Some Random Thoughts On Angel 4.19 The Magic Bullet and Angel 4.20 Sacrifice

Angel Season 4

Angel searches for Freddie, all because of evil mind control, in The Magic Bullet.  And next thing you know it, Angel and Freddie team up, with no mind control, in Sacrifice.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


The Magic Bullet…

What Angel Investigations Did!

All of LA is happy because of Jasmine.  Freddie is chased down a street by Wesley and Gunn, but she gets away.  The hotel is filling with people who want to see Jasmine.  Jasmine tells Angel she can see into people’s hearts.  Connor wants Freddie dead, but Jasmine still wants Freddie alive.  Jasmine takes some people upstairs.  Freddie goes a bookstore called the magic bullet and tries to find out about hypnosis.  She sees he has a gun and is under Jasmine’s control.  Angel and Connor track Freddie’s scent in the sewers.  Connor talks of Holtz being abusive, but does not call it that.  Jasmine uses AI to try and mentally find Freddie.  Through other people’s eyes, they see Freddie.  She goes on the run and a man chasing her catches fire.  This burns Jasmine miles away.  Freddie walks out of town and falls into a hole and sees a demon.  It is unaffected by Jasmine, but tries to eat her.  She survives and he does not.  Lorne launches an open mic night at the hotel and AI sings.  Freddie purposely attracts attention when she returns to the magic bullet.  Jasmine, Angel and Connor show up and Freddie shouts a bullet through Jasmine and into Angel.  Angel sees Jasmine for what she truly is.  He and Freddie escape.  Jasmine’s blood immunizes people from her power.  Angel and Freddie go to Cordelia, still in a coma, and get blood from her since it would also cure people.  Jasmine meets more fans and feeds on them in a light show.  Jasmine admits to Connor that she ate them and he is not fazed.  Angel and Freddie free Lorne, Wesley, and Gunn.  They give the cure to Connor.  But it does not work on him.


My Thoughts!!

I have always hated this Beach Boys song.  And this fake happiness.  Freddie being chased by her two former suitors, Wesley and Gunn.  Sewer escape is such an AI thing.  So LA has gone from depressing demon filled hell hole to happy land.  Also, I keep wondering during these last few months where AI was getting it’s money from since they have had no cases.  Wasn’t whole chunks of the hotel a mess and falling apart, now it is all operational.  Haha, Lorne’s heart is in his ass.  Jasmine, aka Zoey!  Wonder if she can actually speak the languages?  Betcha Jasmine is gonna feed now, eat their brains with giant spoons or something.  Creepy guy in bookstore.  Long way to get some plot points out.  We finally get some info on Connor’s upbringing.  And what an ass Holtz was.  I kinda hope Jasmine and AI sing Kumbaya when they hold hands.  That looks the same dirtbag motel that Connor was at with the junkie.  Creepy stalker movie vibe here.  That was interesting, Jasmine catching fire because the other guy was on fire.  Connor should listen to Streisand, might be good for him.  Time for Freddie to pull a Bruce Banner and wander to side roads.  Wonder why she doesn’t call Willow.  That was convenient, falling into a hole with a green demon inside.  Lorne is a great MC, even possessed.  That sign language one was cute.  Angel and Connor would be an awesome singing duo.  Hole demon advances plot.  A demon who eats humans, haha.  Axe to the head, always very effective.  Freddie is giving up?  Must be part of a plan.  AI showed up fast.  Jasmine gives the Kennedy conspiracy nut the answers he seeks, that was nice of her.  Let me guess, Jasmine’s blood from her shirt mixed with Freddie’s blood when she was washing it, thereby immunizing her from Jasmine.  And now she just did the same thing to Angel.  Streeeeeeeetch.  Yep, it worked.  Now Jasmine realizes.  Angel and Connor, round 500.  At least Jasmine was badly wounded.  Burning it the ground is a good plan.  Angel back to season one moody just because Jasmine is no longer in control.  Knew he was gonna kiss her in order to blend in.  Time to see Jasmine feed.  Looks like Jasmine likes nude food.  Coma Cordelia getting a visit from Angel and Freddie.  Is he gonna take her blood.  And she moved of course.  Angel, blood letting is so Middle Ages.  Lorne!  Time to free Lorne.  Jasmine looks so happy with a nice green glow.  At least Jasmine admits to eating them.  Time to free Wesley and Gunn.  Now for the withdrawals.  Oh yeah, Connor.  Haha, Wesley kidnapping Connor joke.  Watch it not work on Connor.  Yep!


