Some Random Thoughts On Angel 4.15 Orpheus and Angel 4.16 Players

Angel Season 4 Angel gets his soul back with the help of an old friend in Orpheus.  And Gunn does a heist with Gwen in Players.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Angelus feeds on Faith and suddenly feels groggy.  Flashback to before the fight when Faith injects herself with the blood from the addicts.  Angelus and Faith go unconscious.  They are brought back to the hotel and Angelus is locked in the cage.  Faith is near death.  The drug is called Orpheus and is magical and creates connections mentally between the users.  Evil Cordelia is not happy with this turn of events.  Connor wants to kill Angelus.  Willow arrives with a plan.  Freddie called her in because she had previously restored Angel’s soul.  Willow and Cordelia talk.  And Willow figures out how to find Angel’s soul, which makes Evil Cordelia think about killing her.  Willow decides to magically break the jar his soul was in.  Faith and Angelus travel Angel’s soul and see him coming to America.  And save a puppy.  Angelus is mad as hell over all these good deeds.  Angel as they move forward in time, plays Barry Manilow on a jukebox.  A man is shot and Angel feeds on the dying man instead of getting help.  Angelus likes seeing Angel fall from grace and watching Faith not be happy with this.  Willow is about to do the spell and Evil Cordelia gives an eerie warning through magic voice.  Willow does magic better and fights back.  Connor accidentally distracts Cordelia and Willow wins.  Willow does the next spell to get the soul back into Angel.  Faith and Angelus sees Angel looking crappy in an alley.  Angel suddenly talks to them because his soul is free.  Angelus and Angel fight and argue.  Evil Cordelia tells Connor to kill Angelus.  Willow finishes her spell and gives Angel his soul back.  Faith comes back to health and races to save Angel from Connor.  And she beats Connor up.  Angel wakes up restored.  Faith goes with Willow to Sunnydale to help Buffy.  Evil Cordelia reveals she is pregnant and everyone is shocked.


My Thoughts!!

Angelus feeding on Faith.  And now he looks in pain.  Faith spiked her blood!  Good thinking Faith, not something that has been said often.  Willow guest stars!  AI really really have to restrain Angelus now and they know it.  I think they are gonna need more chains.  That’s a lot of blood.  Looks like Angelus and Faith are both still mentally in the fight.  Lorne is mad at Wesley for letting Faith take the drug, and Wesley is so very cold with the response.  Evil Cordelia is nutty and jealous and nutty.  Orpheus is a magical drug?  Going to hell?  That’s insane but that is drugs.  Flashback New York 1902, so after Angelus became Angel.  Angelus meets Angel and Faith, all in a dream state.  I am either going to love this or hate this.  So now let’s set up the ground rules.  I am guessing the time keeps shifting forward since it seems to be the 1920’s.  Angel saved a puppy, and cleaned up real good, and wrestling with not feeding on humans.  Interesting how Angelus lives inside Angel in complete hatred of Angel.  Shut up Connor you whiny ass.  Willow!!  Finally some discipline and leadership for these wayward AIers.  So the Scoobies know of Connor.  Love how Willow recognizes how moody and grisley Wesley looks.  And bonus House Points because Willow and Wesley are married in real life!  Willow and Freddie are so alike and I love them both.  Willow and Cordelia, together again.  Love how Cordelia and Willow catch up.  Evil Cordelia has a knife!  Whew, knife away.  Willow figures it all out, just like she always does.  Love Lorne singing to Faith.  Looks like the 1970’s now and that must be the Mandy song.  So the temptation of human feeding always lives on inside of Angel.  Great, idiot robber shoots the clerk.  That buzzing is Evil Cordelia placing a long distant call to Angelus in lala land.  And getting stymied.  I would love it if Willow and Wesley made out right now.  Or that could be my real life/stupid/fanfic part of me talking.  Wesley is right, his humour is also in a jar someplace.  Wesley is kinda hitting on Willow and she doesn’t have the heart to tell him she’s gay.  Meanwhile, back in dreamland, Angel almost feeds on the wounded guy.  He gives into temptation, darnit.  And this memory infects Faith as well.  The weight of it all still haunts Wesley.  Making hard decisions since Pylea.  Evil Cordelia attacks Willow and Willow kicks ass back.  Thank goodness she is doing magic again.  Magic fight!  Dreamland and more Angelus taunting.  Love Willow’s resolve face.  Feel sorry for the rats Angel is feeding on.  Angel is waking up!  He is talking smack to Angelus.  Wonder if the hotel is going survive this battle.  Battle over Angel’s soul!  Yes, Connor being annoying won the day!  Soul now free!  Great, now they can fight in dreamland.  Angel versus Angelus!  With Faith in the middle!  Hit Connor again Cordelia!  Connor does a lot of stupid things, all because he knocked up Cordelia.  Dang, this almost feels like a Buffy episode.  Faith is up and at em!  In the real world as well.  Angel and Angelus look like they are regenerating.  And the two become one!  Willow did it, she resouled Angel.  Hope Faith kicks Connor’s stupid butt.  Good, she did, little runt deserves it.  Angel!  So Faith is off to Sunnydale with Willow.  Hope they ground Connor till the next apocalypse.  I want a spinoff with Willow and Freddie.  Love how Willow thinks she is being hit upon.  Aww, such a cute hug between Angel and Willow.  Does this mean AI is all back together?  Everyone is all happy!  Oh yeah, Evil Cordelia is still preggers with Angel’s grandkid.  And everyone looks shocked.


