Some Random Thoughts On Angel 4.11 Soulless and Angel 4.12 Calvary

Angel Season 4

Angel is all Angelus being mean to AI in Soulless, and is still mean while AI tries to find his soul in Calvary. Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

AI puts Angel’s soul in the orb in the hotel safe.  Angelus is still caged and Wesley goes to interrogate him.  Angelus plays mindgames with Wesley.  AI watches on a camera.  Angelus tells all of Cordelia and Connor having sex.  Connor comes in and has no idea.  Gunn and Freddie give Angelus blood and ha makes fun of their loud sex.  Angelus takes Freddie hostage and Wesley shoots him with a tranquilizer.  Later when Freddie thanks Wesley, they kiss.  Gunn comes in and knows what happened and gets mad.  Wesley and Gunn get into a fight and Freddie gets hit.  Angelus can hear all this and is happy.  Angelus taunts Connor about how no one wants him and tries to trick the teen into freeing him.  Cordelia stops this.  She switches the cameras off and tells Angelus she will have sex with him for information.  Angelus hesitates.  Cordelia tells AI he is going to cooperate.  Wesley asks more questions of Angelus and finds out in 1789 the Beast wanted Angelus to help kill some priestesses.  Angelus said no and the woman exiled the Beast.  The woman are near.  AI finds them and they are already dead.  Connor feels bad and Cordelia talks to him.  Vampires attack.  AI fights them and escapes.  AI knows they have to change Angelus back to Angel.  Cordelia yells Angelus the deal is off because the world is still in danger.  And they are bringing Angel back.  Angelus doesn’t care and thinks he will see the end of the world.  AI finds out the soul is gone from the safe.


My Thoughts!!

Connor beating the crap out of Vampires. Crap, here comes some more. Soul in a jar is such a Buffy thing. At least they put it in a safe. Let’s reiterate the plot again. Wesley is right, Angelus is very very dangerous. And scary. Wonder if Giles and Buffy would approve of this tactic. Actually, Buffy would. Sunnydale mention. Slayer mention. But not Buffy by name. This interrogation by Wesley is boring. At least they admit on riffing on Raiders of the Lost Ark. Sex talk like that would not rattle Wesley. Gunn getting jealous again is annoying. This is supposed to be interesting right? Why are you feeding thus guy Wesley? Forget his garbage and just find out about the demon. So now all of AI know Cordelia and Connor had sex. And Freddie is rightly disgusted. Now it’s Gunn and Freddie’s turn to be all rattled by Angelus. In another boring scene. At least they take precautions against Angelus, which did not seem to work. Sigh, Freddie prisoner, aka, damsel in distress. Wesley with the tranquilizer gun is a smart move. Now Connor is wearing daddies clothes, and about to go out and kick more Vampire ass. This subplot of Wesley and Freddie has been going on for a million years too long. And they kiss? At least something happened. Of course Gunn walks in. Angelus us pulling a Spike season four Buffy on AI and they are too stupid to figure it out. Gunn telling off Lorne is silly. Wesley and Gunn fight, and my money is on Wesley. Connor meets Angelus, kinda waited for this. Crappy attitude versus crappy attitude. Angelus makes Shakespeare reference. Wait, Connor thinks he really came from Angelus? Is this for real, or a ploy? You ain’t gonna win in a fight with Angelus, Connor. Cordelia disabling the security camera is stupid. Offering herself up to Angelus is stupid. So she had sex with him for info? I think AI has kinda figured it out. Time for back story of Angelus and the demon. So they want to switch enemies and such but Angelus says no. Let’s go find these sisterhood priestess ladies. Yep, they are all dead. Connor would have seen worse than this, but he is freaked? Vampire attack! Lorne reading Angel singing is interesting. Angelus is gross but also kinda funny. Okay, Cordelia Angelus sex has not happened yet. Betcha Angel’s soul is missing from the safe. Love how Cordelia calls Angelus a disease. Yep, called it, soul stolen.


