Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.15 Get It Done

Buffy season 7

Buffy finally gets some answers, a casualty, and a dire warning, in Get It Done.  All in another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy checks in on the potentials at night and is suddenly attacked and warned by the first Slayer.  Then Buffy wakes up.  Wood sends Buffy home from school, all to work on the First.  Buffy brings Wood to the house and he meets the Scoobies and their operation.  He also meets Spike and they do not get along.  Buffy gets a bag of Slayer stuff from Wood that his mom had.  Dawn looks at the stuff.  Buffy and Dawn find potential Chloe has hanged himself because the First talked her into it.  Buffy buries the body.  Buffy gives everyone a stern telling off and lecture.  She also tells off Spike for being a wuss.  Buffy goes through Wood mom stuff.  They find a shadow device and an ancient book.  Dawn reads the book aloud and the shadows move, telling the story of demons and man and Slayers first coming to earth.  Then a portal opens and Buffy jumps through.  A demon shows up in the house and attacks.  Spike gets clobbered and the demon escapes.  Spike gets back up and gets his leather jacket, which he took from Wood mom, confirming that he killed Wood mom.  Spike finds and fights the demon and wins and takes it back to the house.  Buffy ends up at the dawn of human civilization in Africa.  She meets the original Watchers.  They catch Buffy and try to put some demon energy in her, just like they did with the first Slayer.  Buffy says no and tells them off for how they treated the Slayer.  One Watcher gives Buffy a vision before she comes back to her own time.  Willow pushes hard to magically open the portal and drains energy from Anya and Kennedy.  She also goes Dark Willow for a few seconds.  The portal opens and Spike throws the demon through and Buffy comes back.  Buffy tells Willow of the vision.  Thousands of uber Vampires waiting on the other side of the Hellmouth seal.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Holy Hellmouth, how many potentials does Buffy harbour now??  And from how many countries??  That is one huge sleepover.  Love how Buffy is checking over them all like a den mother.  Wait, that crying potential was actually the first Slayer?  And this was all a dream?  I hate you Joss.  If Anya starts singing “Human Again” from Beauty and the Beast I shall scream.  Spike definitely flirts with Anya.  And she definitely flirts back.  That was very dirty talk, with Spike letting Anya down not so easily.  Spike really is happy a demon shows up, all to stop this conversation and bust some heads.  Buffy and Woods are bad cop bad cop.  Things are going to crap because the First is rising.  Yes, Woods is a snappy dresser.  The feels, Woods giving Buffy his moms Slayer gear.  Is Woods really interested or just after Spike.  Woods a Scooby now??  Love Andrew with the oven mitts and complaining about the funnel cake.  Andrew is the coolest hostage ever.  I want Andrew’s big board!!!  Is that Kennedy leading the army of potentials in training?  Felicia Day!!  One screwed up and hate to be that potential.  Buffy realizes what the first Slayer meant by it not being enough.  Cue Willow making a lame excuse over carrying the weapons.  Love the clanking sounds the weapons make when Willow puts them down.  Love the look when they think Woods is talking about her gayness.  Snyder mention.  Spike is right about protecting Anya and using strategy.  Woods is not hiding his contempt towards Spike very well.  Spike seems embarrassed to talk about his soul.  That showdown stare feels so macho.  Dawn gives an inventory of Woods moms Slayer stuff and includes a huge book, which you can tell will be a plot point.  Dawn is really giddy isn’t she?  A hanged  potential?  The one who did the pushups.  The First talked her into committing suicide.  I really really really hate the First.  TTFN now has a nasty feel to it.  Buffy burying the body by herself is just so sad and lonely.  Willow is right that Buffy is right.  Xander, shut up with the friends bit because this is war.  Now Buffy is giving Spike crap.  Because he is holding back and she needs the lethal brutal killer.  Dang, Buffy is on fire and right.  Woods is over to look at his moms stuff, including never opened box.  I have seen shadowcatchers and they are cool and freaky.  Just noticed Dawn has a Laverne style D on her shirt.  Dawn would make a good audio book narrator.  Earth, Demons, Man, Girl.  Okay, that text changing to english is creepy.  And the moving shadows.  But wouldn’t the Watchers know all this as well?  Crud, a portal.  Buffy thinks she is exchanging, just like the text says.  That is one ugly exchange student.  Time to smash the Summers house again.  Willow is really scared to use her magic.  Woods to the rescue!  Or not.  Dawn and Kennedy fighting like they were taught.  Spike!  Through the roof!  Escaped demon!  Willow knows when Buffy left it would force Willow to use magic and get over her fear.  Betcha Buffy is at the dawn of the Slayer.  Anya sounds grumpy and bitchy.  Willow and Anya finally agree and work together.  Finally.  Spike after demon.  Of course ancient magic guys know who Buffy is and why she is their.  These guys are jerks.  All doom and gloom.  You can do it Willow!  Open that portal!  Crap, Dark Willow eyes!  And that scream.  Wait, they put the heart of a demon into the first Slayer?  To give that Slayer power to the Slayer.  That is so screwed up.  Okay, now I understand, they think making Buffy more demon like will help her.  Idiots.  Spike puts on his old leather jacket, the one he stole from Woods mom.  All to get his mojo back.  Willow opens portal and Kennedy looks scared.  Spike looks like crap.  Buffy calls these ancient idiots on the stupid ways they treated the first Slayer.  Even a gazillion years ago, the Watchers council was stupid.  Love Buffy beating up these Watchers.  Spike wins!  Now he is going to be helpful, after Buffy kicks his lackeys asses.  Exchange completed.  Looks like everyone stopped sucking and got the job done.  Wonder what Buffy saw from the mind meld.  Kennedy now seeing the reality of magic.  Kinda scared.  Willow being Willow and being perky.  Buffy all serious.  They showed her an army of uber Vampires????  CRAP!!!!!!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Anya laments life to Spike with “You know the only thing worse then being human, is being trapped inside a household full of humans.”  And Anya keeps lamenting life to Spike with “It’s like we live in Slayer central.”  Kennedy asks an obvious question to Woods with “Hi, who the hell are you?”  Woods asks Buffy an obvious question about Willow with “She really almost destroyed the world?”  Buffy tells the Scoobies and the potentials off with “Chloe was an idiot.  Chloe was stupid,” and she is right and we know where she is going with this.  Buffy tells off Anya with “Aside from getting rescued, what is it you do?”  Buffy gives everyone a pep talk with “Be as scared as you like, but be useful while you are at it.”  Xander tells the Scoobies what the situation is with “Okay, so far, so creepy.”  Xander tells the Scoobies what they know with “Great, so far we know jack about squat, lets go from their.”  Buffy tells off an ancient Watcher with “I knew it.  It’s always the staff.”


You jam so much into this Joss, yet again, and blew my mind, yet again.  I think this final season is gonna kill me.  And Buffy is right with her speech of course.



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