Some Random Thoughts On Angel 4.9 Long Day’s Journey and Angel 4.10 Awakening

Angel Season 4Angel and AI almost defeats the Beast in Long Day’s Journey, and prepare to take desperate measures in Awakening.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


Long Day’s Journey…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Lorne tries to talk to Angel.  Gwen sees a client who is killed by the beast.  Connor is moody and Cordelia gets a vision and goes to tell Angel.  AI finds out the little girl was Wolfram and Hart’s link to the senior partners.  And she was a totem for the god Ra.  Lorne finds out another totem was killed.  Gwen shows up and tells of her client, who was also a totem.  Angel and Gwen go to find the last two totems off in the desert.  They show up too late and only one totem remains.  The totem looks like a dirty frumpy older man.  He says the beast plans to block out the sun and let demons roam the land.  They bring him back to the hotel and decide to hide him at Gwen’s place, a posh apartment in a crap building.  They lock him into a safe room and they stand guard.  He is killed when Angel and Cordelia fall asleep on duty.  They realize the beast took something and start investigating.  And realize it was an inside job.  They find out about the items for the ritual and make a plan to stop the beast.  And to get rid of the beast they will use a portal.  Cordelia gets a vision and thinks Connor is involved.  Connor is attacked at the warehouse by the Beast.  He is thrown out of the window a few stories up.  AI arrives and puts their plan into motion.  The Beast finishes its spell and blots out the sun.  They open a portal and shove the Beast through it.  Cordelia gets a vision and finds out it was Angelus who was talking to the Beast.  The Beast comes back and says hello to Angelus.  And he escapes with the orb.  Angel has no memory of this and Wesley says they must bring Angelus back.


My Thoughts!!

So the world is still ending and Angel is sketching the demon.  Lorne really calls Angel out on his crap.  Angel sure gets moody that Lorne knows about Cordelia and Connor.  So when the plot demands it, Lorne figures stuff out.  Is this the electrical lady?  Demon kills her client because we have to get her involved in the story.  Yep, electric lady.  So end of the world is happening slowly?  Very very slowly.  Connor has super hearing and super speed and super strength which has never been mentioned before.  And really creepy since he is comparing himself to Angel.  World is ending and Angel is being a pouty teenager.  Vision time.  AI with the plot points on the white room girl.  Gunn is all jealous that Wesley and Freddie are smart.  So is Wesley finally back with AI?  Makes sense that Cordelia would let Angel stew for a bit, then talk to him.  Hello, I am Angel, and I am a moody twit.  Why do every time the Angel writers build a relationship, they immediately have to tear it down?  Angel, AI was not demolished, you were all taken down by your own stupidities, not outside forces.  Cue electrical lady Gwen.  Cordelia is jealous, which is unusual for her, and excessively bitchy.  Gwen would not be startled by Lorne.  All roads lead to Ra.  Going on a long mission with Gwen just to make Cordelia jealous is stupid.  And they are too late to save the Ra totem.  Love this guy Manny and love the Hawaiian shirt.  Plot points with end of the world becoming even more end of the world.  Gwen would not be startled by this guys uncouth manner.  Gwen has an idea for hiding Manny that is actually good, and Cordelia is still bitchy.  Figures that Gwen had a great posh place hidden away.  And how does she breathe in that tight get-up?  You can tell Gwen is supposed to be Tomb Raider.  So another bff, Angel and Cordelia, are on the outs still.  Sigh.  Manny is dead, and we saw that coming.  Cordelia shut up.  Of course Gwen withheld info, even with the end of the world, because that makes no sense.  Thought Cordelia was gonna accuse Gwen of this impossible crime.  Betcha it was Cordelia, because she has been acting weird.  Maybe possessed.  Would explain her bitchiness.  AI goes right to portals, but Buffy would have used a rocket launcher.  Vision time.   Leading all to Connor, but I don’t buy it.  Demon and Connor, round two.  Does Connor die from this fall?  Kinda hoping so.  AI goes into action!  The plan is almost working!  And so is the demons plans!  Yes, they managed to kick the demon through the portal.  But the eclipse still happens.  Wait, the demons partner, the one amoung them, was Angelus?  That is an interesting twist.  But why does Angel not remember?  Great, now AI all turn on Angel.  But thankfully Wesley is the voice of reason.  And wants to bring back Angelus to see what he knows.  This is not gonna be good.


