Some Random Thoughts On Angel 4.7 Apocalypse, Nowish and Angel 4.8 Habeas Corpses

Angel Season 4

Angel faces the end times in Apocalypse, Nowish.  And the demon does some damage to the evil lawyers in Habeas Corpses.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


Apocalypse, Nowish…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Lorne has to know what Cordelia can remember as a higher power.  Angel says no.  Connor helps Cordelia with her nightmares about a demon.  AI has tons of calls about evil activity around LA.  Wesley comes home and Lila is ready for sex.  Cordelia gets a mental warning of evil coming and tells Angel.  Freddie and Gunn are still not happy with each other and Lorne can tell.  Angel tells Lila to return the info they stole from Lorne.  Cordelia and Connor go to the alley where he was born and a demon crashes out of the ground.  They fight.  The demon wins easily and leaves.  Cordelia helps the beaten Connor.  Gunn wants to find Freddie, but Wesley says no.  He wants to help AI fight this coming end of world.  Gunn is annoyed but Angel arrives with info about the disaster.  They look at the pages from Lorne’s mind and finally figures out the pages and where the evil was on a map.  It all points to a nightclub.  AI rushes to the scene and the demon has already killed lots of people.  They fight and AI gets beaten up.  The demon wins and causes the end of the world to start.  Fire rains from the sky.  Cordelia and Connor watch and decide to have sex.  Angel watches them from a window.


My Thoughts!!

Oh good, they remember that Cordelia was a higher power.  So Cordelia went back to Connor?  Amnesia Action Figure Cordy sounds cool.  Yes, Cordelia say a demon all the time.  Wonder if she is talking about the big bad on Buffy?  So that entire sequence was a lame cheat dream/nightmare?  Angel cleaning sword is cute.  Very fancy washroom, about to be destroyed very soon I bet.  Here comes the breakup because Gunn killed the evil prof.  I HATE RATS!!!!  That many, that quickly, is gotta be evil magic.  Wesley!  With the annoying Lila dressed as Freddie.  I think they think this is funny.  Lila looks hurt that Wesley really does want Freddie during this allegedly hot sex.  Mention of Gunn and Freddie taking a bath together.  Suddenly the show is not playing coy about these characters having sex.  Sigh, time to break up Gunn and Freddie.  Is all Angel doing is inspecting his weapons?  Connor!  Still sulky!  Big Moment!  Connor just called Angel dad!  Aww, Angel and Cordelia together again, just like the old buddies they are.  Gasp, Cordelia say Angelus and could not take it, blah , blah, blah, because she knew all this already.  Vision time!  Even worse than before!  Which they have done before.  Vague evil thing is vague.  Betcha this upspike in evil menaces is related to the vague evil.  Aww, dead bird is a harbringer to tones of dead birds.  Even Wolfram and Hart know bad mojo is happening.  Vampire detectors mention!  Gotta talk about that annoying plot point they always ignore.  Lost guy spills beans easily to Angel which does not surprise me.  Their psychics can’t figure the prophecy out, so they go all scanners.  Would have loved to see that.  Sigh, asking for Lila help again.  Hello, my name is Connor and I am slightly possessive.  Cordelia would know that they were at Lorne’s old place.  Demon!  Connor fight demon!  Freddie still missing, hmmmmm.  Wesley again, and the former bff’s are being idiots over the girl again.  All of AI together again, almost.  None of it makes any sense is what all prophecies are like.  Oh look, it is one big puzzle.  Matching the paranormal map of occurrences.  Freddie at diner she goes to with Gunn that Gunn never thought to look at for her.  Evil earthquake!  Dang, Connor lived.  Yay, Angel gave Wesley a weapon, is he now back?  Well, the demon has been busy at the nightclub.  Angel is almost holding his own.  AI getting it’s ass kicked.  Wesley’s got some guns!  Gun seems to hurt.  What if they threw if off the roof?  Wonder why they didn’t go for the eye earlier.  That gotta hurt.  Demon speaks english.  Flying Angel off the roof!  Time for fire!  Angel did not fall very far.  Here comes the end of the world.  Mopey Connor, part ten.  Cordelia and Connor better not kiss or have sex, because then I will vomit.  Yes. lets make love during apocalypse.  Love how Wesley is holding and protecting Gunn.  Cordelia and Connor having sex is really really gross.  She was like his mom almost.  And yes, lets have Angel watch.


Not a bad time here fighting the end of everything.  And it is great to have Wesley almost completely back.  But then the sex scene and I just all faith in humanity.  What a stupid idea Joss.

Angel logo


Habeas Corpses….

What Angel Investigations Did!

