Some Random Thoughts On Angel 4.17 Inside Out and Angel 4.18 Shiny Happy People

Angel Season 4

Angel tries to stop a birth in Inside Out. And gets really really happy in Shiny Happy People. Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


Inside Out…

What Angel Investigations Did!

AI knows Cordelia is evil.  Angel demands to know where the real Cordelia is, but Cordelia says she is the real Cordelia.  Connor bursts in and takes Cordelia away.  Gunn arrives after spending the night with Gwen and finds out Cordelia is evil.  AI wonders how long she has been evil and if the amnesia was an act.  Angel says it was after the amnesia went away and that Wolfram and Hart attacked Lorne because they did not want him figuring it out.  AI figures out how Cordelia did all the evil plotting and killing and got away with it.  Cordelia and Connor hide away and she convinces him to help with the childbirth.  AI discusses strategies to counter Cordelia.  Angel heads to Skip the demon to get answers.  He figures either Skip was tricked into making Cordelia a part demon/higher power, or that he was doing bad all along.  Skip reveals he is evil and he and Angel fight.  Angel finally wins and brings Skip back to AI.  Connor kidnaps a young girl and plans to kill her to use her blood for Cordelia’s magical birth.  Darla arrives as a vision to Connor and tries to talk him out of the killing.  Skip is imprisoned and Freddie threatens him to get answers.  Ship is jerk like, but does give answers.  Cordelia is possessed.  All sorts of stuff AI has had to deal with both professionally and personally have been orchestrated for years for this birth.  Cordelia getting visions, Lorne coming to Earth, Gunn losing his sister, Freddie leaving Earth, and Wesley having sex with Lila.  Skip says only Cordelia dying can save the day.  AI debates free will.  AI finds out where Cordelia is and Angel heads out to stop Connor.  Darla almost gets through to Connor, but Cordelia finds out and gets Connor to do the killing.  Connor realizes too late how wrong he is.  Connor puts the blood on Cordelia’ stomach and she starts giving birth.  This causes an earthquake that helps free Skip and he attacks AI.  Wesley kills Skip.  Angel finds Cordelia and fights Connor.  Angel wins and goes to kill Cordelia but it is too late.  A light gives birth to a fully grown woman.  Angel and Connor start worshiping her.


My Thoughts!!

Evil Cordelia is bitchy.  My sweet is the lame reason they figured out Evil Cordelia?  Lame.  Lame.  Lame.  Connor does a Batman and proves once again how stupid he is.  So now Evil Cordelia and Connor are on the run.  Far far away hopefully?  Gina Torres?  From Firefly?  Cool!  Wait, Darla is showing up here as well?  Connor being confused again should be his motto.  Let’s take random guesses as to what Evil Cordelia really is.  Now let’s put this crazy plot together for the viewers.  This whole thing feels like a massive stretch.  Connor grows stupider by the minute.  Telling Angel he was wasting his time chasing Evil Cordelia and Connor after he chased them is silly.  Don’t blame Angel for not trusting The Powers That Be, and they became a plot crutch anyhow.  More boring Evil Cordelia and Connor talking.  Skip!  Gotta love Skip.  Love how Skip casually mention Buffy.  Skip is either being played for a fool or was in on it.  And that angers Skip.  Is this just an excuse for Angel and Skip to fight?  Skip took a fall that time with Billy?  Somehow I don’t think they planned this far ahead.  Angel getting pissed and giving Skip a beatdown is pretty cool.  Connor saving a girl and punching her just smells so wrong.  Yeah human blood for demon baby is gross.  Skip all helpful now because Freddie does good threats.  Evil Cordelia is actually possessed Cordelia.  Or not.  Wonder if teen girl will touch Connor’s heart.  Darla?  Sent by the Powers?  What kind of cosmic game is being played here?  Darla is soooooo disappointed in Connor, but shouldn’t this have happened like a season ago.  So this evil master planned out all the bad things that AI has faced.  This makes no sense whatsoever, or it’s the writers admitting the show is non-sensical.  Cordelia’s about to give birth to the master.  Skip was always played as being a cool dude, now he is evil?  Mommie Darla telling sonnie Connor to not kill the virgin girl.  This girl must think Connor is bonkers.  Of course Angel does not want AI to come along, because that is more dramatic.  Connor does the right thing, thanks to Darla.  Now Evil Cordelia can see Darla?  Mommy and girlfriend shouting in his ears.  That’s gotta suck.   Well, this is creepy music.  Teen girl dead and Connor now realizes how wrong he was.  Time for the magical birth.  That is one big ass earthquake.  Skip free.  Angel shows up for the birth of his grandkid.  Angel and Connor fight for the 500th time.  Wesley loves his guns.  Good shot Wesley!  Demon birth time!  And it is Zoey from Firefly!  Guess she has power over men.