It’s good to see AI almost all back together.  And almost getting a plan to work and saving the day is fun as well.  Wish we had more like these.

Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

AI tries to find a way to bring the sun back.   And Wesley and Gwen have taken off.  Also no one wants to bring Angelus back.  Angel sings for Lorne with no results.  Wesley finds a mystic who can extract Angel’s soul.  Angel is still against the idea and Cordelia talks him into it.  AI builds a cage for Angelus.  Angel tells Connor to kill him if he gets loose.  The mystic brings a jar to put Angel’s soul in starts the magic.  The mystic tries to kill Angel and is stopped.  They find tattoos on the mystic which reveal a magic sword exists that can kill the Beast.  Cordelia gets a vision of where the sword is.  Angel and Wesley talk and clear the air.  They go to find the sword.  It is in a cave and go through a variety of Indiana Jones style death traps in the caves leading to the sword.  Angel and Cordelia find the sword and talk of their feelings.  Connor finds out and fights Angel.  Back at the hotel they plan to use the sword to fight the Beast.  But doing so will kill whoever uses the sword.  Angel gives a rousing speech.  The Beast shows up and fights Angel and breaks the sword.  AI escapes Angel’s fight and Connor shows up to help Angel.  Angel uses the sword to hit the Beasts head and kill it.  Angel and Connor survive.  The sun come back.  AI returns and everyone is happy and gleeful.  Cordelia hits on Angel and they kiss and have sex.  They finish and Angel loses his soul.  We are back in the cell with the mystic who has finished the ritual and put Angel’s soul in the jar.  Angel is now Angelus.  Everything else was a dream by Angel.  Angelus wakes up and laughs.


My Thoughts!!

The world is still ending because the sun is gone. So  Gwen is gone just because. And Freddie mentions needing Wesley and Gunn gets all stupid again. Yay, Cordelia reiterates the Angel curse for those who never watched Buffy. Makes sense Angel would go to Lorne for help. And that Angel does remember all the terrible evil things Angelus did. Makes sense Wesley would find someone to rip Angel’s soul away. But even if they bring Angelus back, why would he tell AI anything?  Connor looking pouty as usual. And mouthy as usual. Love Angel’s advice to Comic to get over it. Love how Angel is really scared of unleashing Angelus. Time for Cordelia to talk reason into scared idiot Angel. Buffy mention! Evil is smarter quite often as Cordelia puts it. And that changes Angel’s mind? Building a cage is a good idea. Love how they clear almost everyone out from the cage area. Good idea to tell Connor that he dies love him, Angel. Connor is so agreeable to staking Angel because he us a snotty teenager. Love how Cordelia us gonna be their for the soul extraction despite Angel’s wishes. Wait, soul ninja is a bad guy? Crud, did not see that coming. Knew he was killing himself. That is one nasty tattoo. Chapter three of the tattoo is written in elvish. Giving Wesley crap right now is stupid Angel. Really Angel, Wesley saved your life and tries his best, and you give him attitude. Now out to find the sword! On look, death traps! Indiana Jones reference! Of course it’s not a dead end, you AI idiots. This Indiana Jones rip off is boring. Why is Cordelia using her shirt as bandages? Other people have shirts, but hey the female is better for this I guess. Someone finally told Connor to shut on a mission. Sword gained, temple falls apart, and Cordelia screams in cue. What is the point of all this questing? Now Cordelia wants the heart to heart with Angel? Please tell me this is a dream sequence. Yes, let’s make out in a cave. Connor sees shockingly. This is stupid, fighting in the death trap. Arguing like this as the world ends is so Angel show. Sword to the brain sounds nice and gory. Plot point, killing demon causes big explosion. That’s a needless complication. Nice rousing all together speech Angel, remember when you kicked out Wesley? The demon! Love how demon recognizes the sword. Knew he was gonna break the sword. Connor, stops whining and is actually helpful. And calls Angel, out of nowhere. Thought that was supposed to be a waaaay bigger explosion. The world has been saved and all is happiness and light again. Time for Angel and Cordelia to finally get together, even through I am against it. But if they have sex, Angelus comes back. So what’s their out? This is a rather intense sex scene. Called it, all a freaking dream sequence. What a freaking cop out. Gimme a break.


I had a feeling this was all a dream sequence and then you go and copout and do it.  Way, way, way too obvious and way, way, way, too boring.  Sigh.



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