AI comes back to the hotel and they are beaten.  Cordelia tells Connor that the sex was a one off.  This upsets Connor and he leaves.  Wesley dumps Lila and picks good.  Connor gets into Lila’s office and she threatens him.  He threatens her back.  The lights go down and the demon attacks the Wolfram and Hart offices, killing people everywhere.  Connor goes to fight the demon.  It kills Gavin.  It almost kills Lila but Connor attacks.  Wesley saves Lila and she takes them to an emergency escape.  After they get away, she tells him Connor is still with the demon.  Wesley goes to the hotel and tells Angel.  AI gets ready to save Connor and Angel orders Cordelia to stay behind.  They get in through the escape hatch.  AI finds lots and lots of dead lawyers.  They split up to find Connor.  Angel finds Connor and they are attacked by zombie Gavin.  More zombies wake up.  Wesley and Gunn and Freddie are trapped in an office.  Wesley and Freddie escape.  Soon all of AI are back together.  Angel thinks they can escape through the white room so they head to the elevator.  Gunn kills zombie Gavin to put out of his misery.  AI gets to the white room and the demon has killed the little girl and sucking energy out of her.  She gives a cryptic line and teleports AI back to the hotel.  Angel orders Cordelia to leave with her boyfriend Connor.


My Thoughts!!

Angel trashing room, not because the world is ending, but because his son is having sex with the girl he loves.  Sigh.  Lorne still guest star.  Angel chaos makes the news.  AI walks in looking like crap.  Wesley is right and Gunn is still being a jerk.  Wish these two were bff’s again.  Angel back to season one moodiness.  Wesley making snotty comments and not helping.  Back to adopted son sleeping with adoptive mom.  And yes it is as gross as it sounds.  Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?  So Wesley took the end of the world homework home with him?  Not working from the hotel?  Because the world ending seems so not timely now.  Lila.  One crazy sick puppy.  Is this end of days what gets Wesley to stop being such a doofus?  That was a racist comment from Lila.  Love how no one is calling Giles for help.  Finally Cordelia gets to the point, and Angel goes right to sex.  At Wolfram and Hart and Lost guy is annoying again.  Lila never had trouble threatening people before.  He would close the door, but has to leave it open so Connor can come in.  Psychics would not sense him?  He would know Lila hit that button.  Knew Connor would take the guards out easy.  Demon here!  Can’t afford the fight scene so they just do the audio.  Lila would also have a magical defense.  What is a hundred dead lawyers?  A good start.  This demon obviously fully believes in that old joke.  That last lawyer was trying to get a head in the world.  Thought Wolfram and Hart had waaaaay better magical defenses.  And they never call Angel in?  Love how Lila does not care that Connor is going to fight the demon one on one.  Nice squishy sound effects.  Lost guy dead!  Yay!!  Haven’t seen that many dead bodies since the time Anya called up that giant spider on the frat boys.  Lila versus demon!  Connor versus demon!  Short brutal fights!  Wesley to the rescue!  Now the building shuts down?  A bit late you idiots.  Love how Wesley tosses a grenade.  So that’s why Lostie was clutching through the toilet paper.  They escaped!  So is the end of Wolfram and Hart?  Really hope so.  Of course Lila tells Wesley now about Connor being trapped with the demon.  Is Lila gone now?  Hope so.  Wesley’s look says it all.  And Gunn being a jerk again.  And Gunn is wrong again.  This is beyond tiring with him.  Lostie alive?  Damn.  So AI is reunited once more, all to save Connor from the demon.  Cordelia hasn’t figured out yet that Angel saw the sex?  Yes Angel, Freddie who has limited combat experience comes along and not Cordelia.  Idiot.  Gunn, shut up.  Knew Angel would do that, and Gunn would have as well if he would think instead of jerk ass babbling.  They must have spent a lot of extras and make up for this one.  Okay, another one still alive.  I wondered that to, the bad guys are all on the same side.  Wesley’s spidey sense is going off because Lostie is gone.  Wasn’t splitting up always a bad idea on Scooby Doo?  Connor!  That was a long overdue hug.  Lostie!  As a zombie!  In one way it makes sense, but I really was hoping the lawyers were gone.  Try your cell phone and warn them.  Zombies!  Now Gunn cares about Wesley?  Aww, look the former bff’s agreed to kill each other if they become zombies.  This the start of their road back?  Of course Gunn is gonna sacrifice himself.  How did Gunn defeat the zombies?  They remembered the white room!  Love how Angel tries to explain it.  Why are they hitting the zombies anywhere bot the head?  Didn’t Angel tell them to hit the head?  They remembered Angel’s photographic memory.  And Lostie is now finally gone.  So the demon came for the girl in the white room.  Lousy CGI here.  Knew she would save them before the demon got them.  So now the demon is more powerful and the world is still ending.  They all seem to have forgotten about that.  Angel being a jerk again with Cordelia.  Now she figures it out?  Cordelia is not stupid.


Really happy the Wolfram and Hart subplot is finally being killed off.  Really really happy.  What started off very promising just became a mess that was inconsistent at best.  Also, for the second time Angel kicks Connor out.  Which is stupid.



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