Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 7.22 Chosen

Buffy season 7

Buffy and the Scoobies and the potentials go for their final battle against the biggest Big Bad of them all, The First Evil.

People will live.  People will die.  And the Buffy verse will never be the same.

All this and more happens in Chosen, the final episode of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer television show.

And it is also one of the final posts in the My Year of Buffy! series, taking a SPOILER filled look at one of the best shows ever.


Buffy final faceWhat Buffy Did!

Caleb stands up and tries to keep fighting Buffy.  Buffy takes him on and slices Caleb in half.  Angel hands Buffy a magical amulet that will help an souled person win the day.  Angel wants to help Buffy in the fight, but she says no.  Buffy wants him to prepare a second front in case she fails.  Buffy and Angel talk about Spike, then their relationship, and their possible future.  Buffy remains uncommitted.  Angel leaves.  Buffy comes home and Dawn is awaiting for her, angry.  Buffy and Dawn argue for a moment, then make up.  Buffy talks to Spike, who is annoyed at Angel.  They talk and she gives him the amulet, since Spike is qualified.  Buffy wants to stay that night with Spike, but just for holding.  Buffy wakes up in the middle of the night and paces.  The First appears and taunts her.  But something the First says gives Buffy an idea.  Buffy tells the Scoobies her plan, and Giles loves it.  Willow worries about using that magic and Kennedy reassures her.  Wood and Faith talk and set up the high school for the coming battle.  Giles, Xander, Andrew, and Amanda play D and D while Anya sleeps.  In the morning Buffy and the Scoobies and the potentials come to Sunnydale High School and get ready for battle.  Everyone splits off into their assigned areas.  Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles have a lighthearted conversation very much like they did at the end of the second episode.  Willow heads off the do something magical with Kennedy.  Buffy and Faith and the potentials open the seal of the Hellmouth and head inside.  They see a massive army of uber Vampires.  And the uber Vampires attack.  Willow uses magic on the scythe and they both glow.  Willow’s hair changes to white and she becomes White Willow.  Buffy’s speech from earlier is shown.  In it Buffy tells the Scoobies and the potentials of her plan.  Buffy wants Willow to use the scythe to magically activate every potential, everywhere around the world, and make them full fledged Slayers.  Willow is completely tired from the spell and has Kennedy rush the scythe to Buffy.  Buffy gets the scythe.  The battle rages on and spills into the school.  Buffy is stabbed and falls.  She gives the scythe to Faith.  Buffy sees Amanda die.  Anya is killed by a Bringer.  Wood is badly injured.  The First taunts Buffy.  Buffy gets mad and gets up and tells the First off.  Buffy rejoins the fight and the tide changes yet again.  Spike’s amulet activates and shines light all over and knocks a hole in the roof.  Sunlight goes through it and slams into the uber Vampires.  An earthquake hits and everything starts falling apart.  The Slayers retreat.  Buffy wants Spike to leave, but he insists stopping the evil.  Buffy leaves and Spike dissolves and the Hellmouth falls apart.  Everyone runs for the bus and it takes off as the school falls apart.  Buffy is on the roof of the building and running and jumping to get away.  Sunnydale is being sucked into the Hellmouth.  Buffy jumps onto the bus.  The bus gets out of town and Sunnydale is now a crater.  Andrew tells Xander about Anya.  Wood survives.  The wounded are tended to.  Buffy is looking at the hole of the town and the Scoobies join her.  Buffy tells Giles Spike did this.  The Scoobies make small talk and joke around.  Buffy, Willow, Dawn, Faith, Giles, and Xander look at what once was Sunnydale and wonder about the future.  Buffy smiles.


Buffy final faceMy Thoughts!!

