Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.21 End Of Days

Buffy season 7

Buffy rallies her troops for the final battle and gets a visit from Angel and learns an ancient truth and goes through all sorts of melodrama.  All in End Of Days.  The second last post in my long and winding and SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy! covering the final season!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy grabs the weapon easily and Caleb is surprised.  How demands the scythe, but the First tells him to let her go.  The Scoobies come back to the house with no Buffy and Andrew returns with food.  Giles says Faith and the potentials are still out.  Kennedy and Vi and Amanda lived through the explosion and find the knocked out Faith.  They retreat and are chased by uber Vampires.  They try to fight back, but are outgunned.  Buffy arrives and uses the scythe to slay all the uber Vampires.  Willow and Giles research the weapon.  Buffy gives Xander hidden instructions.  Xander knocks Dawn out and drives her out of Sunnydale.  Buffy and Faith talk and clear the air.  Buffy and Spike talk.  Anya and Andrew steal hospital supplies and talk.  Willow and Giles find out more about the weapon.  Dawn awakens in the car, reads Buffy’s note, knocks out Xander, and drives back.  Buffy uses the leads to find a crypt in the cemetery.  Buffy meets an old woman, a Guardian, who is in a secret female order that watches the Watchers.  And the scythe is powerful weapon made by them for the Slayer.  Caleb kills the Guardian and attacks Buffy.  Angel shows up and helps Buffy.  But Buffy wants to do this alone, so Angel steps aside.  Buffy with the scythe fights Caleb.  She slices him open and he falls.  Buffy and Angel kiss.  Spike is watching and the First taunts him.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

That was one hell of an explosion.  Wonder how many potentials survived?  Love seeing cocky Caleb taken aback when Buffy just pulls the battle axe from the stone.  Time for Buffy to school Caleb on pain.  Lots and lots of pain.  Angel guest stars!  Love how the First just lets Buffy hear the part about Faith.  Caleb does not look happy.  That place really blew up.  Amanda survived.  Why did that potential wear a dress to a battle?  Felicia Day lives!!  Faith lives!  At least the potentials are smart enough to retreat.  An uber Vampire!  Love how Andrew raids store for food.  Or, as it is really called, looting.  Scoobies can’t find Buffy, maybe they should not have kicked her out?  Idiots.  Another uber Vampire?  And another?  They are soooooo dead.  Buffy!  With the magic sword!  Killing uber Vampires left and right!  I think the potentials just realized how Buffy does know what she is doing and was right, whiny little whippersnapers.  Everything blows up and Buffy is back in charge and they all are taking her orders.  Wonder when they are going to start apologizing to her?  Buffy shows off the weapon Caleb was hiding at the place and still no one has mentioned she was right.  Not even jerk in chief Giles.  Yes, you deserve that comment Giles.  Asshat.  Hey look, they are following Buffy’s orders.  Just like they should.  Love how Andrew calls Giles Mr. Giles.  Andrew, that is a good idea, going to the hospital for supplies.  Okay, what is Buffy asking Xander to do?  And now Xander feels like the Zeppo again, a sentiment I never ever agreed with.  So the vineyard was a monastery, something they did not find out before they kicked Buffy out.  Willow is gonna try magic.  Which worries both Willow and Giles.  Nope, no magic.  Clue on the website is such an Angel tv show clue.  They let people with eye patches drive?  Xander using ether on Dawn?  Let me guess, Buffy ordered him to take her out of town.  Caleb is one angry jerk.  So Caleb gets power boosts from the First.  Faith can feel the power in the axe.  Time for the Buffy Faith feel good talk and clearing the air.  Now is the time to tell Buffy that you and and Wood got busy Faith?  Sigh.  Maybe not.  Faith finally realizes that Buffy does have some loneliness as the Slayer.  Holy Hand Grenade mention!  Buffy seems disappointed that Spike wants to blow off the comforting he did the night before.  So Buffy and Spike are gonna clear the air as well.  He really really really does love her.  Is she admitting that she loves him as well?  Jaws mention!  Anya and Andrew should have their own show.  Anya describes humanity, when she is really talking about herself.  They are very much pushing the idea that people will die, so I wonder who will die.  Wheelchair fight!  That is one way of opening a door, Buffy.  I am guessing the axe is guiding Buffy.  Old lady created the weapon?  Love how magic old lady doesn’t believe Buffy’s name is Buffy.  So the Watchers, who are idiots, were watched by the Guardians, these ladies.  The Guardians remained hidden?  W0nder how long Joss had this up his sleeve.  Crap!  Caleb just killed the last Guardian!  Slice him into crumbs Buffy!  Dawn is awake and gonna be piiiiiiiissed.  Letter from Buffy.  And Dawn does not care.  Tasering Xander?  Holy Hellmouth.  Heading back to town, which means they are back in the game.  And might die.  Caleb really wants that axe.  Crud, Caleb is just beating the snot out Buffy.  Love the sound the axe makes when it moves.  Angel!  Yes!  Yes!  Buffy sliced Caleb open!!  Keep chopping Buffy!  And the moment we all have been waiting for, Buffy and Angel kissing.  Great, Spike sees and the First is chirping away.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

The First gives Caleb an update with “Faith go boom.”  Buffy tells Giles and Dawn when she got a clue, “I figured that one out when I King Arthured it out of the stone.”  Buffy is kinda nice to Giles with “Well the good guys are not traditional known for their communication skills.”  Xander gives Buffy the plan with “Besides if you die, I will just bring you back to life.  That’s what I do.”  Dawn tells Xander how neat she is with “I told you, I don’t leave crossbows around all willy nilly.”  Angel tells Caleb what is gonna happen with Caleb’s Buffy fight “You are so gonna lose.”


Some calm before the storm.  And what a storm it is!  Buffy gives Caleb a whooping and Angel gets to watch!  Really awesome and cool and amazing and wicked and wow wow wow!



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