Three Random Thoughts On Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

Very very very very very soon, May 1st in fact, we shall have our senses explode because of Marvel Comics and Joss Whedon’s newest creation.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

And to more fully prepare for this fantastic adventure, I am getting off of my lazy Geek butt, putting my almost filled PVR and Angel dvd’s to the side, and getting almost completely caught up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I started with Iron Man Three and went on to Thor The Dark World and entered Captain America The Winter Soldier and now I am at…

Guardians Of The Galaxy


Avengers LogoThe Story!

A group of misfits out in space are put in prison and decide to join together for various reasons. They escape and quickly realize that the dangers from the mysterious orb they posses and the pursuit of the murderous zealot Ronin. Quickly they have a new reason for being, not money or freedom or revenge, but the survival of everything.


Avengers LogoRocket Raccoon!!

I remember the first appearance of Rocket Raccoon. Just a fun guy character tromping around outer space and having wild adventures of all types. And he hangs out with Hulk. His popularity was so big that a four issue mini series came out back in the 1980’s. Now my knowledge base for Rocket ends pretty much right their. But I know he has had a rather illustrious career since then, full of blasters and smackdowns and crazy furry action. Which makes him a natural for saving the galaxy.


Avengers LogoGroot!!

Here is someone I knew almost nothing about. A walking talking tree. With the strength and healing factor and almost fighting skills of Wolverine. But with a much much nicer attitude. Groot comes across to a newbie like myself that way. Plus, his dialogue is crisp and to the point with a vigour that speaks volumes, with many many variations of I Am Groot happening. Okay, not really, Groot always talks in the same deadpan way.


While not taking place on Earth and not directly interacting with the Avengers, you just know that eventually they will line up. Especially for the Infinity Gems storyline in Avengers Three and Four. Or with Thanos showing up. Or because The Collector makes an appearance like in Thor The Dark World. Looks like it is all connected….



…is currently reading Watership Down by Richard Adams

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