While this plot is stupid, it at least is moving along.  Except for the part with the demon in the hole.  That was boring.

Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

Connor turns on AI and they have to escape.  Angel stays behind to buy them time.   Angel knocks out Connor and joins up with AI.  They hear that Jasmine is taking over the whole city.  AI gets gas for their car and fight off Jasmine’s followers.  They get away and are chased by the cops.  AI hides in the sewers.  Jasmine hides Cordelia.  AI bumps into several teens who are free of Jasmine.  One of them knows Gunn.  The teens are being hunted by some demon.  They go to their hideout with AI.  AI goes after the demon.  The governor gives the state over to Jasmine.  The demon attacks and Angel goes Vampire to fight it, but it escapes taking Wesley.  The demon is using people to do magic and Wesley finds out Jasmine has a real name that is her power.  The teens don’t like Angel and he does not care.  Freddie and Gunn find one of teens on the surface and brings him back.  Angel saves Wesley and stops the demon.  Freddie and Gunn return to the teens and the kid is now connected to Jasmine.  They try to escape, but Connor and some military show up and give chase.  Wesley gets the demons orb which can go to its dimension, but only for non humans.  AI holds off Connor and the military while Angel uses the orb to travel to the demon dimension.  Angel arrives and faces hordes of demons.


My Thoughts!!

Connor still under Jasmine control and AI makes their getaway.  Angel stays behind because he is stupid.  Okay, Angel got away.  Jasmine looking all evil and everything.  So Jasmine has taken over LA.  AI road trip.  Connor looks like crap.  Good.  Damn, he’s healed.  Gotta get gas AI.  This is a weird creepy fight at the gas station.  If they do a Blues Brothers style police chase, that would be awesome.  Why would they leave the sewer lid open, since that would be a clue as to where they went.  Glad to see Gunn is back to being the reactionary hothead.  And now they remember Cordelia.  That’s a big hole in the sewer.  Morlocks I guess?  Or people Gunn used to know.  Time to hide coma Cordelia, which makes sense.  The underground resistance against Jasmine.  So Angel is now disowning Connor?  Freddie is so right describing AI as professional monster killers.  Jasmine is taking over bit by bit.  Connor never smiles you idiot Jasmine.  I hate fingernails in flesh.  Well Angel defeats the creature somewhat, or not.  They ever explain why these kids are immune?  Wesley meets spider demon.  Morlock kids turning on Angel because they saw Vampire face.  Now Freddie and Gunn decide to argue about killing her jerk professor?  Finally, Angel is telling this idiot off.  So spider demon is using human bodies for a spell.  Wait, this guy is a Vampire . Jasmine’s name is where her power is.  Don’t blame Gunn for smacking the kid.  So Freddie stop gawking.  Angel!  Fight!  Great, Jasmine is in charge of the kid.  And Connor with the army.  This sucks.  Spider demon dead.  Love how Angel can smell Connor.  Love how Connor can smell Angel.  No word magic is blood magic.  Angel to the no air world.  AI versus the army. They are going to lose.  Angel in spider demon dimension.  With really bad fx.


Connor is evil again.  For the fiftieth time.  Angel is on a quest again.  For the fiftieth time.  But even with the endless repetition, still had some thrills and chills.



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