Four Random Thoughts On Avengers Age Of Ultron

Avengers Age Of Ultron


Very very very very recently, last Friday May 1st in fact, we experienced Marvel Comics and Joss Whedon’s newest creation.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

And with my Marvel Cinematic Universe movie viewing now up to date, I merrily marched into this amazing, fantastic, uncanny, mighty, invincible, and spectacular film.

Now ye shall witness my SPOILER FILLED random thoughts on Avengers 2!!


Avengers LogoThe Story!

The Avengers are having fun and doing lots of Avengers as they trash the remnants of Hydra and keep looking for Loki’s specter. They find it and encounter two new beings with enhanced powers. As Iron Man and Hulk examine the specter, and Iron Man realizes the AI inside could be replicated and used to make his Ultron program work. A program to create an armour around the world. But things go very quickly awry and Ultron decides all humanity, and the Avengers, must die.


Avengers LogoHumour!!

One of Joss’s greatest touches is his deft way of stitching in little bits of humour into his stories. We get War Machine telling his tank story not once, but twice, with equally funny results. Thor taunting Ultron in battle many times. Hawkeye explaining the dire situation to Scarlet Witch. Black Widow giving a telling off to a pregnant belly. Iron man’s conversation with the Hulk during their fight. Ultron just being sassy to well, everyone, just because it can. And Stan Lee doing his usual awesome cameo.


Avengers LogoHard Choices!!!

Like so many of the best Marvel Comics over time, many decisions are made that the heroes firmly believe are for the best. But are they? Iron Man wants desperately to protect the world, but he sees the results of his Ultron idea almost destroy all. And later when he thinks a solution is at hand, not all of his teammates trust him. Hawkeye must reveal a major major secret to most of the Avengers, one that could put loved ones in jeopardy. Hulk must constantly put himself on the line, hoping to never be used. And Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver must finally decide which side they fall on in the fate of the human race.


Avengers LogoNew Line Up!!!!

Just like all the time in the comics, the Avengers rooster changes in this film. This new grouping not only includes welcome additions from other movies, War Machine and Falcon, but characters freshly minted for Age Of Ultron. When the final tally is made, it is a remarkably diverse and logical grouping. The new status quo featuring two women and two black men makes the Avengers far more representative of the world they protect. Also, three of the characters have military backgrounds, two from this generation. This makes me wonder how this mix, which also includes an android, will go forth and avenge in the next movie.


Avengers Age Of Ultron is an excellent addition to the Marvel movie pantheon and rivals the first film for greatness. And it makes me happy it virtually ignore the Agents Of SHIELD television show, which deserves that fate. Don’t mix wonderment with lame mediocrity.



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Avengers Age Of Ultron Quicksilver Scalet Witch

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch!!


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