Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.17 Lies My Parents Told Me

Buffy season 7

Buffy has a major faceoff with Giles over Spike, as Spike faces off with his past, and Wood has a faceoff with his anger.  All in Lies My Parents Told Me.  All part of my exciting and SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Spike is fighting Slayer Nikki in New York in 1977 sometime before he kills her.  Nikki’s son Wood is watching in hiding.  He accidentally distracts Spike and saves his mom.  Spike takes off.  Nikki tells Wood the mission matter most.  Now.  Buffy, Spike, and Wood are Vampire fighting.  Spike saves Wood.  The First still has Spike brainwashed with the song Early One Morning, which causes him to become violent and kill.  Buffy plans to deactivate the trigger, but Giles worries.  Giles wants Spike destroyed.  The Scoobies chain Spike up and Willow uses magic to figure out Spikes’ trigger and why.  Flashback to before Spike was sired and he is a momma’s boy in Victorian England.  His mother is devoted to him and she is sickly.  Spike is sired by Drusilla, and then sires his mother.  And his mother keeps singing Early One Morning.  This memory triggers a rage and the Scoobies get freaked.  Willow gets a call from a Fred in LA and has to go out of town.  Wood tells Giles about his mom being a Slayer and that Spike killed his mom.  Giles says Wood wants revenge, but Wood says Spike is dangerous.  They plot to distract Buffy all to take Spike out.  Buffy and Giles go on patrol.  He makes her keep fighting a Vampire and lectures her about hard decisions.  Wood takes Spike to his garage and it is a trap.  The walls are lined with crosses and Wood puts the Early One Morning song on.  Wood tells Spike the Slayer was his mom.  Wood starts beating triggered Spike.  Spike recalls as his mother becomes very hostile towards him, cruel even.  Spike gets so upset he stakes his mother.  Spike realizes it was the demon inside speaking, not his mother, and this cures his trigger.  He recovers and beats Wood up.  He tells Wood the Slayer mom do not love Wood because otherwise he would have given up to be with him.  He also does not apologize since she was the Slayer, he was a Vampire.  Buffy figures out what Giles is doing and takes off for Spike.  Buffy arrives and Spike lets Wood lives but warns him to stay out of his way.  Buffy tells Wood off and says the mission is what matters.  At the house, Buffy tells Giles that Spike is still alive.  And she shuts the door on his face.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Flashback to New York City 1977 means Woods mom death.  Fighting in the rain in Buffy is always awesome.  Spike as Billy Idol wannabe still fits.  Woods watching is sad.  Crawley has gotta be her Watcher.  Knowing what is going to happen is scary.  Today.  Fighting side by side by side with Buffy and Spike and Wood, the Slayer and the Vampire that killed his mom.  Wonder if they were trying to set up a spinoff with Spike, or Spike and Wood?  Knew Wood was squeezing so hard to draw blood.  Sunnydale High School.  Still standing.  Giles!  Drusilla?  Love how Giles just buts in.  And love how Giles checks out the new library.  And how Giles is so stuffy and old school.  Just gotta love Giles.  Buffy never told him of Woods mom?  This is the best plot recap ever.  Angel writers take note.  Not surprised Buffy can’t remember the song.  Spike all tied up again.  They love doing this to him on Buffy.  Willow with the magical healing.  Hate slugs in eyes.  Spike as William in 1800 something reading a lame poem to I bet to his mother.  What a momma’s boy.  The old bloody handkerchief signifying a terrible illness.  The early one morning song was his mothers?  Now this is getting creepy.  That is one very very violent reaction.  Wood sees what he wants to see, a crazed killer.  Anya really does not see the difference between her and Spike, which is obvious to all.  Fred is calling from LA?  Freddie from AI!!  Is she gonna guest star?  Andrew is so cute and clueless.  Giles sure can call that Spike is repressing.  Drusilla!  She is one crazy Vampire leading Spike into temptation.  Only Spike would want to bring to his mommy on the honeymoon.  And Spike sure has lots of repressed rage.  Drusilla keeps rubbing her stomach as if she did give birth to Spike.  Spike is gonna sire his mommy.  Willow is off to LA and not telling Buffy why.  I am taking it the episodes of Buffy and Angel do not line up and this is when Willow resouled Angel?  Buffy is sure ticked at Giles over Spike.  Giles and Wood conspiring against Spike is sooooo gonna backfire on their asses.  Now Wood tells Giles who he is.  Love how Giles processes it all and calls Wood on the vengeance factor.  And the evil agreement is made.  Time till Buffy explodes with anger.  Giles, you are being an arrogant prick with the difficult decisions lecture.  A room lined with crosses?  Wood sure prepared.  Spike is suspicious… finally.  Wonder if the Early One Morning song is on Wood itunes.  And it all comes together for Spike.  So Wood realizes old Spike and new Spike are different.  This is an insane plan Wood.  Ye olden days.  Spike and mommy.  She really did not like her son?  Or his poem?  Or is this the evil speaking?  Meanwhile in the here and now Spike is getting clobbered by Wood.  Calling her son a parasite is mean and explains Spike so much.  This is one vicious fight between Spike and Wood.  And mommy is quite evil.  And Buffy is gotta be figuring things out soon.  Love Buffy’s look when Giles mentions Spike.  Wood takes the jacket back of course.  Spike is gonna stake his mommy.  Yeah, that didn’t screw him up, did it?  And now Spike beats the snot out of Wood.  Spike is right, Wood mom picked being the Slayer over her kid.  Spike’s mother picked Spike.  Spike knows it was the evil talking not his mother.  So the trigger is untriggered.  Spike is gonna kill Wood?  Giles, shut up.  Finally, Buffy stakes this loser Vampire.  Spike has the jacket back.  Wood is alive.  Don’t blame Spike for his warning.  Buffy is much nicer than she should be here.  Now Buffy is finally telling off Wood.  That mission line got to Wood because that is exactly what his mom said as well.  Giles trying the gentler approach now and Buffy is rightfully having none of it.  Slam that door harder on Giles’s face Buffy.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Spike give Wood some good advice with “Little tip mate.  Stake’s your friend, don’t be afraid to use it.”  Giles flips out to Buffy, and Wood, about the new Suunydale High School choice of a library, “Have you seen the new library?   There is nothing but computers!  Not a book to be seen!”  Wood tries to catch up with everything Buffy and Giles says about Spike with “So he has a trigger, a soul, and a chip?”  Spike’s mommy tells of Spike with “You want to run don’t you?  Scamper off and cry to your new little trollop?”  Spike tells off Wood with “I don’t give a piss about your mom.  She was the Slayer.  I was a Vampire.”  Buffy gives fair warning to Wood with “If you try anything again, he will kill you.  And more importantly, I will let him.”


Spike spinoff time!!!!!  Yes, this is that obvious.  But I don’t mind because we see so much of what Spike is.  And if Wood joins in with the spinoff, this is set up her as well.  All Awesome.   Oh, yeah, and Buffy and Giles are really massively fighting.  Dang, this show is super duper cool right now.



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