the hotel for the Vampire as part of the test.  Cordelia and Angel go off and Angel wonders what this future world is.  As they talk, Angel accidentally reverts to Vampire mode.  So Angel realizes he is a Vampire and must keep it secret.  Angel goes to leave the hotel and sees the cars etc and freaks out.  AI regroups in the lobby and Wesley thinks one of them is a Vampire.  A cross is sent around and Angel hides his burning hand.  Lorne awakens and he remembers all, including Angel being a Vampire.  Angel knocks Lorne out.  AI fights each other.  Angel wins and Connor saves Cordelia from Angel.  Angel and Connor fight and argue about dads.  Lorne gets Freddie to untie him and he creates an elixir to save them.  Everyone drinks the potion and is okay.  Including Cordelia.  Lorne ends his tale to his audience, including how Cordelia had seen a terrible demon.  Lorne exits stage forward and the audience does not exist.


My Thoughts!!

Lorne!  Singing!  The Way We Were!  Oh no, is this a flashback style episode of storytelling.  Boy, memory loss Cordelia is a bitch and rather stupid.  Meeting Angel at the beach to give him a restraining order?  Right.  Lorne with the save with a memory spell.  That’s convenient.  Today Lorne admits what we all know, it flopped.  Betcha all this is in Lorne’s head.  Hey look, Wesley’s got a bunch of Angel’s season one gadgets.  Knew it would be Lorne calling Wesley.  Probably need six people who knew Cordelia recently.  Written and directed by Joss!  Time to let the master right the ship.  An actual shot of Gunn and Freddie in bed.  And no one looks happy.  Time for a spell and some AI’ers.  Love when Freddie and Lorne talk Pylean.  Wesley!  Will Gunn now figure out that Wesley helped Freddie last episode.  Joss very nicely recapped us.  Knock next time Angel!  And Cordelia brings up the not knocking.  Is this whole Angel harassing Cordelia bit some internet theory?  Gunn being sulky, again.  Remember when Wesley and Gunn were bff’s?  Yes, Wesley, call AI on their crap with leaving him.  Magic in this hotel doesn’t go well.  Are they gonna switch bodies?  I love a good vomit joke.  And Gunn does martial arts.  Side effects Wesley?  Cordelia broke the bottle!  This is never good on a Joss show.  Cordelia is back as season one Cordelia?  Now the rest of AI lose their memory.  And season three Wesley, that I hate is back.  Is Angel back to pre-Vampire Liam?  Freddie was a conspiracy nut?  Will Randy Giles make an appearance?  Just wait till Lorne wakes up.  I hate this karate joke.  And the stake pops out.  Love how Freddie tries activating her own stake.  And the sword pops out.  Finding Lorne, the sleeping devil.  How long till they tie him up?  And betcha he was not effected because he was knocked out.  Connor smacking around Vampires.  She is very forward, and a prostitute.  Cordelia is calling Wesley and Gunn’s bitchy fighting really a bff moment?  Nope, not buying it.  Freddie smoked weed?  Wesley and Gunn should just measure stakes and get it over with.  Love how much of the time period Angel is, talking about the english and the slave.  Love how Lorne talks to the camera here.  Wait, Wesley is describing the eighteenth birthday ritual of the Slayers.  Gunn started killing Vampires at 12?  Boob jokes.  Again, Freddie with the weed.  She was really different is college, wasn’t she?  Angel sees a radio.  If Angel and Cordelia have sex right now, but it is not a moment of pure happiness for Angel because it is Liam, does it count?  Vampire mode, no reflection, and of course Cordelia thinks he is masturbating.  Oh, Joss.  Injoke from Lorne about the commercials.  Just realized, smoking on television.  Talk about premature sword release on Wesley, all because Freddie talks about alien probing.  Five floors to the hotel.  Liam faces cars, aka horseless carriages.  Or demons.  Great, Wesley calls out a Vampire amoungst them, and of course gets it wrong.  Lets’s play pass the cross.  Love how Freddie treats it like an airport inspection.  Smart Angel, hide your burning hand.  Thank the Hellmouth, Lorne wakes up.  Yep, not effected.  And Angel is outed.  One super punch later and all is revealed.  Well that is a short pathetic fight.   And an even shorter pathetic fight with Wesley.  That is a good scream Cordelia.  Like a dog whistle for Connor.  Angel versus Connor, yet again just because.  Great, Cordelia and Connor again, me grossed out.  Freddie for the win, all because she might follow Lorne.  Angel and Connor bond over fathers sucking.  But Angel never sucked as a father, and Liam was a dolt, so the comparison does not work.  Memory paste?  Always knew Angel would win over Connor.  Freddie is always so polite when asking people to not kill each other.  Well, memory’s back and everyone is all bitter and angry again.  But is Cordelia finally back?  She saw a demon?  Yes, Cordelia is back!!  And now she can’t handle it?  Wait, Angel and Cordelia were officially in love?  Buffy fans must have been furious.  Had a feeling it was a empty room for Lorne, or something like that.  Does he do this often as a kind of therapy?


All we were missing is Randy Giles  popping up.  Even with this being a retread, it was a darn good interesting episode.  And Cordelia is back!!



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