Well at least that storyline finally ended.  And what did AI learn from setting Angelus free?  Not a whole lot.  But it was awesome to see Willow showing up again and cleaning up AI’s mess.  Plus seeing her with Wesley was coolio.

Angel logo


What Angel Investigations Did!

Gwen gets info from a guy and is hit by lightning.  Gwen goes to AI and wants Gunn’s help.  A little girl has been kidnapped by a tycoon because of industrial espionage.  And Gwen wants Gunn’s help to save her.  They go to a swank party the businessman is throwing and get stopped on the way inside.  Gunn manages to sweet talk their way inside.  Gwen creates a diversion and Gunn saves the girl.  Gunn fights off warriors.  Gunn realizes the girl was not kidnapped and that Gwen tricked him.  He catches her breaking into a safe and stealing some military technology.  The business man comes back with more warriors and Gwen zaps them and they escape.  Gunn puts the device on Gwen, which allows her greater control of her powers.  She can now touch people.  Gwen and Gunn kiss and have sex.  AI is surprised by Cordelia being pregnant.  Wesley and Freddie research the Beast’s master.  Evil Cordelia tries to sabotage their efforts.  Lorne has found a way to get his empathic powers back and needs to do a spell.  While preparing to do the spell, Evil Cordelia goes to kill him.  The lights come on and Evil Cordelia realizes it is a trap by AI.  Evil Cordelia has been caught.


My Thoughts!!

Cue AI being shocked at Cordelia pregnancy.  Angel is not taking it well.  Gunn does the logical for once and brings up the timeline.  Hey, they mentioned the other time Cordelia was pregnant by a demon.  Yes, Connor, this is all about you.  That does not look like a normal pregnancy.  So a magical pregnancy and no one is snapping into investigative mode.  Gwen!  Meeting a loser client.  That was the most obvious passing of information ever.  Loser hitting on Gwen.  What happened to Gwen?  They all forgot Angel has good ears.  And you do skulk Angel.  Thankfully Angel knows Angelus is a different person and does not guilt over his actions.  And now the truth about Lila’s death comes partially out.  So am I guessing Wesley is finally back?  Why not put him in charge?  Gwen seeks AI.  Wanting Gunn should tick off Freddie.  Superman reference!  They are doing crapton of plot recaps this episode.  At least Connor is gaining some IQ and asking questions.  Plot points with industrial espionage and a kidnapped little girl.  Turgid supernatural soap opera is exactly how I would describe this season as well.  Why would electrical powers set off the metal detectors.  Wouldn’t they just leave and not step away with security?  These security bozos would not let them chat amoung themselves, or talk to head of the house.  Gunn knows Japanese?  This is stupid.  Tiger in a box is silly.  Yes, we are not talking about Cordelia and Connor but Wesley and Lila because we have to drive home the point.  Gunn learned Japanese from the movies?  Sigh.  Little girl not much of a prisoner.  I used to dig Angel and Cordelia scenes, now they just drag on.  Cordelia just confessed and not very well. Why does Gunn trust Gwen, I wouldn’t.  Yep, she lied, and provided a crap diversion.  Fight!  Angel really taught Gunn well.  And these warriors suck.  Gunn realizes he is an idiot.  Lisa is a weapons thingee of course.  Angel’s photographic memory now has limits it seems.  Wait, when did Lorne lose his powers?  Me confused.  Of course the bad guys have guns now.  Let me guess, this device can cure Gwen?  Gwen can zap people all the time and now she blasts away massively?  Are her powers out of control?  Waiting for Evil Cordelia to attack Lorne.  How long till Gunn and Gwen have sex?  Well, that’s a lot of skin showing.  That’s not answering her question Gunn, try describing what the device is doing.  Are they implying that Gwen is a virgin?  All because of her powers?  Yep, called it, sex time.  A singing spell is different and cute.  Evil Cordelia with a dagger is about to be caught.  Called it.  AI finally got smart and figured it out.  This is very surprising since AI is usually so stupid.


I like Gwen, I really do.  But this again just feels like a routine heist, with Gunn being stupid as the weird extra ingredient.  And when did AI gain IQ points and not get played again?  They usually are not this smart.



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