Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.20 Touched

Buffy season 7

Buffy makes a roaring comeback, but is she too late?  Touched has the tide of war changing yet again, but who will survive?  All part of my amazing and SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies and the potentials argue endlessly after Buffy leaves.   The power goes out because almost everyone has left town.  Buffy wanders the streets and sees people leaving everywhere.  She breaks into a house and tells a man to leave.  Spike is driven crazy by Andrew as they wait for the sun to go down to head back to the house.  Faith starts making decisions and the potentials argue with her as well.  Faith informs them all she is in charge.  Faith wants to catch a Bringer to get info.  Kennedy walks down the street as Bringer bait.  She is attacked and the Scoobies catch it.  The Bringer has no tongue and Willow is going to do a spell to allow it to speak.  Spike and Andrew return and Spike finds out Buffy was kicked out.  Spike tells them all of for their attitudes, which makes Spike and Faith fight.  Spike leaves to find Buffy.  Willow does the spell and the Bringer talks through Andrew.  They are taunted by the Bringer and Giles kills it.  Spike finds Buffy at the other house.  Buffy and Spike talk.  Buffy is depressed and does not care anymore.  Spike gives her a pep talk.  Giles and Faith plan an attack on the Bringers.  Faith is visited by the First as the Mayor and starts mind games with her.  Faith knows this and tells the First off.  Buffy and Spike have a heart to heart.  Spike tells Buffy he loved her.  Buffy asks Spike to stay and hold her as she sleeps.  Wood walks in on Faith and the First goes away.  They talk about the First.  Faith and Wood end up in bed.  Willow goes to her room and Kennedy is there.  They talk and end up in bed.  Buffy and Spike cuddle.  Xander and Anya talk a lot, then have sex.  The Scoobies go in search of Buffy while Faith and the potentials go into the sewers to get the Bringers.  Spike finds out in the morning that Buffy has already left and a note is beside him.  The First talks to Caleb about the digging they are doing under the winery.  Buffy arrives and demands what Caleb has of hers.  Caleb goes after Buffy and she dodges his blows, taunting him.  Faith and the potentials attack the Bringers.  Buffy sees a trapdoor and goes into it.  The potentials find a bomb about to go off.  Buffy finds an unearthed bladed weapon.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Let’s all argue, shall we?  Because without Buffy you all seem to fall apart.  Shouldn’t Giles, the leading force of the mutiny, take charge.  Powers out and more families are evacuating.  Hey Buffy, that’s breaking and entering.  That’s mean Buffy, kicking the guy out.  Just because your friends are asses, doesn’t mean you have to be as well.  Andrew and Spike playing I Spy.  Spike exploding is an interesting visual.  Anya, worst pep talks ever.  I really really hate Xander with an eye patch.  Now, they are brainstorming even more stupid plans.  Oh, look, now they are complaining about Faith’s leadership.  Guess no one is good enough for these twats.  So now Faith is being the dictator Buffy was and now they are fine with it.  Mining in Sunnydale.  Always fun.  The First must know Buffy is gone because now she wants the girls dead.  Looks like Vampire bait strolling down the street.  Bringer bait.  Giles with a lasso is different.  Spell time!  Spike is back and wait till he finds out they kicked Buffy out.  Willow is so cowardly with how she tells Spike.  And he sees right through it.  Spike tells them all off and I am right with him.  Love how Spike calls Giles Rupert with a belittling tone.  Knew Spike was gonna deck Faith.  Hope he kicks Faith’s ass.  Love how Spike sniffs the air to find Buffy.  Andrew’s ramblings are obviously the Bringer.  Kennedy needs to go to the Faith school of anger management.  Now Giles slits its throat?  All because they have a slight clue, which is also what Buffy had.  Buffy is still depressed even with Spike’s info.  So Faith is doing just fine Giles?  Because she listens to you jerk?  The Mayor!  Time for mind games.  Spike does not a good job describing dire.  Spike is rightfully upset by Buffy’s attempt to compartmentalize her relationship with him.  Spike is such a romantic.  And Buffy is scared.  Looks like Buffy has forgiven Spike for the attempted rape.  Mayor mind games part two.  Faith and Wood are about to have sex aren’t they?  Knew it, time for some loving.  Kennedy is getting all romantic with Willow.  Still feels too soon after Tara.  The night before a battle and Xander and Anya are bingeing ice cream not hitting the sheets.  Okay, I was wrong, Xander and Anna are doing the nasty.  The First and Caleb love to talk about violence a lot.  Scoobies looking for Buffy because Faith is getting paranoid just like the First wanted.  Buffy left Spike early to face Caleb alone?  Her strategy is not to be hit, which is a good plan.  Faith leading the potentials into a trap, but I thought only Buffy did that.  Duck Buffy duck!  Potentials fight real good.  Buffy found the secret passage!  Buffy finds a powerful weapon Klingon Bat’leth.  Faith finds a bomb.  And I hate the ticking continuing into the credits cause now everyone will die.  Prediction: they had plans to possibly do a spinoff with Spike, Faith, Wood and Andrew.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow tells everyone off with “You guys are wasting time arguing about how to argue.”  Spike tells the Scoobies about Andrew with “He’s a breath of fresh isn’t he? Thank god I don’t breath.”  And Spike tells everyone off with “You sad sad ungrateful traitors.”  Spike tells Buffy about his plans for Faith with “You say the word and she will be a footnote in history. I will make it look like n accident.”  Spike tells Buffy about his life with “I’ve been alive abit longer than you, and dead a lot longer than that.”  Faith explains her education to Wood with “Huh, school thing. I was kinda absent that decade.”


Buffy was right!  The Scoobies were wrong!  And now everyone is dead.  Okay, not really, but it is amazing how quickly things went to crap after Buffy was kicked out.  I really wonder how Buffy is gonna use Loki’s staff to rally the troops and save the day.



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