Some Random Thoughts On Angel 4.13 Salvage and Angel 4.14 Release

Angel Season 4

Angel toys with Faith as Angelus in Salvage, and fights her some more in Release.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Angelus finds dead Lila and wished he had killed her.  AI finds Angelus feeding on Lila and he gets away.  So they think he killed her.  Lorne wants an anti demon spell on the hotel for protection.  AI realizes that Lila might have been sired, so her body must be destroyed.  Angelus goes to a demon bar and asks where the Beast is.  Wesley has a conversation with Lila’s body and finally chops off her head.  Connor wants to kill Angelus but Cordelia says no.  Faith is working out in prison and is attacked.  She easily fights the fellow prisoner off.  Angelus finds the Beast and is told to follow the masters orders, but he says no and goes.  Cordelia shows up and is shown to be the master.  Lorne does the protection spell at the hotel.  Wesley sees Faith in prison and tells her Angel needs help.  Faith quickly escapes from prison with Wesley.   Faith says she will not kill Angelus but try to save him.  Faith takes over AI and Connor complains.  Angelus finds out a Slayer is in LA and quickly finds out it is Faith.  AI goes to find Angelus and Faith tells Connor off and sends him home.  Faith and Wesley find Angelus at a warehouse.  Wesley fights two Vampires.  Faith fights the Beast and gets the crud kicked out of her.  Angelus kills the Beast with the dagger from the Beast, then goes to kill Faith.  With the Beats dead the sun comes back.  She breaks a window and lets sunlight in, keeping Angelus at bay.  AI celebrates the sun being back.  Cordelia tells Connor that she is pregnant.  And he is the father.


My Thoughts!!

Angel finds dead Lila.  And AI finds Angel snacking on her.  Knew he would get away.  Evil Cordelia looks happy about all this.  Why are they all sad Lila is gone?  She’s gone and they should be doing a happy dance.  Lorne wants to use magic to protect themselves and that makes sense.  Connor is right, Lila might have been sired.  Wesley is the only one who might actually feel something for Lila.  Angelus in a demon bar would turn heads.  Why would they believe he is Angelus?  Not surprised he is so violent, trying to prove he is a tough ass.  You gotta do it Wesley, you gotta get rid of Lila.  This talking Lila body part is stupid and Wesley is not this nuts.  Sigh, can we finally move on from this?  Love the loser Vampire flunkies.  Hate when you run out of Blood Root.  Connor moody again, part ten.  Or is it twenty?  Fainting from a vision?  Cordelia actually looks pregnant here.  Time for Orange Is the New Black.  Using rap music to describe a prison is so not classy.  Faith!!!!!!  Snap her neck Faith!!  Love the use of the barbell.  And how Faith has a rep.  Nice ceremonial dagger.  Why is Lila still babbling?  Because I don’t think anyone cares.  Finally, he did it.  And Lila shut up.  Angelus and the Beast.  Wonder who the master is?  So they were tricked into unleashing Angelus.  Angelus is a better fighter than Angel.  Evil Cordelia is possessed or not really her or the First?  Lorne’s spell seems so pedestrian.  Love how Lorne was about to finally clock Connor.  Moody snot deserves it.  It’s Faith he is talking about, which is very very obvious at this point.  Wesley and Faith.  Wonder if they are going to bring up her torture of him?  Faith likes dark Wesley.  Wesley saying he is her lawyer is why they can talk so openly about busting her out.  Wonder how ofter Angel visited over the years.  Love Faiths escape.  Fast and not really hurting the guards.  Means she could have escaped whenever she wanted to.  Love how Wesley says five by five.  Faith did not know about Connor so I think Angel has not stopped by in a long long time.  When Faith questions your decisions, you gotta worry.  That’s right challenge Faith for some stupid reason.  Love that Vampire runs when he realizes Faith is a Slayer.  That biker line was dirty Faith.  Love how Wesley introduces her to AI as Faith The Vampire Slayer.  Cordelia is so unhappy that Faith is here.  Betcha Evil Cordelia never factored in Faith.  Faith and Connor may argue, but I also sense an attraction.  And Evil Cordelia picks up on that as well.  Angelus hears Slayer in town and does a smart thing calling Dawn.  Faith is so not taking Connor’s crap, which is about time someone slapped him around.  Kick his ass Faith!  Knew she would easily.  Nice sign.  Wesley versus two Vampire guards.  He should dust them easily.  If this voice is coming from an intercom I shall yell.  The Beast.  Oh crap, this the end of Faith?  Faith just keeps punching and punching and punching because that is who she is.  That is a terrible beating Faith is taking.  So Angelus is waiting to fight beaten up Faith because he is a coward.  Wait, this was all a trick to kill the Beast with his own dagger?  So is Angelus really Angel or just power mad?  Goodbye Beast, Hello Sun.  Two crispy Vampire later.  Okay, really Angelus.  And really a coward.  Love how Faith brings the sun.  Connor seems impressed with Faith.  Evil Cordelia is evil and jealous and planning something.  Betcha Evil Cordelia is pregnant.  Yep!  Looks like the actress is really really pregnant.  Connor as a daddy and Angel a grandpa.  Connor looks kinda conflicted.


