Four Random Cool Geek Things Of Mine!!!!

Birthday Cake

Right now you are reading the magnificently and amazing 600th blog post on Scoops Mental Propaganda

That’s right, 600 meanderings, mostly by moi, have infiltrated the cyberspace.

And to celebrate I figured it would be fun to spotlight something different, namely Four Random Cool Geek Things Of Mine!!!!


Titans Tower

Waaaay back in the fabled 1980’s, one of the top comics was the New Teen Titans by Wolfman and Perez. This was basically the teen sidekicks of the DC heroes having adventures. And I was a devoted fan of epic proportions. So in middle school for art class I decided to build a Titans Tower for myself. Very diligently I put it together and painted away. Then school ended and I very carefully carried it home. Where it sat and sat and sat for years and years and years. Till just a few years back when I finally got the paints and finished it all up. Looks classy doesn’t it? And Titans Together!

My Titans Tower

My Titans Tower

The real Titans Tower

The real Titans Tower



A fav cartoon from my childhood was Starblazers, which was a North American cut of a Japanese anime. Humans from a battle ravaged Earth must venture into space all to save the planet. Their spaceship the Yamato was a staple of the show, even if they beat the crud of it all the time. Sometime in the late 1980’s I was at the Silver Snail and spied this small model kit for this wonderful ship. I quickly got it, went home, and built my very own Yamato. Which has survived with minimal wear and tear, but a light gathering of dust, all these decades later. And no, the Wave Motion Gun does not work!

My Yamato

My Yamato

Starblazers Yamato

The real Yamato



Millennium Falcon

Star Wars, which ye all would know all about, was a cultural juggernaut that totally and completely captured me. For Christmas time, after much searching, my grandmother managed to acquire a toy of the Millennium Falcon. Overjoyed as I was, my younger self still over time did tons of destruction to it. Much to my shame. But flip ahead to the early 1990’s and a local department store is clearing out its stockroom. And what do I see on the shelf? An original Millennium Falcon. For only ten bucks. Now I have two of Han Solo’s smugglers ship!

Two, yes TWO Millennium Falcons!!

Two, yes TWO Millennium Falcons!!

The real Millennium Falcon

The real Millennium Falcon


Dr Demento

A staple of radio in the 1970’s and 1980’s was the Dr Demento radio show. Two hours of crazy comedy every week that thrilled my warped mind. One summer in the 1980’s Dr Demento made a visit to my city and I not only met my idol, but got his autograph! My love for the good Dr is still hearty, but times have changed for him and his show was dropped from my area, and many others over time. Now the Dr Demento show lives online!

My Dr Demento record

My Dr Demento record

The good Dr's autograph

The good Dr’s autograph

The real Doctor

The real Doctor


Hope you enjoyed this Geek out for Scoops Mental Propaganda’s 600th! It was great fun bringing it to you!


…is currently reading Y The Last Man V 1 Unmanned and V 2 Cycles by Brian K Vaughan

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