Three Random Thoughts On Thor The Dark World

Thor 2 The Dark WorldVery very very soon, May 1st in fact, we shall witness Marvel Comics and Joss Whedon’s newest creation.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

And to fully prepare for this momentous adventure, I am getting off of my lazy Geek butt, putting my almost filled PVR and Angel dvd’s to the side, and getting caught up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I started with Iron Man Three and now I am at…

Thor The Dark World


Avengers LogoThe Story

Thor is all over the nine realms with the Asgardian armies, trying to make peace and fix Loki’s mischief. Meanwhile on Earth, Jane Foster is looking for Thor and accidentally finds the Dark Matter, an ancient powerful energy that evil Elves used long long ago to try and destroy everything. Jane is infected with it and is slowly dying. Thor brings her to Asgard to cure her, the Elves find out and attack. To save all, Thor must defy the law, team up with his treacherous brother Loki, and take on Malekith the dark Elf…


Avengers LogoLoki

A favourite bad boy of so many fangirls is Thor’s brother, the god of mischief and trickster supreme, Loki. Yes, he is a jerk. Yes, he is insufferable. And yes, he has a massive smart mouth. All of which should make him a terrible character we all hate, but instead he comes across as slightly endearing and full of pep and vinegar. No wonder he is a fan favourite. Loki also shows his deep ability to love when he is dealing with his mother, who truly cares for him. This might be the only person in the MCU that Loki would do anything for….


Avengers LogoReferences

The Avengers inaugural adventure in New York is mentioned several times, as is should be. And a few times civilians recognize Thor on Earth, which is also how it should be. We also get a “cameo” of a fellow Avenger! SHIELD gets namechecked appropriately and they quickly show it is still a super secret spy organization. All this and the end credit sequences make this another great addition to the MCU and build towards the future.


Again, the biggest issue many many many Geeks and myself have is the eternal question: Where is the rest of the Avengers during the big final battle? They would have been very helpful during all that destruction, and the clean up. After all SHIELD can’t do all the mopping up can they?



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