Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.6 Him

Buffy season 7Buffy and several of the Scoobies all start falling for the same hunky guy in Him.  All in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Spike goes to live with a reluctant Xander.   Dawn does not like Buffy helping Spike.  Dawn sees a football player at school and immediately falls for him.  Buffy kills a demon after Anya, and Anya is not very appreciative.  Dawn tries to talk to the football player, R.J., and makes a fool of herself.  Dawn tries to join the cheerleaders to be near R.J., but flops.  Dawn goes home and cuts up the cheerleader outfit, which was originally Buffy’s.  Buffy and Xander try to console Dawn, but she is very angry and emotional.  Dawn at school finds out R.J. will not play quarterback at the next game, so she pushed the other player down the stairs.  She tells Woods it was an accident.  R.J. asks Dawn out.  The Scoobies at the Bronze sees Dawn dancing sexy with R.J. and Buffy freaks out.  Dawn leaves and is attacked by another girl who loves R.J. and Buffy saves her.  Woods tells off R.J., then suddenly Buffy falls for him as well.  Buffy gives Dawn advice to stay away from R.J. to attract him.  Buffy takes R.J. out of class and goes to makes out with him.  Dawn sees them and gets very upset.  Xander finds her and asks what is wrong.  Xander walks in on Buffy and R.J. making out.  Buffy and Dawn argue over R.J. and the Scoobies realize it is a love spell.  Willow finds out about R.J.’s brother Lance who went to school with them and always had girls with him.  Xander and Spike visit Lance and see he is now a loser and Spike realizes both brothers use the same sports jacket.  R.J. comes by the Summers house and Willow and Anya fall under the spell.  Buffy and Dawn and Willow and Anya argue over R.J.  Dawn goes to kill herself.  Willow tries to magic R.J. into a girl.  Anya goes on a crime spree.  Buffy is off to kill Woods.  Xander stop Willow’s spell and Spike stops Buffy.  Buffy snaps out of it enough to save Dawn.  Xander and Spike steal R.J.’s jacket and destroy it.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

So Spike is moving in with Xander.  Of course, the invite.  Love the hate look from Dawn.  Buffy would be jumpy.  Mollycoddling?  Spike has such interesting language.  But we all knew Buffy would get Spike out of the school basement.  And tell the Scoobies about his soul.  Love the sisterly talk.  And how openly they talk about sex.  And the attempted rape.  Awww, Dawn has her first real crush, on a jock no less.  Dawn sure falls down alot.  Buffy versus a demon, all to save Anya.  Her old boss is one vindictive vengeance demon.  Last episode, they tried to kill each other, now talking like civilized human beings.  Anya always had a high opinion of herself.  This cheerleader looks familiar.  Awkward Dawn conversation, part one.  Please stop talking Dawn, it is painful.  Cue Dawn trying out for cheerleaders,  Kinda dig the funky old music here.   Yep!  Cheerleader tryout, probably with Buffy’s old outfit.  This guy she likes is too cute.  Is he evil?  Did Dawn practice at all?  Cause she is awful.  That is some loud Dawn crying.  Mention of the Dawn Xander crush.  Buffy is rightly annoyed with Dawn’s trashing the outfit.  Dawn’s gotta be possessed.  By a snotty demon.  Even Angela Chase was never this whiny.  Coach Taylor would never pick an inferior Quarterback to start.  Knew Dawn would shove the guy down the stairs.  And not be at all phased.  Principal Woods!  He is so calm and compassionate and we know something is up with him.  Buffy’s spider sense is tingling.  Monty Python reference!  He touched her!  Dawn’s day is now made.  Sigh.  Another band I have never heard of at the Bronze.  Spike and Xander.  The Sunnydale Odd Couple.  Willow!  We all know that girl dancing with the guy is Dawn.  Yep!  Like they didn’t dress sexy when they were her age.  Which was like season two.  When Buffy had sex.  That’s right, play the mom card.  So Dawn follows Buffy’s orders and heads home by herself?  Cue crazed stalker.  Girl fight.  Buffy, spidey sense should really explode now.  Woods gives the jock crap.  Now Buffy wants him?  Is the jock evil or has no control over his magic?  Gross age logic Buffy.  This should be fun, Buffy telling Dawn that she wants the jock as well.  Lying Buffy?  If Buffy has sex with the jock I shall vomit.  We know Dawn is gonna walk in on this.  Dawn is properly horrified.  And distraught.  Xander!  Will he put it together?  No sex yet, but lots of making out.  Love spell mention!  Of course Xander remembers that.  And of course Buffy thinks she’s not infected.  Waiting for the fight.  Dawn punching Buffy would be interesting.  Okay, unnecessary flashback.  Clue, jock had older brother.  Who is now a loser.  Taking Spike for muscle is smart.  Love how Spike turns the angel miniature around.  So it’s the jacket, it be magic.  And now Willow and Anya see the jock with the jacket.  Even a lesbian is affected?  Four way girl fight about to happen.  Magically make the jock a girl?  Don’t give Willow ideas Anya!  Poor Dawn, her so-called life just sucks right now.  So now this is a 1960’s heist movie?  Dawn’s gonna kill herself and Buffy about to do some major slayage?  Xander for the save with Willow.  Buffy with a bazooka?  Hello season two!  Spike for the save!  Will Woods notice?  Buffy finally snaps out of it because Dawn is in danger.  Now for the sisterly connection again.  And Buffy is right, no guy is worth dying over.  That’s the plan?  So very very complicated Xander.  Cue one burning jacket.  Now the spell is broken.  Right Anya, wrote a poem, and didn’t go on a crime spree.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander does the best Vampire invite ever with “I invite you in.  Nimrod.”  Xander asks Buffy a question “Don’t teens in a snit like pizza?”  Dawn gives Buffy attitude with “I’m the pushy queen of slut town.”  Willow also gives attitude, but to Anya, with “He was walking away!  So unless his soul was in his ass.”  Buffy tells the Scoobies her plans with “I’ve got a Principal to kill!  What’s going on?”


I really dug this one, with the strange humour and over the topness and the 1960’s heist movie style ending.  Plus, examining teenage infatuation is interesting.



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