Fifty Random Thoughts On How Awesome Avengers Age Of Ultron Is

Avengers Age Of Ultron in cityMay 1st is when the world changed. That was the immortal day when Marvel Comics and Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron!

To properly celebrate this wonderful occasion, I have compiled my list of Fifty Random Thoughts On How Awesome Avengers Age of Ultron Is!! With SPOILERS!!!

So let’s begin shall we…


  1. Joss Whedon wrote and directed this amazing spectacle.
  2. Stan Lee does another awesome cameo.
  3. We start with the Avengers in action!
  4. Black Widow singing Hulk a lullaby.
  5. Iron Man and Thor comparing how incredibly cool their girlfriends are.
  6. Captain America lifting Thor’s hammer, but being nice and not.
  7. Agent Carter showing up for her dance with Captain America.

    Avengers Age Of Ultron Agent Carter

    Agent Carter!!

  8. Hawkeye having a hidden secret family.
  9. Hawkeye’s wife being waaaaay more observant than him.
  10. Black Widow being called Auntie Natalia.
  11. Iron Man’s ugly past coming back to haunt him once again.
  12. Natasha and Bruce almost getting together.
  13. The Vision doing all his Vision things.
  14. Hawkeye’s speech to Scarlet Witch about choices.
  15. That freaking amazing battle of the Avengers versus a gazillion Ultron’s.
  16. The new Avengers line-up.
  17. Klaw being created.
  18. Wakanda being shown.
  19. Iron Man having bots to clear away civilians from the battle.
  20. People hating the bots because they hate Tony Stark.
  21. Jarvis lives!
  22. Jocasta referenced.
  23. Nick Fury showing up.
  24. Nick Fury showing up again.
  25. Quicksilver pissing off Hawkeye
  26. Quicksilver saving Hawkeye.
  27. Ultron being evil and all sassy.Avengers Age Of Ultron Almost Everyone
  28. The fight on the highway.
  29. Thor trash talking Ultron during their fight.
  30. Quicksilver trying to catch Thor’s hammer.
  31. Iron Man calling Ultron junior.
  32. War Machine showing up to help in the final battle.
  33. Falcon still looking for Bucky.
  34. The SHIELD Helicarrier!
  35. Infinity Gems referenced!
  36. The new Avengers compound.
  37. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver realizing they are fighting on the wrong side.
  38. Hydra being cleaned up.
  39. Baron Strucker showing up.
  40. War Machine telling stories and proud of it.
  41. The dream sequences.
  42. The Vision maybe knowing the answer to life the universe and everything.
  43. Maria Hill being darn efficient.
  44. Captain America saying “Language.”
  45. Thor giving the wrong kind of pep talk to Banner.
  46. The Iron Man Hulk battle.
  47. Natasha and Bruce having a heart to heart.
  48. Scarlet Witch killing Ultron.
  49. Captain America, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver on a runaway train.
  50. The heroes fighting each other over the Vision.
  51. That we have two more movies of AMAZINGNESS to come.


And I do 51 instead. Because I am a rebel! I could go on and on and on and on, but you get the picture of how fantastic Avengers Age Of Ultron is.



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Avengers Age Of Ultron reali life cast

The Incredible Avengers Age Of Ultron Cast!!


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