Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.16 Storyteller

Buffy season 7

Buffy is an unwilling participant in Andrew’s documentary in Storyteller.  All part of the posts in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Andrew narrates a documentary he is filming about Buffy and her mission.  Partly from the washroom.  He is interrupted by Anya.  She reminds him that Buffy did not like him following her on patrol and filming.  Andrew wants to chronicle Buffy’s adventures because he thinks she deserves credit for saving people.  Andrew shows a white board to the camera because it breaks down the plot of the show right now.  Also, he interviews Scoobies and potentials and daydreams the past in a different way.  Buffy goes to the high school and sees chaos all over.  Two boys arguing.  A girl turning invisible.  A boy about to explode.  She tries to diffuse all the situation with some success.  Buffy talks to Wood and they talk about the situations.  Buffy thinks it is the seal causing all this.  They check out the seal and Wood is possessed.  Buffy snaps him out of it.  Andrew interviews Xander and Anya gets into their almost marriage.  Spike hams it up for the camera.  Buffy and Wood tell Andrew they need him to close the seal.  The seal is now possessing students.  Willow uses magic to bring Andrew’s memories up.  Andrew recalls being in Mexico with Jonathan when ghost Warren gives him the knife tells him to kill Jonathan.  The knife is in the kitchen now.  Buffy takes Andrew, Wood, and Spike to the school to fix the seal.  The school is overrun and crazy and they fight through students.  Spike and Wood fight students in the halls and Wood considers staking Spike.  Buffy and Andrew go to the seal and Andrew’s story of what happened keeps changing.  Buffy fight off possessed students and Andrew films it.  Xander and Anya have sex in the Summer house basement.  Buffy threatens Andrew with the magic knife he used on Jonathan.  She says blood with fix the seal.  Buffy tells off Andrew for not admitting to killing Jonathan.  Andrew cries as he finally takes responsibility for killing Jonathan.  The tears hit the seal and closes it.  Buffy says tears did the job not blood.  The students return to normal.  Andrew films in the bathroom again, says people will die, maybe even him.  And he deserves that because of what he did to his friend.  Andrew turns the camera off.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

We in Masterpiece Theater?  Andrew?  Going meta or going nuts?  Buffy, Slayer Of The Vampires actually sounds like a good title.  Buffy doing an awesome job of staking.  Andrew does weird narration.  He’s in the bathroom with a camcorder?  Sigh.  Anya!  Knew she was gonna say masturbate because this is Anya.  Knew Buffy would hate being filmed.  Love the line up for the bathroom.  Anya is such a downer.  Andrew, you suck at flirting, but Anya would fall for it.  Andrew and Giles should make a comic together, that would be awesome.  This is the best plot explanation ever.  Andrew can never admit to killing Jonathan can he?  Wait, who is holding the camera?  Betcha it is Dawn.  How much serial do the potentials eat?  Surprised Buffy lets Spike smoke in the house.  Amanda!  That is one very over the top romance video here.  Even Andrew figured out Buffy and Spike.  Scoobies debate the merits of Andrews taping and Andrew looks anxious.  Andrew leaving the room during Buffy’s latest speech feels like a writers commentary on the overuse of those speeches lately.  Plus, I think Andrew is scared of everything happening.  The Trio!  All in Andrews head.  Very over the top.  Dark Willow mention!  Again, all in Andrews head.  He is truly the hero of his own story isn’t he?  Buffy at school with nasty fights and girl about to turn invisible.   To many fires to put out Buffy, thanks to the Hellmouth.  Last time I saw Buffy play medic was with Riley in season four.  Love how Buffy tries to explain it all to Woods.  And that exploding student sound was gross.  Willow and Kennedy are definitely a couple now.  Bit soon after Tara.  What are Buffy and Woods planning to do with the Hellmouth?  Glue it back together?  That’s right Andrew, bring up Xander being a coward on the wedding day.  Anya is right, they still act very much like a couple.  Back to the seal for Buffy.  Great, now Woods is possessed.  And a quick whack from Buffy saves the day.  So they need Andrew to reseal the seal.  Love the pig running by.  Wait, Spike is acting for Andrew?  What a ham.  Knew Xander still loved Anya.  And she still loved him.  Andrew is really into this emotional drama isn’t he?  Now Andrew is essential, just not the way he wanted to be.  He is really lonely isn’t he?  Great, possessed students making the seal glow, that can’t be good.  Flashback to Mexico 2002 and the First is calling Andrew and Jonathan.  Wait, that was all because of Willow’s magic memory rock?  Ghost Warren!  So now the Scoobies know what was behind this whole seal plot.  The Trio as gods is ridiculous.  So wait, before Andrew just thought they were symbols on the knife, now he can read it?  Convenient.  Sunnydale High has had better days.  Of course Andrew thinks it is sexual tension between Spike and Woods.  Fight!  Love how Andrew doesn’t fight but keeps recording.  Wants redemption but does not fully help in order to achieve it.  He really is trying to logicate himself out of murder.  Love how Buffy calls him on it.  Great, now the students are eyeless monks.  Xander and Anya had sex??  Are they back together?  Or maybe they are just having sex because the world might be ending.  Woods was about to stake Spike wasn’t he?  Buffy against eyeless teens.  Buffy is sounding like she is going to kill Andrew, all to reseal the seal.  But we know she would not do that.  Would she?  Buffy is really doing harsh medicine, all to get Andrew to admit to killing Jonathan.  And is this your way Joss of telegraphing characters deaths?  Andrew finally comes to terms with what he has done.  Andrew killed Jonathan.  And he knows the pain and terror his friend felt when he died.  The seal wanted tears.  Now resealed.  Buffy doesn’t answer the tears question because that would be a hard decision.  Betcha she would have.  Now back to normal with the students.  Andrew is ready to die to atone for his sin.  Love his final scene.  Andrew is learning how to be good by admitting evil.  That is a start.  Hearing that zombie sing at the end of the credits is weird.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Wood tells Buffy about the rocks and her advice “That occurred to me as I ducked the other two rocks”  Buffy describes high school to Wood with “Being in high school feels like being at war.  Now it’s true.”  Andrew tries to explain season five plot with “Dawn used to be key.  I don’t really know what that means.”  Wood gives Buffy crap with “I don’t why any of you trust each other.  You have all been evil at some point, right?”  Wood sees a random pig running by and says to Buffy “God, I hope that’s not a student.”  Jonathan whines to Andrew with “I don’t deserve this.  I wasn’t even that evil.”  Willow tells Andrew off with “You put your old murder weapon in with our utensils?”  Andrew colourfully narrates for the camera Buffy fighting with “She fights like fighting is her life.”


I have quite liked Andrew for some time now, and this one solidifies that liking to loving.  Funny with tragedy around the edges.  And that ending ripped out my still pulsing heart Joss.  Here’s to Andrew moving even more to be a good guy.



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