Five Random Thoughts On Captain America The Winter Soldier

Captain America The Winter Soldier

Very very very very soon, May 1st in fact, we shall experience Marvel Comics and Joss Whedon’s newest creation.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

And to fully prepare for this awesome adventure, I am getting off of my lazy Geek butt, putting my massively almost filled PVR and Angel dvd’s to the side, and getting caught up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I started with Iron Man Three and Thor The Dark World and now I am at…

Captain America The Winter Soldier


Avengers LogoThe Story!

While getting used to life in the modern day, Captain America still performs missions for SHIELD. But some of the missions strike him as being of a questionable nature. Wondering what to do, he takes stock of his life and morals. Meanwhile, Nick Fury has realized something is amiss somewhere and tries to delay the launch of a new offensive program by SHIELD. He is then attacked and barely has time to warn Captain America to not trust anyone. Now Captain America, partnered with Black Widow, has to find out where the corruption in SHIELD is, and solve the mystery of who the deadly assassin The Winter Soldier is.


Avengers LogoBlack Widow!!

One of the biggest connective threads for most of the MCU is the assassin with a conscious, the deadly Black Widow. She not only provides excellent fighting and tactical abilities, but she grounds Captain America in the here and now of what is happening. Black Widow has seen the dirty of it underneath, but as shown in the Avengers movie, is trying to atone. Big time. And putting the full force of her talents at the disposal of Captain America and Fury is another step to saving her soul.


Avengers LogoFalcon!!!

Sam Wilson, the loyal Falcon, is brought into the fold early on in the movie, all because Captain America gets a feel right away that he can trust this man. Falcon is not motivated by an adrenaline rush or quest for glory, it is simply the desire to help people. Whether it is by rescuing people or helping fellow veterans recover or working at taking down Hydra, he wants to do good. He is one the purest, most altruistic people in this world. Making him and Captain America even more kindred sprits.


Avengers LogoSurveillance!!!!

A theme running through the story, and becomes a major plot point many times towards the end, is of how much surveillance we as a society live with. People generally have no concept of how much of our lives are public on social media, or how so many of the social media sites work in regards to privacy and what is readily available to everyone. I have seen even very experienced online experts completely misunderstand what lives on and what doesn’t and how. What Hydra does is far more intrusive, and completely illegal, then what the average person can do in cyberspace. We have seen this style of overbearing intense information gathering in the 1990’s movie Enemy Of The State, and that took place before the online world exploded into the everywhereness it is today. I am not astonished by this message of our online lives being monitored and poured over, because I understand how it works, but I still applaud when the topic is broached in a mainstream movie. And hoping people will take notice and think and learn.


Avengers LogoHard Choices!!!!!

To strike before the bad happens. It seems obvious to us, that this should be the way of the world, to prevent evil from spreading. But as Captain America points out, who decides what is a crime and when should it be stopped. It is view partly shared by Nick Fury, and even some members of the World Security Council that governs SHIELD. Captain America has, as Nick Fury points out, has done preemptive strikes and other nefarious activities during World Ward Two. That may have been true, Captain America admits, but those were choices made that no one slept easy with. The lack of moral problems over these intrusions and summary judgements is what troubles Captain America. Everyone is on the page way to easily for his taste.


Captain America The Winter Soldier is by far my favourite of all the Marvel Phase Two movies. An excellent cast and amazing story and relevant themes all work together in a tight action package. Plus, we have a tangible reason given as to why the rest of the Avengers were not called in. A most awesome entry in the MCU.



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