The long long pregnancy is finally over with and now we have Zoey.  Maybe things will get better?  Hopefully?  Zoey can slap her father Connor?

Angel logo


Shiny Happy People….

What Angel Investigations Did!

The woman who looks like Zoey has Angel and Connor praising her.  She is very nice and polite and disappears.  Connor come back to the hotel and acts all happy.  This confuses AI.  Angel arrives and is happy and has unconscious Cordelia with him.  AI wonders what is going on.  Angel and Connor talk of how cool the woman born is.  Zoey arrives and AI all start worshiping her as well.  She is very nice and polite.  Cordelia is put to bed and Zoey tells of how she is ancient and back on Earth to help people.  With AI’s help.  Zoey talks of the machinations needed to ensure her birth.  AI attacks some Vampire who are bowling and Zoey watches.  Zoey wants Freddie to help her find a name.  Zoey gets cut during the fight.  More people start worshiping Zoey, but one man declares her a monster and is beaten by Angel.  He is sent to the hospital.  AI thinks up names for Zoey.  Freddie goes to clean the blood from Zoey’s shirt.  Zoey has already healed.  Angel worries that the happiness Zoey gives will release Angelus.  AI keeps going out and fighting evil.  Freddie keeps trying to clean the shirt.  Zoey talks to Connor about his happiness.  Freddie cleans the shirt till her fingers bleed.  Freddie sees Zoey and sees a monster’s face.  She freaks out.  Freddie talks to Angel and he is still brainwashed.  She sees the man in the hospital and he says he saw a monster as well.  Freddie comes back to the hotel and all these followers have shown up.  She tells Wesley her concerns and he betrays her.  Zoey has been named Jasmine.  Freddie tries to kill Jasmine and Angel stops her.  Freddie escapes.  Jasmine tells AI that Freddie must be found and saved, not killed.  Freddie sees Jasmine on tv and everyone starts worshiping her.


My Thoughts!!

Zoey looks so very happy to be on earth.  Is Cordelia dead?  So when is she going to show that she is evil?  Zoey left?  Earthquake cleanup should be second hat to AI.  Wesley and Gunn cutting Skip up is gross.  Haha, meany Cordelia is good cover for an evil demon.  Freddie going badass with the knife is cool.  Cordelia lives!  Wesley clues in first of course.  No one notices the cult behaviour of Angel and Connor.  Okay, now they do because they are thick.  Zoey!  Okay, her power is not just men.  Time for Zoey’s origin.  She almost sounds like the First over on Buffy.  Their is no way the writers can claim they planned all this nonsense from way back.  Zoey plans on using AI to do war with humans.  Bowling with heads would be a Vampire sport.  AI fights darn well, even possessed.  So Zoey can be hurt as a human.  Public staking is usually a no no.  And Zoey arrives with her mind whammy.  This is getting old now.  Okay, one guy can see through it.  And now he has a smashed head.  I thought he would be dead from Angel’s punches.  Wesley could call an ambulance from a cellphone.  Wesley loves his big words.  Zoey is so very smooth with the smooth talk.  Zoey does an Oprah on Wesley and Gunn.  Oh crud, that’s right, this pure happiness Angel is feeling might bring back Angelus for the 50th time.  AI on the rampage!  Against evil!  And Freddie goes OCD on the clothes cleaning.  If Zoey says only love one more time, I shall upchuck.  Wonder if Lorne is onto her?  Freddie is going nuts over everything.  Okay, Lorne was really decorating.  Maybe Zoey is like a drug and being away from her is withdrawal.  At least Connor is less moody and stomping around.  Now Freddie sees what Zoey really is, a terrible gross demon.  Probably with bad breath as well.  Does everyone reach their breaking point eventually and snap out of it?  Anything to move the plot along?  If Angel saying feels like a dream means this is all a dream, I shall scream.  Freddie putting the pieces together by tracking head pounded on guy.  Quick question, even if her face is horrible. why would that make her evil?  We knew this guy’s face was gonna be screwed up.  Freddie, you have been in fights before, so stop being so whiny.  Guests at the hotel?  Of course because of Zoey.  Wonder how many are the writers and producers.  My guess is Wesley is gonna turn on Freddie, because Zoey is that powerful.  Yeah, that concerned look from Gunn says it all.  I think they would see Freddie get the weapons.  Knew Angel would catch the arrow.  But taking Lorne captive was different.  Freddie…. on the run, no friends, life sucks, and have to save the day.  Love how AI logicates all this.  Now Freddie knows what Wesley went though.  Zoey finally has a name, Jasmine.  And the tv transmits her magic mojo.


Freddie has shown true grit many many times, but now she acts like she is a Zeppo.  Even when she does non-Zeppo actions.  And while the plot is ludicrous once more, at least they got Zoey from Firefly to play the hell out of it.



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