Faith makes everything better because she is Faith.  And for some reason, her presence propels the story forward at a much quicker, more logical pace.

Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

Wesley takes Faith back to his apartment where she begins recovering both physical and mentally.  Angelus hangs out at a demon bar and brags.  He is interrupted by the voice of the master that only Angelus can hear.  The voice is Cordelia and taunts him.  Angelus tricks Freddie at the hotel into giving him the information they have gathered.  Freddie figures it out too late and Angelus gets away.  Angelus is told by voice Cordelia to do as he is told.  Wesley and Faith go to the demon bar and see human junkies and gets information.  Faith and Wesley find Angelus at a deserted museum and Faith fights him.  Angelus bites Faith.


My Thoughts!!

Floor shot and someone is bleeding.  Faith.  Badly hurt.  Wesley can really put his feelings to the side and help out.  She looks like Buffy after the uber Vampire got to her.  And punching walls and yelling seems to help her out.  Faith really needs a therapist.  Demon bar.  Angelus.  Knew this demon was gonna die.  What the freak voice was that?  Angelus seems really freaked by this.  Lorne is in the credits!!!!  Only took so long.  Wait, is he gonna die like Tara did?  Evil Cordelia doing her evil thing via remote control.  Vampire junkies are so yucky.  This baby sounds really really ominous.  Seeing AI with guns, even tranq guns, is weird.  Let’s reiterate the plot points.  Wesley, have faith in Faith.  I do.  Angelus, and he has a way around the protection spell, because he is not stupid.  Love how Freddie does the trash talk.  Now that was a nice bluff by Angelus.  I noticed he did not hit her, but still assumed the spell was gone.  Poor Lorne.  Connor, stupidest kid around.  Wesley and Faith have no idea what is about to hit them.  Gunn!  Dang, AI keeps getting their asses handed to them.  So that was not part of Evil Cordelia’s plan.  Love Lorne snoring.  Great AI is back to infighting because that is soooo interesting.  Love how Wesley states he trusts Gunn.  Not bff’s anymore, but still coworkers.  Angelus was never much of an academic was he?  This evil voiceover is annoying.  Always wondered how the trapped demon inside felt inside Angel.  Obviously, very very pissed off.  So now Evil Cordelia has Angelus on a leash.  Gunn and Freddie, part ten with the melodrama.  Sigh, so is Gunn and Freddie back together?  Guess not.  That demon in the demon bar is having a really bad time lately.  Knew Wesley knew that demon was behind him.  Connor trying to call forth his Vampire self is silly.  The spell was against Angelus you idiot Connor.  I love it when adoptive mother and child kiss.  Not.  This Vampire drug den is like the one Riley was in on Buffy.  Love Wesley and his more effective methods.  Faith is really softening these days.  They are finally going their with the Wesley Faith torture past.  Or is he just goading her?  Yep.  Faith does not want to go animalistic again.  Time for Lorne to wake up and help move the plot along.  Or the demon is dead.  Fighting in scaffolding is so cliched.  Vampire with a gun sounds like a movie title.  Angelus is right, Faith has gone soft.  Angelus just really wants to beat up Faith.  Faith gets second wind and starts getting into the fight.  Figures Angelus would enjoy his own pain as well.  Waiting for Wesley to tranx Angelus.  She almost beat Angelus into unconsciousness.  Crap!  Is he gonna sire Faith???


That was a brutal brutal fight with Angelus and Faith.  Which is why this felt more like a Buffy episode because stuff happened.  And with one hell of a cliffhanger!



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