Some Random Thoughts On Angel 4.21 Peace Out and Angel 4.22 Home

Angel Season 4Angel takes on Jasmine in Peace Out, and gets a surprising new status quo in Home.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


Peace Out…

What Angel Investigations Did!

AI fights Connor and the military.  Angel in in the demon dimension and heads towards a far off tall building.  AI is captured and brought back to Jasmine.  Wesley asks Jasmine about the previous dimension she ruled and how they kicked her out.  Earth is better for Jasmine because of mass communication.  Jasmine gets ready to go global on television.  Connor wont stop her because she will unite everyone.  And Connor always knew what Jasmine looked like but did not care.  Angel gets to the temple and meets the priest and he wont say Jasmine’s real name.  AI is put into Angelus’s cage in the basement by Connor.  Freddie implies to Connor that maybe Jasmine ate Cordelia.  Angel finds out the keeper has Jasmine’s real name and it’s mouth is sewn shut.  Connor talks to Jasmine about Cordelia and is brushed off.  Angel and the keeper fight.  Connor gets the location of Cordelia from some minions.  Gunn tries to kick out of the cage.  Connor finds coma Cordelia in a church and talks endlessly to her about his lot in life.  Also he is mad Jasmine put everyone at peace but him.  The world media is at the hotel preparing for Jasmine.  Jasmine starts the press conference.  Angel pops through a portal into the press conference and has the keepers head.  Angel cuts open the creatures mouth and a sound is heard.  It is Jasmine’s real name and she changes and goes ugly.  Her magic is repelled and everyone snaps out of their trances.  Gunn kicks open the cage and AI escapes.  LA is going crazy because of Jasmine being broken.  Jasmine escapes and Angel finds her and they argue then fight.  Jasmine beats up Angel and now plans to destroy the Earth.  Connor shows up.  AI sees something shocking at the hotel.  Connor kills Jasmine then leaves.  Angel meets AI at the hotel.  Angel sees what AI has seen, Lila.


My Thoughts!!

AI should have lost this overwhelming fight way earlier.  How much did they not spend on the CGI with Angel in spider demon dimension?  Connor is one moody tyrant.  Oh wait, he’s a teenager.  Connor, why are you questioning Jasmine?  Her orders are absolute or is this a plot hole.  That is a very long climb Angel.  I really hope Connor gets his idiot ass kicked soon.  Jasmine did the same thing with the spider demons and it went wrong.  Wait, the spell was broken on Connor and he sees Jasmine’s true face and he still goes with her?  Jackass.  Another typical Raider of the Lost Ark set for Angel.  So this entire episode will be Angel trying to get her name.  Saying that Connor does not care what Jasmine looks like because of his hell dimension, something I knew they would say, is ridiculous because Connor has seen plenty of evil ugly demons lately.  That’s right, go after the Cordelia angle with Connor.  Twilight Zone mention.  Demon with lips sewed shut it typical.  Jasmine probably can’t hurt her parents.  Jasmine speaking through gritted teeth is creepy.  Fighting while someone taunts you is old hat for this show.  So Connor is finally snapping out of his idiotic hero worship.  Love how he smells Cordelia on the flunkies.  Are they going to end the Connor subplot this season?  Called it on the Cordelia Jasmine Connor connection.  Connor is going to kill these cops.  Jasmine has one hell of an appetite.  Connor spouting off to the only person who will listen, coma Cordelia.  Connor is mad Jasmine did not fix him.  Wonder if this broadcast is reaching Sunnydale?  Where everyone is leaving town because of the despair?  And Angel is back!  With the demon head!  Slicing the lips open is one hell of a way to defeat the villain.  And now Jasmine is revealed!  Gunn would have broken his foot kicking that door.  Jasmine being revealed causes mass chaos?  Riiiiiiiight.  Yes, mentally text the whiny teen Connor.  Angel and Jasmine arguing in the middle of the road just drags on.  Angel, Jasmine is a dictator and you are trying to logicate with her.  They are trying to do a massive battle here with very little budget.  And it is noticeable.  Wait, so Jasmine is a Power That Be?  Nice electrical jolt.  It took AI how long to get out of the basement?  Let me guess, LA is in flames?   Knew Connor was gonna kill Jasmine.  And he runs away all moody as usual.  Lila is back??  Why??  Haven’t we suffered enough??


Jasmine has been defeated and I kinda don’t care.  Connor is either gonna change or die, which is good.  But Lila is back so I am waiting for a season four Buffy ender with a dream episode coming up next.

Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

AI is shocked by whatever Lila has said.  Angel can tell she is real.  Lila says the senior partners at Wolfram and Hart wants AI to run the reborn LA branch because they got rid of world peace when they stopped Jasmine.  So now they are villains according to the villains.  Some chaos still goes on in the LA streets.  Connor tries to help by saving a cop, but then gets annoyed.  AI talks about Lila’s offer.  AI one by one decides to cautiously look into Lila’s offer.  At Wolfram and Hart each AI member is taken on individual tours.  Lorne sees the entertainment division.  Wesley is shown the library by a former Watcher.  Freddie is shown the lab by a guy Knox.  Gunn is shown the white room and a black panther.  Angel gets an office and Lila shows all the windows are magic so sunlight does not hurt Angel.  Lila gives Angel a Sunnydale file and an amulet for Buffy.  Lila shows Angel a tv report of Connor taking a store hostage with coma Cordelia.  Connor is acting crazy with the hostages.  Angel shows up and they argue then fight.  Wesley breaks into the records room and burns Lila’s contract, all to free her.  She tells him it will not work and it does not.  Angel frees the hostages and knocks Connor out.  AI all decide to take the offer.  Angel says he has already made a deal.  Cordelia is getting magic care for her coma.  Angel wants to see Connor and AI does not know who Connor is.  Angel is taken to a remote cabin and looks through the window.  Connor is with a regular family having dinner.  Angel’s deal was that Connor would be mindwiped and placed with a normal family and that AI would be wiped as well.


My Thoughts!!

Is Lila real or a ghost?  And do I care?   It really is Lila.  Wolfram and Hart contract goes into the afterlife, which they already established.  But why waste it on Lila?  And she has an offer AI can’t refuse.  Maybe is for free Netflix?  All the stunned acting is getting annoying.  So AI is offered the Wolfram and Hart LA branch.  Hell is giving up on LA?  Riiiiiiight.  Hell thinks Jasmine was bringing world peace and AI stopped her so now they are evil according to them.  Nice stretch of logic, which this show always does.  Methinks they realize awhile ago Wolfram and Hart was not working.  And methinks they realize this Jasmine storyline did not work either.  This feels like the end of season four of Buffy.  Course correction.  I think they think this is clever.  Again, they show losing Jasmine’s mind control in like withdrawal.  Knew Connor was gonna beat up this cop.  Gunn wants to accept the offer from Wolfram and Hart.  So now the adrenaline rush of saving the world is over and AI all crashes.  Freddie is thinking of taking the offer.  Wesley is as well.  As does Gunn.  Being poor is making them think of what money can do in the fight against evil.  Angel came about rather quickly.  No big arguments or philosophical discussions, they just all fall in line.  And Lorne is already in the limo partying.  Yep, Wolfram and Hart is back, and zombie free.  That is a big new shiny office.  Kinda weird how everyone keeps saying good morning to Mr. Angel.  Notice AI did not bring weapons.  Lila is still annoying.  Wesley is right, the evil lawyers do have some honour.  Okay, bringing out guns is different.  Love Freddie with the machine gun.  Each AIer gets a division.  This changes things.  Gunn thinks he’s a Zeppo, just like Xander, and again, just like Xander, it is not true.   This looks like such an old school labratory.  Hacking Freddie’s cellphone is not cute.  Those are lots of prophecy books.  Just like book internet.  Okay, did not see this old British guy was a former Watcher, but should have seen it.  Looks like Wesley took Angel’s utility belt.  Knew the windows would be Vampire saving glass.  Angel likes it, but does not want to fall prey to temptation.  Okay, that is where Angel gets the information and powerful necklace that he gives Buffy.  And Buffy mention!  Now tempting Angel with the location of where Cordelia and Connor would be.  Connor is doing an armed siege?  Shocker.  Gunn is so flirting with his guide.  Time for the white room again.  A cougar?  Connor has gone this nuts?  Strapping bombs to people?  Wonder where Connor learned to use all this modern technology in this guerilla fashion.  Angel is gonna Connor for the 5000th time.  Wesley finally makes it to the record room.  Wesley burned Lila’s contract all to save her.  All to no avail.  Thought Wesley would have figured that out.  Connor is completely off the rails.  Are they killing Connor?  And Cordelia?  Or is this like Dark Willow?  Angel is trying to pull a Xander and talk Connor down.  At least Angel disarmed his bomb, and saved the hostages.  And fought Connor.  Again.  And again.  I don’t believe Angel killed Connor.  AI is all happy, except Gunn.  Gunn seems determined.  Angel!  Taking the deal.  Cordelia is okay and found but still in a coma.  So I am guessing she is off the show because of her impending childbirth.  Wolfram and Hart is taking Connor away.  Why doesn’t Freddie remember Connor?  Did they use magic to make AI forget?  Connor living with a fake family off in the woods.  So Angel’s deal with Wolfram and Hart was to give a Connor a fake normal life.  One Angel could not give him.  And all AI, except Angel, has no memory of Connor.  Which will never ever work at all.  This plot device will collapse very soon under the absurdity of the whole thing.  And AI will be very annoyed when they find out.  I sense they Connor was not working, and with out Buffy on next season, had to do major surgery to the show.


Game Changer!  Game Changer!  And I kinda think this is interesting.  Different scenery and premise and can they change evil from the inside.  And Connor is gone and that will explode because of the craziness of it.



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