Five Days Again. Five Pictures Again.

Guest Post by the Amazing @StrawberryFinn


Scoop Here:  In late November 2014, Strawberyy took part in a facebook challenge of posting five black and white pictures over five days or so.  And here are the wonderful results.  Strawberry was nice enough to let me post them here, but she is unfortunately far too busy with something called exams to do a commentary.  So ye shall get my comments instead, aren’t you lucky?


1 Pasta

Lots and lots of texture here.  And love the whites and shades of grey.  I don’t want to eat it, but just stare at it some more.  Wonder if it was stirred to this state, or positioned purposefully?


2 School Papers

The organized chaos of being a student.  I can sense four distinct piles interlocking here, but cannot tell if they are four separate subjects or not.  And does it matter?  Because I think these are connected somehow, someway.


3 Gift Boxes

Two boxes that look different, but are most likely the same.  The light makes the one box feel fluffier and more appealing.  More inviting.  Makes me think sunshine and bunnies are in their.  The other box has coal in it of course.


4 Fries

Even with the fries and most likely the burger, I really really want the drink.  Something about the look and the foam makes me thirsty.  I sense a straw just out of frame, maybe about to float towards us.


5 Gingerbread Cookies

I cannot tell if the one gingerbread man (?) is coming through a door or falling into a hole.  Either way, it does not look happy.  The grimace and freaked out hair say unhappiness.  Meanwhile, the goldilocks friend nearby seems really really happy with is happening right nearby.


Sammi 2Sam:

Sammi Sam is an Artist.  The Universe is her Paintbrush.  Fun and Joy is what she dances to Everyday.  Come and Join her!  She can be reached on twitter @StrawberryFinn and at the Adventures of Strawberry Finn.

You can read about Sam’s thoughts on Being Yourself.


Scoop here:  I have bugged Strawberry a few times for another post.  And I plan to keep bugging because she is so good.  Her first post, Being Yourself is here.  And you can see her blog Adventures of Strawberry Finn here.


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