Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.14 First Date

Buffy season 7

Buffy goes on a date and discovers secrets in First Date.  And Xander goes on a First Date.  And Spike crashes a First Date.  All in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Giles finds out Buffy had Spike’s chip removed and is not happy.  Giles also tells of how he survived the eyeless monk attack because he heard his shoes squeak.  Buffy stalks Woods office for clues if he is good or bad.  She is caught and Woods asks her out.  Buffy says yes and goes.  Woods puts a bloody dagger away with a stash of hidden knives.  Buffy and Willow talk about their romantic lives.  Xander comes in and reveals he has a date as well.  Spike tells Buffy he is fine with her dating.  Enroute to the restaurant on the date, Buffy and Woods are attacked by Vampires.  They fight the Vampires and at first Buffy thinks Woods set her up, but then sees him stake some as well.  Woods tells Buffy he has been hunting Vampires for years.  His mother was a Slayer and killed when Woods was four.  A Watcher raised him.  Buffy is shocked Slayers can have kids and a normal life.  Xander \’s date starts well, but he quickly discovers she is a demon who plans to sacrifice him over the high school seal.  Andrew gets a visit from the First who looks like Jonathan.  He is told to kill the potentials with Willow’s gun.  Andrew thinks about it and asks ghost Jonathan questions about the First.  But the First realizes Jonathan is wearing a wire.  Willow is listening in.  Ghost Jonathan tells off Willow and leaves.  Willow gets a coded message from Xander about his demon date.  Spike goes to get Buffy and crashes their date and they all go to save Xander.  They fight the demon woman and save Xander and Woods sees Spike in Vampire mode.  Woods looks annoyed.  Spike is told of the First having plans for him.  Woods gets a visit from ghost mother and does not care for the First’s mindgames.  Ghost mother tells Woods that Spike was who killed her.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Giles saved himself and beheaded the eyeless ninja.  Just like we all knew he would.  Giles is most excellent that way.  Love how Spike tackles Giles.  Knew Buffy would have the chip removed.  And Giles does not seem happy.  New potential does not speak english.  Shoes squeaked?  Lucky you Giles.  Giles is taking on a very patronizing tone with Buffy here.  You were fine with many of her decisions at the end of season six.  Giles says physical instead of sex because he is talking to his daughter and he is proper British.  Buffy looks annoyed, and rightly so.  Xander, a young lady in a hardware store is not confused, you sexist idiot.  Please stop talking Xander.  Xander you are desperate and this lady is probably evil.  Buffy investigating Woods makes sense.  You still suck at lying Buffy.  Wait, Woods is asking Buffy out?  Gotta be former Watcher.  That is a lot of freaking knifes, and one with blood.  Watcher!!  Love how Willow laughs at Buffy thinking she is doing a good job as a school counselor.  That showering with evil conversation went hygienic really fast.  Always liked when Buffy and Willow chat like this.  Love how someone finally mentions the age gap.  And how it is not so bad this time.   Yes, they all noticed Willow and Kennedy.  Giles sounds like the grumpy old man I am when I shop.  She speaks Cantonese, not Mandarin, which is a nice touch.  Andrew!  Ghost Jonathan!  And still a jerk.  The First is still after the potentials?  Very one track mind.  Crud, the First knows about Willow’s gun.  Love Anya’s doggie sweater.  Willow would have worn that.  Anya is jealous.  I don’t believe Spike is over Buffy at all.  Xander’s date seems to… normal.  I think everyone googles everyone nowadays don’t they?  Love how clueless Giles makes the most nasty flash cards ever to explain what a Slayer is.  Wonder if these are Joss’s drawings like in Hush.  Knew Giles would have a rant against personal lives.  And rip off his glasses.  Missed him doing that all the time.  Andrew!  Don’t go evil again!  Buffy and Woods in a dark alley.  Vampires!  Woods!  Fighting Vampires!  And staking them like a pro.  He is a Watcher!!  Xander, stop talking about your ex with your date.  Is Woods a Rogue Demon Hunter cause he might get told off by Wesley if he uses that term.  How long has Woods known Buffy is the Slayer?  Since the beginning?  That laugh about Buffy’s counseling skills is kinda mean.  Woods mom was a SLAYER???  Holy Hellmouth!!  Mind Blown.  Slayer powers are not hereditary.  Watcher raised him.  Damn, this all makes sense.  Andrew!  Guns and Buffy underwear talk.  Please, Andrew, don’t kill the potentials, you were becoming good and everything.  Andrew is stalling I think.  YES!  Andrew is good and wearing a wire!  Andrew would be awesome on The Wire.  Good plan Willow!  First guilt trip, part ten.  Andrew makes the choice and maybe that is what the First is trying to influence, the choice to be evil.  How did she tie up Xander?  So she is evil.  Andrew is so whiny with Dawn taking the tape off, but I feel his pain.  The First saying it is not Spike’s time yet concerns Spike and Giles.  Somehow I don’t think they will be working together to solve this.  Smart move, setting up coded signals years ago.  Why does Buffy always leave her cell phone?  Betcha she never misplaced the Initiative’s pager.  Spike!  Unwelcome dinner guest.  Ouch, stabbing Xander to replace an uber Vampire.  Hope this crazy lady gets her neck snapped.  Buffy, Spike and Woods in a car spells awkward.  And talking openly about evil stuff.  Wait, Spike killed two Slayers….  oh crud, did Spike kill Woods mom?  This is gonna be so freaking messy very very soon.  Buffy and Spike versus crazy lady.  Woods is gonna have a lot of questions about why Buffy works with a Vampire.  Uber Vampire loses an arm.  Love it when Buffy beheads something.  Woods gives the evil eye like nobodies business.  Flashcard monsters?  That would be an awesome big bad.  Giles, clueless since 1997.  Love how Andrew is really mentally undressing Scott Bakula.  Giles getting pissed.  Giles needs to stop drinking the prune juice.  Does Buffy still having feelings for Spike?  Please say no.  Woods and his mom, courtesy of the First.  I really really hate the First.  Woods calls the First on it.  Spike!  He was the one who killed Woods mom!  Holy Hellmouth, this is gonna get brutal and nasty and brutal might quick.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow gives Buffy a pep talk with “Yeah sure, you are a frisky vixen.”  Giles tells the Scoobies what the new potential says, completely mistranslating, “She is grateful to be in a land of plenty.”  Andrew talks to ghost Jonathan about the Scoobies “Confidentially, a lot of her people are murderers.  Anya, Willow, Spike.”  Willow tells the potentials about research with “I have googled till I just can’t google no more.”  Giles tells the Scoobies what Xander might have said with “Something is eating Xander’s head.”


Crud crud crud.  Woods is the freaking Slayer child.  And Spike slayed his mommie.  Crud crud crud.  These last bunch of episodes are just killing me.  Crud, Joss, just crud.



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