Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.19 Empty Places

Buffy season 7

Buffy and the Scoobies have a major falling out in Empty Places.  All because the Scoobies are stupid.  All part of my amazing and SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

People are evacuating Sunnydale because of the evil emanating from the Hellmouth.  Buffy talks to Clem, who is also leaving, about this.  Giles and Willow get paperwork from the police, who magically think they are Interpol, and it is possible leads on Caleb.  After they leave, the cops find out Faith is in town and plan to hurt her.  Buffy sees Xander in the hospital and does not know what to say.  Xander makes jokes and Willow gets upset.  Andrew draws what Anya is saying as she lectures the potentials on the dangers they are facing.  Some potentials talk to Faith about Caleb.  Buffy brings the police reports in and gets the Scoobies and potentials looking for clues.  Dawn asks Buffy about Xander and Buffy has trouble answering.  Buffy leaves the meeting when Caleb is brought up.  Buffy heads to Sunnydale High and it is deserted.  While looking at a picture of her, Willow, and Xander, Caleb shows up.  He taunts her, then beats her, then leaves.  Dawn finds a clue on Caleb so Giles sends Spike and Andrew to track it down.  Faith takes the potentials out to the Bronze to dance.  Buffy comes home and compares notes with Giles, but gets upset that Spike was sent away and that the potentials are partying with Faith.  Caleb tells the First that Buffy is set for the trap.  Faith takes care of the potentials at the Bronze and the evil cops show up and order her outside.  Faith goes with them and they attack her.  Dawn and the potentials try to help, but the cops try to stop them.  Faith and the potentials win against the evil cops.  Buffy shows up and sends the potentials home.  Buffy argues with Faith about the potentials.  Spike and Andrew talk while going to the distant church on their mission.  Faith smokes outside the house when Wood arrives for the meeting and they talk.  Xander comes home from the hospital.  Buffy tells everyone she wants to go back to the vineyard and take what Caleb is guarding.  No one likes the idea at all.  Spike and Andrew find a hurt monk who tells of Caleb’s visit and the killings he did.  They also find an ancient message about something for her to hold.  Buffy argues with everyone about her plan.  More and more turn against her.  Anya says Buffy should not be the leader.  Buffy defends herself to no avail.  They decide Faith should be in charge.  And they decide to kick Buffy out.  Dawn asks Buffy to leave.  Buffy is hurt and leaves.  Buffy tells Faith to take care of them all and she leaves.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Looks like the Sunnydale grand exodus is still going on.  Clem!  Even he is leaving town.  Clem is not really good at the pep talks.  Buffy sounds like crap.  Giles!  And the cop thinks Giles and Willow are from Interpol because of Willow’s magic whammy.  Betcha the fugitive is Faith.  Buffy is bad at the bedside manner with Xander.  All because she cannot face Xander after the eye incident.  Willow is so trying to be update.  Xander is like the Weasley twin after losing an ear, coping with humour.  Willow losing it and Xander losing it and damn this is sad.  Anya should not be a teacher.  And Andrew not allowed markers.  Caleb mention.  Cue sad potentials.  Love how the potentials all jump off the bed after Anya mentioning having sex on it.  Faith!  Hogwarts mention!  Mention of Faith and Xander having sex!  Caleb research looks like so much fun.  Faith picks up on Buffy not wanting to talk about Xander, which is so Faith.  Sunnydale High is so empty it is sad.  Caleb!  He is so sick with the idea of taking Xander’s other eye.  Caleb sure is angry at Buffy, a woman, talking back to him.  How in the Hellmouth is Buffy going to defeat Caleb?  Andrew whining about food is annoying.  Tension in the air at the Summers house.  Spike on a mission with Andrew sounds like the best road trip ever.  Taking the potentials out partying at the Bronze is so Faith.  And it works.  Nice to know the Bronze is still open.  Just when things start to thaw between Buffy and Giles, he gets jerk like again.  Of course, they each could have called the other to update things.  A few episodes ago Giles had a spaz people went on dates, now it is okay to go to the Bronze.  Faith, daughter of alcoholic, makes sure underage potential gets a soft drink.  She has learned responsibility.  Cops for Faith.  You can tell these cops are evil.  Snap some necks Faith.  Fight!  Potentials taking down cops!  Of course Buffy thinks the worse and will not listen because it is Faith and it is a personal vendetta.  She forgets about the mission sooooo quickly.  One defeat and she loses perspective.  Faith should have punched Buffy back.  Spike and Andrew on a motorcycle is awesome.  Is Andrew wearing the football helmet Dawn used on the motorcycle?  Cooking with Spike and Andrew.  Faith and Wood.  This should be an interesting meeting.  I can sense some romantic chemistry here.  Spike and Andrew meet a non bringer Bringer.  Xander’s home!!  Andrew is a bad bad cop.  Hidden rooms in churches are freaky.  With secret texts on the wall.  Something only she can use?  Buffy has good logic, Caleb would protect his power.  Faith speaks up and Wood supports her and Buffy is shocked.  Giles saying windmills is uncalled for, he is just mad Buffy is right.  And Buffy is right, they have attacked with less evidence.  Let’s all attack Buffy just because they got their asses kicked.  Anya, you are wrong, Buffy has earned it.  Well, Willow and Xander turn on her as well, this sucks.  Are they about to put Faith in charge?  Even Faith thinks this is a baaaaad idea, her in charge.  Voting Buffy out as leader is soooooooo stupid.  Even Dawn turns on her?  The Scoobies and potentials are being so massively insanely stupid beyond belief here.  At least Dawn stood up to the witch comment.  This is going to end very very badly for all.  Frankly, right now, if a whole bunch of them die soon, they have only themselves to blame.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Clem describes Sunnydale currently very well to Buffy with “You can’t swing a cat without hitting some kind of demonic activity.”  Anya gives a pep talk to the potentials with “We can’t stop just because something else is trying to kill you to.”  Spike warns Andrew with “Tell anyone we had this conversation and I’ll bite you.”  Faith compliments Wood on his bravery with “This town, walking anywhere after dark, is like an extreme sport.”


Joss Joss Joss, why are the Scoobie so amazingly stupid?  Like stupid beyond belief?  End of the world stupid?  This was painful how stupid they were with Buffy.  And I cannot wait to see Spike explode at this inanity.



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