Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.11 Showtime

Buffy season 7

Buffy has a really massive test to ace, all to help the potentials, in Showtime.  All in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

A young lady arrives by bus in Sunnydale and is attacked by the eyeless monks.  Buffy saves her and brings her back to the house because she is a potential.  The potentials decide on sleeping arrangements and Kennedy hits on Willow.  They also gossip about all that is happening.  Buffy comes in with the new girl, Rona.  Giles wants to get answers from an all knowing being Beljjoxa’s Eye and he goes with Anya to see it.  Another demon opens the portal for them.  Andrew is untied.  Willow finds out another potential is in town for awhile.  Buffy and Xander go to get her and she is already dead, and it is Eve the potential already at the house.  First Eve is talking bad about Buffy and everything to the potentials.  Buffy shows up and casts out the First Eve.  Giles and Anya hear from the Eye about how powerful the First is and how the Slayer caused it to rise now.  The potentials worry and bicker and Buffy and the Scoobies seek to reassure them.  The First sends the uber Vampire out to kill all except Buffy.  They are all inside the Summers house preparing for the fight.  When the uber Vampire attacks, Willow’s force field keeps it back for awhile.  They all escape the house and head out to an open construction site as Buffy delays the creature.  Giles realizes Buffy coming back to life was the disturbance in the Slayer magic.  Willow and Xander have the potentials up high to watch the coming fight.  The uber Vampire, then Buffy arrives, and they brutally fight.  Suddenly Dawn realizes that when the Scoobies left the room earlier, it was to plan this.  Buffy is losing the fight but finally starts to win, and kills the uber Vampire.  This makes the potentials respect her.  Buffy walks up to Spike in the cave and frees him.  And he realizes it really is her.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Another potential getting off the bus.  Wonder how long she will live.  I hate these monks.  Buffy!  Love how the potential knows who Buffy is.  Welcome to the Hellmouth?  That was the name of the first episode of Buffy.  Giles guest star.  Willow us kinda scared of the rather forward lesbian Kennedy.  So Kennedy is the rich kid potential.  And very fascinated by Willows witchcraft.  Love how the potentials all gossip about all that is happening.  Wait, is that potential Felicia Day?  From Dr. Horrible?  It is!!!!!!!  Love how Xander is driven crazy by all the gossip.  Spike is brought up and things get… complicated.  Love how this eye thingee plot device is brought up.  The First really likes tormenting Spike doesn’t she?  Anya offers sex for information does not surprise me.  Nor does the demon saying no because she is human.  I like Giles threats.  They are realistic and get results.  It actually is an eye, in a cage, which is yuck.  So Andrew is the prisoner without chains?  Another potential?  Love how Andrew thinks he is a Scooby now.  Now the potentials are worrying.  And love how not all know the legends or how it all works.  Faith almost mention!  Wonder if you only become a full potential after puberty hits.  Wait, Eve is dead in the motel for days, so Eve at the house is The First?  Dang, this is getting tricky.  Love how Dawn does not understand Andrews geek speak.  Andrew really did not like the mention of killing Jonathan, his friend.  First Eve is evil and nasty.  Eye is creepy.  And that was cryptic.  Gotta use Willow and her magics.  This is how desperate they are becoming.  Why is Buffy and Willow and Xander leaving the room?  Just to let the potentials argue?  Not a good strategy.  Andrews weapon is Holy water?  Pretty good.  Kennedy, don’t push Willow on the topic of Dark Willow.  How much of the Summers house is gonna survive this?  And I wonder what the neighbours think?  Yes!  Willow with the forcefield.  Hate these monks.  So Buffy constantly being brought back to life has mucked up the Slayer line.  That was a hell of a kick, and did nothing.  At least the holy water hurt.  Maybe they will all team up against it?  Wait, Buffy is going up against it alone again?  Does she have a rocket launcher someplace?  Fight!  Wait, that’s why they left the room.  Crap, they did this right under our noses.  Those concrete blocks have gotta hurt.  Buffy is taking quite a beating here.  Knew she would go for the eye.  To paraphrase Dory in Finding Nemo, just keep punching, just keep punching.  YES!  Buffy got the uber Vampire!  YES, Buffy got the potentials on her side.  First Eve looks pissed.  Buffy saving Spike, and betcha it is the real Buffy.  Yep!  Time to take Spike home.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander talks to a new potential about Andrew with “The question you will soon be asking is why isn’t he gagged?”  And Xander tells Andrew off with “Especially a hostage that has gotten more than a little ripe.”  Dawn threatens Andrew with “Buffy said if you talked enough I am allowed to kill you.”  Buffy tells the uber Vampire who she is with “I’m the thing monsters have nightmares about.”


Damnit Joss, another fantastic episode, with great moments and a brutal battle.  The First is just bad evil and has to be defeated.  Plus, love the shocker of the telepathic convo with the Scoobies.



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