Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.10 Bring On The Night

Buffy season 7

Buffy gets a massive butt kicking handed to her in Bring On The Night.  All in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies research the First and Buffy falls asleep and is visited by Joyce.  Joyce tells Buffy to rest and she wakes up.  Spike is tortured by the uber Vampire as the First looks like Drusilla.  Andrew wakes up and tells the Scoobies about the seal in the high school basement.  They head their at night and find evidence of what happened to Spike.  They cover the seal.  As they leave they bump into Woods who is just returning from burying Jonathan.  They each offer lame excuses.  Willow does a locator spell for the First and it backfires and almost takes over Willow.  Xander saves the day.  Giles surprises everyone by showing up and has several potentials with him, all teenage girls.  Giles tells them of the First’s plan to kill all potentials, Watchers, and the Slayers.  And the Council has been destroyed along with almost all their records.  He tells them the First cannot be touched or touch things and uses ghosts as evil messengers.  The potentials are not happy with all this.  Spike is still being tormented by the First.  All the potentials get ready for bed and Kennedy hits on Willow.  Buffy and Giles go to where Buffy found the First cave before hand.  Buffy finds the cave and investigates.  Uber Vampire attacks and Buffy barely survives, even when she stakes it and it survives.  Buffy escapes by leaving the cave and sunlight keeps uber Vampire away.  Giles tells Buffy and the potentials about the uber Vampire and how powerful they are and thought to be legend.  Buffy checks her wounds and Joyce visits her again.  She wakes up again with a pissed off student leaving.  The Scoobies prepare the house for the coming nighttime attack.  They realize one of the potentials took off.  The runaway gets caught by the uber Vampire and killed.  Buffy finds the body and faces the uber Vampire.  They fight and Buffy gets beaten up very badly.  The Scoobies find her unconscious.  At home Buffy listens as Giles tells everyone how dire the situation is.  Buffy walks in and gives a rousing speech to all about how they are going to win.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Love how Andrew is all tied up.  Love how Anya parodies how everyone pretends to be a big bad.  Joyce!  Really, the First Evil is just vile.  Okay, was that all a dream?  Maybe that was really Joyce.  That ancient Vampire is creepy.  Drusilla!  Not really but still.  Hate that Spike scream.  Anya and Dawn should be bad cop bad cop together.  With hot water.  Giles guest star.  Lex and Voldermort mention!  Xander is brutal in his honesty with Andrew.  And now Xander and Andrew are cool geek bros together.  Woods in the basement meets Buffy in the basement.  After all these years, Buffy’s lies still suck.  Buffy and Woods do not trust each other, and can you blame them?  Now that is one nasty locator spell.  Xander for the save.  Wow, that really freaked out Willow, worrying now she will turn Dark again.  Giles!  And a bunch of potential Slayers!!  More potentials coming?  I sense a story arc at the Summers resident.  The Scoobies actually seem unhappy that the Watchers are gone.  I wonder why.  Love how Giles really wants to ask what Andrew is doing here.  Interesting how the potentials argue with each other.  Okay, the rules of The First Evil are established.  Can’t be touched and works through ghosts and very very evil.  Kennedy is one whiny potential.  Buffy is right, they need Spike.  Trying to drown a Vampire is very very useless.  Buffy met the First at Christmas and is now remeeting the First at Christmas.  Potential slumber party!  Kennedy is hitting on Willow, she must have good gaydar.  I have no idea what Anya is muttering, but you just know it was nasty.  Buffy finds the First’s cave and of course it creepy and terrible and has a very powerful Vampire in it.  Staking does not work on it?  Holy Hellmouth!  This is like the Vampire that killed Faith’s Watcher.  Buffy has learned not to coddle the young ones anymore, thanks to lessons from last year with Dawn.  And she is right.  Buffy still haven’t slept?  Love how Buffy uses a google wannabe to research.  Cue cryptic comments from Woods.  Betcha he is a former Watcher.  This Drusilla is annoying.  If the First Evil is so powerful, why not just yank the soul from Spike?  Or is it the corruption of the soul it is after with Spike?  Looks like Spike is through with the mindgames.  Man, that uber Vampire did a number on Buffy.  Joyce!  The real one or the First?  Okay, I bet it was the real one because it was a dream.  And the potentials do look scared.  Love how Willow apologizes and explains with sound effects.  That British potential is a bitch.  Andrew sure tries to get loose by yakking.  British potential makes a run for it and is killed and no cares because she was annoying.  Damn, uber Vampire has the drop on Buffy.  Run Buffy Run!  Cue factory from Terminator movie.  Uber Vampire is not just bestial, but knows kung fu.  Pipes!  Buffy is really scared!  Through a concrete wall!  Crap!  She looks really bad.  Spike being defiant which is why we love him.  Buffy looks so devastated here.  And overhears Giles proclamation of doom.  Time for Buffy’s speech to save us all.  Buffy is going to take the fight to the First.  Buffy’s Army sounds awesome.  Giles looks proud.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander explains his life right now to the Scoobies with “It’s a loop.  Like the mummy hand.  I am doomed to replace these windows for all eternity.”  Buffy laments Christmas to Giles with “You know I did not even realize it was December.  Maybe when we get home we should decorate the rubble?”  Willow gives Xander crap with “Xander?  Newbies?  Let’s ease them into the whole jokes in the face of death thing?”  Buffy to the Scoobies and potentials with a rousing speech “I am standing on the mouth of hell and it is going to swallow me whole.”  And Buffy continues her speech with “Their is only one thing on this Earth more powerful than evil.  And that’s us.”


Holy Hellmouth Joss this uber Vampire is one brutal nasty horrible piece of work.  This is one scary ass villain and I fear many potentials shall be laid waste.  Stakes, no pun intended, are really getting high here and we still have twelve episodes to go.



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