Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.7 Conversations With Dead People

Buffy season 7

Buffy and the Scoobies deal with voices from the past, secrets revealed, and foreboding evil in Conversations With Dead People.  All in another wild post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy meets a new Vampire while on patrol.  Willow is studying in the library.  Dawn is home from school and no one is home.  Spike is in a bar meeting a girl.  The Trio return to Sunnydale.  The story interweaves between the four.  No Xander or Anya are shown.  Buffy meets the new Vampire and they fight.  He recognizes Buffy as a fellow Sunnydale student, but Buffy has no clue who he is.  His name is Holden and he was a psyche major, now feeling the evil impulses of the Vampire hivemind.  They talk about the old days at high school and all the rumours about Buffy.  And how one ex told everyone Buffy was gay, than came out himself.  After awhile, he analyzes Buffy and they talk about her life and love and choices she makes.  And attacks her a few times because he is now evil.  Right before Holden is staked, he reveals that Spike sired him, which shakes Buffy.  Dawn is having fun at the house and watching old movies and talking to her friend on the phone.  Spooky things start happening and Dawn knows something is wrong.  She calls Buffy, but the Slayer has dropped her phone.  As unseen forces attack Dawn and the house, she tries to fight them off.  As the house is trashed, a glowing Joyce arrives and talks to Dawn,  Joyce tells Dawn that Buffy will not choose her and the sisters will be foes.  Joyce leaves and Dawn is upset.  Willow sees Cassie, the psychic girl from Help, who says Tara sent her.  They talk of Tara.  Cassie says Willow’s magic will kill her friends, even the good magic.  Willow is confused.  Cassie tells Willow the other option is to commit suicide.  Willow figures it out that Cassie is not who she says she is.  Cassie knows this and vanishes.  The Trio is Jonathan and Andrew and ghost Warren who only Andrew can see and hear.  They are back from Mexico and have heard the call of The First.  They go and dig up a large ancient seal in the basement to Sunnydale High.  When they find it, Andrew stabs and kills Jonathan and dumps his body on the seal.  All because ghost Warren told him to.  Spike has a pleasant conversation with the lady in the bar.  He walks her home.  At her door, Spike goes into Vampire mode and feeds on the lady.  And he enjoys it.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Okay, this is a different opening.  Amps?  November 12, 2002.  8:01pm.  Who is this singer?  Everyone looks mopey.  Buffy on patrol in a cemetery.  Spike in the Bronze.  Willow studying in the library.  Dawn home late.  And left pizza money by Buffy.  Arise a new vampire!  The Trio with one ugly old car.  Coming back into Sunnydale because they wanna die I guess.  Wait, Joyce is in this one?  And wait, they are hearing the devour from below as well?  Even down in Mexico?  That is a long distance big bad.  Buffy is really having trouble with this Vampire.  Love how Dawn entertains herself while home alone.  And pretends to be Buffy.  Maybe you shouldn’t shoot crossbow bolts into the wall Dawn.  Loud bang in dark house not good.  Hey, it’s psychic girl from a few episodes back, not dead in the library with Willow.  Don’t namedrop Tara or I will cry in a corner.  That’s right, just crush our hearts.  Wonder if Dawn is talking to Amber Tamblyn on the phone.  Love how they are not on the same channel.  Scary front door.  Scary unplugged tv set.  Wait, this Vampire went to school with Buffy?  Dawn with an axe due to scary appliances.  Joyce’s voice!  Sunnydale High did Pippin.  Was it attacked by flying monkeys.  Interesting how a new Vampire views the world and his new powers.  And the connection to evil part is interesting.  That jerk Scott told everyone Buffy was gay, and he was really gay.  And Buffy dropped her cellphone,  And Dawn is calling.  Dangit!  I find the stacked chairs way creepier than the blood on the walls.  Dawn sounds so sad saying mommy.  Meanwhile, in Sunnydale High’s Hellmouth library.  The Trio do Ocean’s 11.  So they really want to join the Scoobies.  That ain’t gonna happen.  If they say Check one more time, I shall slap them.  Warren!  Lemme guess, the big bad is using ghosts as weapons.  Why can’t Tara come?  Because Willow killed?  Tara is not judgemental that way with her grieving Willow.  I hate the big bad for doing this to Willow.  Who is this girl with Spike?  Love how Buffy and Holden Caulfield look like real doctor patients.  Why wouldn’t a Vampire sire their mortal mate?  Love how Holden thinks he is gonna win, maybe the pyscho-analysis is a weapon?  Bringing up the parents divorce.  Buffy’s dad cheated?  That’s new.  Never liked the Buffy feels superior theory.  Buffy is so describing Spike.  Knew he was gonna attack.  He is evil after all.  Kick Holden’s ass!  Dawn with the scary sounds.  Now images of a demon attacking Joyce?  Cruel.  Dawn is gonna stand up to this evil.  Good for her.  Again with the school basement.  Holden deserves more kicks in the face.  God mention in Buffy.  And Buffy is unsure of the answer.  Spike walking a nice girl home.  Willow tries to explain how lost she is.  And psychic girl tries to trick Willow into never using magic again.  I hate this nasty big bad.  Keep digging Trio.  Jonathan hated high school, now he misses it?  What is Warren ghost up to?  Great, evil object in basement.  When did Dawn learn magic?  The Summers home trashed for the 500th time.  Buffy is recapping all last season emotionally.  Buffy still feels alone in the world.  This feels kinda like the speech Buffy gave Jonathan in Earshot.  Holden knows Spike?  Dawn is putting up one hell of a fight.  Joyce!  Glowing like Cordelia in Angel.  Don’t try to logicate with the lying evil, Willow.  Is she telling Willow to commit suicide?  And Willow figures it out.  Wait, wait, wait.  Spike is feeding and siring again?  What about the chip?  Lying Joyce ghost sowing mistrust between Dawn and Buffy.  Buffy won’t choose Dawn.  Did Andrew just kill Jonathan?  This big bad is EVIL with Willow.  That is disgusting with face of the psychic girl.  And Jonathan’s blood does something nasty to the object.  Spike is a scary Vampire.  Buffy looks so betrayed.  Damn freaky song at the end.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow gets tormented by the psychic girl with “She says eventhough you can’t hear it, she still sings to you.”  Buffy hears yucky sounding news from Holden with “A lot of kids thought you were dating this really old guy.”  Buffy gives attitude to Holden with “Yeah, what I really need is emotional therapy from the evil dead.”  Jonathan tells Warren ghost his fears with “Do you think Willow could kill me to?”  Holden give Buffy the update on their relationship with “I was afraid to talk to you in high school, and now we are like mortal enemies.”  Holden tells Buffy his mission with “Buffy, I am here to kill you, not to judge you.”


Wow.  This is darn nice Joss.  Scary, interesting, slightly disagreeable with the Buffy analyses, chilling, brutal, nasty to use Cassie, freaky, and shocking.  And Spike is feeding again?  Jeepers!



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