Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.12 Potential

Buffy season 7

Buffy continues training the potentials, and another potential shows up, in Potential.  All in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The potentials are on patrol and are attacked by Spike in a mock fight.  Buffy gives them notes.  Buffy practices with Spike and the potentials can tell of their former relationship.  Buffy gives the potential another lecture pep talk.  Buffy counsels a girl at school, one she has talked to before.  Buffy finds out another potential, already in town.  Dawn tries to work with the potentials but feels left out.  Willow does a spell to find the potential and the light hits Dawn, who is by the door.  The Scoobies argue about what to do about Dawn.  Dawn gets annoyed and secretly take off.  Buffy and Spike take the potentials to a demon bar and they meet Clem.  Dawn finds the girl Buffy was talking to earlier, Amanda, outside and with a cut.  She says a Vampire attacked and she locked it in a classroom.  And went to Buffy for help.  Dawn says she will take care of it.  They go to the school and are chased by the Vampire.  They end up in another classroom and the eyeless monks attack Amanda.  Buffy finds a Vampire in a crypt and slaps it around while lecturing the potentials.  The she and Spike leave the potentials trapped with the Vampire.  The Scoobies realize Dawn has left.  Dawn manages to fight off the monks and gets away with Amanda.  Dawn knows Amanda is the potential and was at the door when the light hit her.  She tells Amanda to fight the Vampire.  Buffy and the Scoobies show up and help the fight.  The potentials survived the crypt Vampire fight and welcome Amanda to the fold.  Dawn is still not happy.  The potentials go for more training.  Xander gives Dawn a pep talk.  It makes Dawn feel better, knowing someone understands.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

A bunch of potentials looking very nervous on patrol.  And Penny from Dr Horrible is about to be bitten by Spike.  That was a cute eep.  Love how Buffy calls the potentials out on their crap.  And love how even the potentials can tell Buffy and Spike have a history.  Buffy looks like she wants to take that axe to the potentials.  Nice death speech Buffy, could fit right into a Bergman movie.  Dawn looks so detached.  Buffy did better speeches lately.  Hey, that girl was in an earlier episode.  Wasn’t she the one who beat up a bully?  Welcome to the Summer house where chaos reigns.  A potential already in Sunnydale?  Love how Andrew is included in the inner circle now.  Kinda maybe.  Dawn seems jealous of the potentials.  Buffy has a point about Spike and Andrew and free will.  Magic inventory looks really boring.  Dawn is really hoping she is a potential.  A lot of magic has been done around that fireplace.  A smelly spell!  Yes, Willow, Google Potential.  Dawn is the potential!  Key to the potential in two seasons.  Anya mentioning not understanding the share the same blood bit is a commentary on the more clueless fans.  Buffy conveniently forgot her cell phone.  Dawn is still paying attention to what First Joyce said, because she is an idiot.  Andrew is encapsulating what the Buffy tv show is all about.  Let’s all treat Dawn like a child again shall we.  And Dawn takes off.  Potentials in demon bar.  All the potentials are fifteen?  Clem!  Love Clem!  Love what Clem did to his face.  Dawn and that other girl.  Was she abused?  Nope, a Vampire.  Love hearing the school rumours about Buffy.  Dawn, not a good plan going after the Vampire by yourself.  Dawn and the other girl, Amanda, are so dead.  Gotta give Dawn credit for trying.  These potential def know that Buffy and Spike played hide the stake.  Buffy versus Vampire with an audience.  Buffy’s speech is kinda clichéd.  Okay, Buffy just left the potentials to become Vampire food.  And they look scared to heck.  Great, the eyeless ninjas.  So Amanda is the potential?  Fight!  Yes, Amanda staked the Vampire!  She was at the door when the spell hit.  Looks like the other potentials survived.  And Amanda is the real heroine to them because she did it solo.  Now Dawn feels even more alienated.  Xander can tell because he is not a moron like Buffy with the emotions.  Oz mention!  Please don’t say Xander is a Zeppo or I shall scream.  But he does understand how Dawn feels.  Army training mention!  This is really quite touching.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy tells Willow what she expects from her with “Hey everyone, it’s Willow, perhaps she has a blunt weapon of some sort.”  Vi talks to Buffy about Andrew “He doesn’t seem evil exactly.”  A potential asks a potential about Buffy a question that makes sense with “You think she dated him too?”  Vi tells a Vampire who they all are with “We are just four helpless girls!”  Xander gives Dawn a wonderful pep talk with “You are not special, you are extraordinary.”  Dawn replies to Xander with “Maybe that’s your power.  Seeing.  Knowing.”


Holy Hellmouth, Buffy is one nasty teacher!  But really really wished we had seen the fight.  But still, awesome stake raising episode.  Also, Dawn feeling left out is sad and very human.  Thank goodness for Xander!



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