Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.8 Sleeper

Buffy season 7

Buffy finds out Spike is feeding again and has to deal withe horror of it all in Sleeper.  All in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Spike buries the lady he killed last episode.  While doing this in a basement, he hums an old song.  Buffy tells Willow about what Spike might be doing, and Willow tells Buffy that Dawn saw Joyce.  The big bad is playing with the Scoobies, Willow says.  In London, an older man finds a younger girl killed and is killed himself.  Buffy tells Xander to watch Spike, and he gives the job to Anya.  She snoops in his room while Spike sleeps, and wakes up, and she tries to seduce him.  When Spike leaves, Anya calls Buffy.  She follows Spike in a public square, but looses him when Spike finds a lady, then kills her.  Later Buffy confronts Spike.  Spike leaves later and Xander tries to stop him, but Spike punches him out.  He ends up at the Bronze and a lady hits on him.  Turns out she is a Vampire Spike recently sired.  They fight and Spike kills her.  Spike calls Buffy to meet him and the other Spike is not happy.  They meet at a house and Spike admits to killing lots of people.  The other Spike hums the tune and Spike turns Vampire and attacks Buffy.  Also, all the bodies buried rise as Vampires.  They all fight Buffy.  Other Spike taunts Spike into feeding on Buffy, but at the last second Spike relents.  His soul kicks in.  Buffy kills the Vampires and confronts Spike, who is mentally falling apart.  Spike wants to die.  Buffy figures out that Spike is being messed with by something.  Buffy brings Spike to the house and the Scoobies are not happy.  Giles in London finds the dying older man.  He is warned of danger and an attacker with a sword sneaks up behind Giles.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy desperately looking for Spike.  Spike is digging a shallow grave for his latest victim.  The humming is kinda sickening.  As is the thud when he just dumps the body.  Now I can never listen to that song again.  London.  Looks like another Watcher.  And another dead Slayer.  This is getting way beyond problematic.  Willow finds one trashed Summer’s house, which is par for the course in this series.  Distraught Dawn comforted by Willow, which is awesome.  Dawn trying to logicate it all out.  Giles guest star!  Xander actually brings up some good points about Spike.  Buffy is so cool testing Spike by saying his Vampire victims name.  Wouldn’t Spike’s Vampire hearing pick up their conversation?  Anya!  Xander, shut up with the snide Anya Spike sex comments.  Xander does look darn snazzy in a suit.  Willow is being darn responsible and very Willow like by telling Buffy all that happened.  And Buffy knows she might have to dust Spike.  Anya, you are idiot for sneaking into Spike’s room.  It appears Spike sleeps in the nude.  We know he is going to wake up.  Love how Anya just turns to sex, which between that and the stake, freaks Spike out.  Spike with a soul does not want meaningless sex.  Oh crap, that song again.  Spike knows Buffy is following him.  That is one very crowded area, I am guessing the University.  This young lady is rather forward.  So the big bad is using a Buffy spirit thingee to manipulate Spike.  Who really does not want to feed like this.  Spike is so desperate to keep reminding Buffy that he has a soul and that is why he does not feed.  So the feeding he does are not remembered?  Dang, that is gonna hurt Spike.  Wait, he wasn’t after a soul when he went through those trials.  Now Spike realizes his memory is foggy.  Which should tip off Buffy.  Can’t Willow do some magic here?  Yep, chip still works as Xander goes down hard.  Another band at the Bronze that my unhip self knows nothing about.  Now Spike is trying to piece himself together.  Spike seems to attract the forward types.  She’s a Vampire?  She knew Spike was, but Spike did not pick up she was?  He really is mentally out of the loop.  He sired her?  She really is giving Spike a throwdown.  Dusted in front of the crowd!  And they all go back to normal because it is Sunnydale.  Billy Idol mention!  With Spike!  Who is Spike calling?  Buffy!  Spike scared of Big Bad Spike.  Love how Buffy has her Spike at the ready.  The evil song again.  Oh crap, all the Vampires Spike sired are rising.  Buffy should be able to take all these losers.  And all the evil Spike has done recently comes back to haunt his soul.  His love for Buffy snaps him out of it.  Apologizing to a Vampire is so Buffy.  Buffy is finally realizing the Big Bad has gotten to Spike.  The sadness of Spike begging Buffy for help.  And she does the Buffy thing and says yes she will.  Love the shut up face Willow gives Xander here.  So Spike is moving into the Summer’s house.  Giles!  Finds the dead Slayer and not quite dead yet Watcher.  Gather them?  Maybe the targeted Slayers?  Behind you Giles!!  They better not kill Giles!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander tells Buffy where he thinks Spike is, “I don’t know.  Creature of the night buf.  He’s probably out… creaturing.”  Anya gives Spike crap because he is not making love to her, “All I am saying is that soulless Spike would have had me upside down and halfway to happyland by now.”  Anya tells the Scoobies about her honesty with “I used to tell the truth all the time when I was evil.”  Vampire lady gives Spike crap with “So that’s all I was to you?  A one bite stand?”  The lead singer of the band tells her bandmate what she hates about Sunnydale with “Man, I hate playing Vampire towns.”  Spike tells Buffy his troubles with “I can’t cry this soul out of me.”


Spike is really getting mindwarped here and I really feel sorry for old William.  He gets a soul, has to deal with all the evil he has wrought, and now the big bad is ripping him up some more.  Darn good job Joss!



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