Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.18 Dirty Girls

Buffy season 7

Buffy meets a new agent of the First, the despicable Caleb, and suffers greatly for it.  Oh, and an old friend named Faith comes by, all in Dirty Girls.  All part of my exciting and SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

A potential is chased in the woods by Bringers and gets saved by a passing truck.  The driver is a preacher named Caleb who quickly reveals that he works for the First.  He tells the girl a message for Buffy, stabs her, then dumps her onto the road.  Willow and Faith are driving up the road and find the girl and take her to the hospital.  Xander dreams of the potentials hitting on him, then wakes up to see they really need his help with household maintenance.  Faith is annoyed the Scoobies never told her of the Bringers and tells Willow she was attacked in jail.  Faith attacks Spike, who is chasing a woman, and they fight.  But the woman is actually a Vampire and attacks Faith.  Buffy arrives and the three talk while Faith stakes the Vampire.  Faith comes back to the house and Giles and Dawn are chilly towards her.  Spike tells Faith that Giles tried to kill him.  Caleb is holed up in a winery basement and talking to the First.  Andrew tells the potentials about Faith and mixes up the story, thinking she killed someone who studies Vulcans like Mr. Spock.  Buffy goes to work at Sunnydale High School, which has less and less students every day, and Wood fires her so that she can concentrate on the First.  Faith talks some more with Spike, all to get away from the potentials.  Faith says it was her in Buffy’s body years ago when she flirted with Spike.  Spike tells Faith that he and Buffy had sex.  Buffy comes in on them and is annoyed.  Dawn tells Buffy the potential in the hospital is awake and Buffy goes to see her.  Caleb’s message to Buffy is that he has something of hers.  Caleb is spending time redoing his old murders with the First.  Buffy tells the potentials that they are going to find Caleb and find out what he has of Buffy’s.  The potentials are scared.  The Scoobies are not won over either.  They find the hideout and Buffy and Faith talk about things, including Angel.  Xander gives instructions to the potentials, telling them to go for the kill.  One of the potentials voices problems and Xander defends Buffy.  Buffy, Xander, Spike, Faith and some of the potentials go to the vineyard.  Some go in while Xander and some stay outside as backup.  Buffy’s team fights Bringers, then Caleb arrives and proves to be massively powerful.  He knocks Buffy around.  Xander’s team comes in.  Some potentials die or are injured.  Buffy calls for a retreat.  Caleb grabs Xander and pokes his eye into his head, blinding him in one eye.  Spike saves Xander.  The injured are at the hospital.  Buffy feels depressed and wanders the street of Sunnydale.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Run potential run!!  Hey that preacher is Nathan Fillion!  Captain Mal from Firefly!!  Okay, he is creepy.  Father Caleb, even the names sounds evil and bad.  And calling her a whore is not nice.  This potential is gonna die now, isn’t she?  Great, he’s with the Bringers.  Can’t tell if he is vicious or strong.  I hate car lighters.  What did he say, the bastard.  Willow!  Faith!  How many potentials are in the house now??  Xander being a comforting father figure.  Is she hitting on him?  Okay, this is soooo a dream sequence.  A potential pillow fight.  Now back to reality with plugged toilets and everything.  Leg cramp?  Riiiiight Xander.  Faith has the right to be annoyed with not being told of the Bringers.  Looks like Willow and Faith’s history is just under the surface here.  Willow never told Buffy that Faith was coming.  And now she is not telling Faith.  Sigh, what a pickle Willow.  Girl being chased by Spike with an intercept by Faith.  Spike and Faith have never met have they?  They have?  And Buffy smacks Faith because she deserves it.  Faith does carry stakes with her?  Spike has seen Ange’s show!  He knows it is dull!  Don’t know if Buffy is sincere with welcoming Faith back.  Buffy is so right about the constant destruction of the house.  Dawn looks annoyed that Faith is here.  As does Giles.  Giles wants a bigger army, but when Buffy gets a bigger army, he scowls.  You can feel the freeze between Buffy and Giles.  Caleb is gonna kill someone very very soon because he is a psychopath.  First as Buffy gets him all riled up.  Caleb and Warren should form a nutjob group.  Faith, the history, by Andrew.  They are doing one heck of a recap here.  Faith versus Spock would be awesome.  Andrew versus the potentials over breakfast is awesome.  Love the Chinese potential still not understanding anything.  Buffy and Wood, trying to make up.  Wood heals fast.  The people are leaving Sunnydale?  En masse?  Sounds like the Hellmouth leakage is pushing everyone away.  Faith!  You should not smoke!  Spike and Faith are kinda cool together.  Faith admits to soul searching in jail.  Finding redemption.  Body swap episode mention!  Buffy looks annoyed that Faith and Spike are getting chummy.  Hey, Buffy, I thought personal feelings have no place in this war.  Now the Scoobies know of Caleb.  I have something of yours?  That’s what Caleb said?  What in the Hellmouth does that mean?  That is one big meeting.  I don’t think this battle is going to go well, just a feeling.  This idiot young girl is going to die by Caleb.  That was the First doing roleplay?  This is really sick and twisted.  You deserve that teacher comment Giles.  It seems like the Scoobies are arguing with Buffy just to argue.  Yes, it might be a trap, but lets at least try to fight?  This the right time to question Faith’s motives Buffy?  Angel mention.  Buffy seems jealous that Faith was in Angel’s mind.  Xander gives good battle advice, and tells the potentials to go for the kill.  Love how Andrew geeks out with Xander.  Knew Xander would back Buffy up because she is right.  Love the Buffy Faith banter.  Lots and lots of yelling is a very good signal.  Fight!  Yes!  The potentials are doing good!  Caleb!  Crap is about to get real!  Holy Hellmouth, that was a punch!  He is like Glory!  Spike down!  The cavalry!  This Is Not Going To End Well.   Another Slayer down.  A dead potential.  That jerkass smile.  Retreat is a darn good plan.  Another dead potential.  This crazy ass Caleb is loving this.  Yes, finally Buffy knocked Caleb on his ass.  Xander!  OH MY GOD!  HIS EYE!!  THAT SCREAM!!!  Three potentials hospitalized and Xander losing an eye.  This day sucked.  Hate you Caleb and your over the top twaddle.  Buffy, stop wandering the streets and marshal your forces!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Faith says what we are all feeling with this line to Willow, “Yep, guess I am back in Sunnydale.”  Spike taunts Faith with “I reformed way before you did.”  And Spike gives Faith attitude about Angel with “Angel is as dull as a table lamp.”  Buffy gives Faith the rundown about the house with “Every piece of furniture has been destroyed and replaced since you left, so new house.”  Faith is playful with a hostile Dawn with “Check it out, brat’s all woman size.”  Giles is snarky to Buffy with “Could be a stapler.”  Buffy is snarky right back to Giles with “Help the girls who still need a teacher.”


Okay Joss, I really really really hate Caleb now, and this is only his first episode.  But you bring Faith in, so that makes me happy.  However, minus many House Points because I screamed like a crazy person when Xander lost an eye.

In other words, you are driving me insane with these final episodes of Buffy.  And I love you for it.



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