This is supposed to dramatic and mind twisty, but it just seems like the writers checking off a list of plot points and revelations.  Not my favourite.

Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

AI barge and as the soul ninja about Angel’s soul.  He says the soul is still safe in the orb and has no idea where it is.  Angelus keeps up the mind games.  Lila creeps in and tries to make a deal with Angelus.  Gunn sees her on the monitor and stops her.  Lila escapes.  AI wonders what Lila was up to and Wesley goes after her and gets her.  He sees her magic books and realizes the Beast deleted himself from all books in this dimension.  Angelus tells AI the Beast works for someone.  Wesley brings Lila back and AI interrogates her.  Angelus keeps taunting them all.  Cordelia gets a vision about how to restore Angel’s soul.  AI gets the skull from a dead soul eater after they fight his corpse.  The Beast gives his master a dagger made from his bones.  AI prepares to do the spell.  The spell happens and Lorne confirms Angel is back.  Angel wants to stay in the cage just in case.  Cordelia talks him into letting her free him.  Angel gets out and attacks Cordelia, showing he is really Angelus still.  HE escapes the building.  AI sees the knocked out Cordelia and realize Angelus is out.  Ai goes after him and decide to shoot to kill.  Angelus sees the street filled with corpses and Vampires so he heads back to the hotel.  Lila and Cordelia fight him but he chases them around the hotel.  AI realizes Angelus went back to the hotel.  Lila runs and is stabbed by Cordelia and she dies.  Cordelia says she let Angelus out on purpose.


My Thoughts!!

AI getting soul ninja to give answers. Looks like Connor is the muscle now. Angelus knows his soul is gone. He can hear them through the floor. Rape you to death? Angelus knows how to push buttons. Great Lila. Should have seen that coming. So Lila wants Angelus to kill the demon just for her own survival. I am actually happy Wolfram and Hart is completely destroyed. Really not the time to be a jealous prick Gunn. Great guard duty Gunn. Hope Wesley snaps Lila’s neck and she is gone. AI raises some interesting questions of how Lila knew about Angelus. So Angelus coming caused magic ripples. Did Willow feel it? I thought this Wesley Lila relationship was finally dead and over. Okay, same books but different insides is different. Demon boss? Despite my issues with the use of the word retarded, I can see Angelus using it. Notice Lila doesn’t tell on Wesley helping her escape recently. Demon wiped all info about himself from Earth, including Angel, which makes sense. So Angel knew what happened to Freddie’s professor. If Wesley and Freddie kiss again, I shall scream. This is so not the time for this melodrama crap, get to work AI. Lorne! Really hope Cordelia does deck Lila. Okay, guessing Powers That Be just sent Cordelia a telegram about how to fix Angelus. Of course Angelus tells Freddie that Wesley was having sex with Lila. Let’s go digging for a soul eater. Super speed mummy! Keep chopping Gunn! Love how Lorne still holds a grudge against Lila. Lila really is hoping AI can save the day and herself. Dark magic again is never a good sign. Wonder if Angel is back or if Angelus is faking it. I call faking it. Singing to Lorne is a good idea. Agree with Angel here, keep him locked up just in case. Still think Angelus is faking it. Cordelia is wrong, Angel is not afraid of facing AI because if what he said. Cordelia is stupid. Called it. They are really screwed here. AI believe Angelus’s story? They are stupid. Now they check the monitor? At least they agree to kill Angelus. Oh yeah, end of the world is still going on. I thought Lila would be a better shot. Connor has super smell powers. A man hunting a woman through the hotel. I think we have seen this before on Angel tv show. I like Lila pushing the cart down the stairs. Cordelia saving Lila. Er, nope, actually killing Lila. So Cordelia is really evil? Ever since she came back? Would explain the whole having sex with Connor. But how many times has AI been infiltrated by something evil?


Cordelia is evil now?  Okay, whatever.  This comes from nowhere and makes no sense.  But at least Lila is dead dead dead so that annoyance is gone.



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