Buffy and Angel are just like they used to be.  Crap, Caleb is back and still crazy and bleeding evil from his eyes.  Buffy and Caleb round two!!  Notice Spike does not help out in the fight.  YES!  Axe to the groin and cutting Caleb in half makes me happy.  Angel brings info and a magical necklace that gives power.  And Angel does not mention Jasmine at all.  Spike leaving is sad.  Buffy is right, Angel needs to create a second front in case she falls.  Written and directed by Joss!!  Love how Angel can smell Spike on Buffy.  Angel seems put out by Spike having a soul.  Buffy admitting she still has not fully grown emotionally is refreshing.  And the cookie dough analogy is interesting.  So Buffy admits to Angel that maybe someday she will be ready, and it might be him.  And Angel seems satisfied with this.  This is all very fanficy and fan service but I love it and I don’t care.  It’s good to see a moment of happiness, but not pure happiness of course, between Buffy and Angel.  Buffy sees Dawn.  Nice kick.  Everyone is so happy that Caleb is in two pieces.  And I am one of them.  Xander’s humour is funny but waaaaaay too soon for the Scoobies.  Spike and the bad mood.  Love how he has a cartoon drawing of Angel’s face on the punching bag.  So Spike is now a champion!  Yay!  Angel breath?  That an actual thing?  Kinda cute Buffy and Spike cuddling.  Ghost of Caleb is even more nasty and annoying in the afterlife.  The Taunter is a great name for the First.  Thanks First for reminding us of Buffy origin and purpose.  Wait, Buffy has an idea from what the First said?  Scoobies like the idea and thinks it is crazy.  So it is gonna work.  Looks like Buffy and Giles have made up.  And I am actually happy with this.  Willow has to do magic to make this work, so it must be big.  Pierced tongue comment is TMI Willow.  Now Dawn gets the pierced tongue comment.  Anya, you are insensitive, but right about the potentials being cannon fodder.  Love how Xander is still sweet on Anya.  War meeting!  What’s the plan Buffy???  And how many potentials are their now??  Wait, they are not telling us the plan?  Dangnadit!  Faith and Wood are almost connecting, and Faith is being only mildly defensive.  Only Faith would want sex right away in a dingy basement.  Willow is right, Kennedy might have to kill her if she goes Dark Willow.  Which makes my brain wonder what in the Hellmouth is going on.  Kennedy kinda a brat?  Very much so.  Knew Giles, Xander, Andrew and Amanda were playing Dungeon and Dragons.  Love Andrews red cloak.  Love how Anya is snoring away.  Morning.  Time for the final battle.  Love how the Scoobies and potentials just march into the Sunnydale High School.  Last minute bathroom breaks.  Lock off the school for the final battle.  Andrew is so sweet, and nice, and finally has some redemption.  One more moment between Buffy and Dawn.  Someone is gonna die and I am gonna freak.  The original Scoobies.  All together.  Just like at the end of the second episode.  That Joss, brought a tear to my eye.  Sunnydale High needs a janitor.  Opening the seal kinda freaks me out.  Especially in a circle of dripping blood.  What is Willow gonna do?????  That is a lot of uber Vampires!  Even Spike looks scared.  Crap!  Do Your Magic Willow!!!!!  Now we see the plan????????  Wait, Willow used the axe to change the rules??  All the potentials are Slayers now??  HOLY CRAP ALL THE POTENTIALS ARE SLAYERS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  KICK SOME ASS SLAYERS!!!!!!!!!   SLAYERS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love Vi’s flying kick.  Willow is now White Willow.  Just like a Guardian.  Love Willow saying nifty.  FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!   HOLY HELLMOUTH THIS IS A BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!  Andrew, you just had to mention bunnies to Anya.  Now Spike’s necklace activates?  Buffy is stabbed!!!!  I know she doesn’t die, but crap.  Sunlight as a weapon.  NOOOOO!!!!!!  ANYA!!!!!!!  WOODS INJURED!!!!!  Two new Slayers dead.  Damn.  Shut up First Buffy!   Buffy is one piiiiiiiiisssed Slayer.  YES!!!  VI AND KENNEDY KICKING ASS!!!!!!!!!!  NOOO!!!!  SPIKE IS EXPLODING!!!!!  WITH SUNLIGHT!!!!!!!  ESCAPE!!!!!  Looks like Sunnydale High is about to explode.  Of course Spike would quote a rock song as he dies.  One last moment between Buffy and Spike.  And Buffy does the right thing.  RUN BUFFY RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hate seeing Spike die.  Dawn looks so sad in the bus window.  Vi makes a great doctor.  Andrew lives and wonders why.  Buffy catches the bus!  HOLY HELLMOUTH IS SUNNYDALE IMPLODING??????  Love how the sign finally falls.  Andrew tells Xander that Anya died.  Wood has to live.  Did he just die?  Nope, you are cruel Joss.  Doctor Vi at your service.  Cleveland has a Hellmouth?  Oh yeah, they mentioned that before.  The home of Rock and Roll and alleged home of Superman.  Buffy, Giles, Willow, Xander, Dawn, and Faith at the edge of the hole.  Willow can feel the new Slayers.  Talking about the future.  And how Buffy is not the only Chosen anymore.  And Buffy smiles.  A happy smile.  Buffy is not truly alone anymore.  Not crying Joss, not crying.  Did the Mutant Enemy creature just look at me??


Buffy final faceFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy tells Angel what happened to Caleb with “He had to split.”  Angel pouts to Buffy about Spike with “I am getting the brush off for Captain Peroxide.”  Buffy asks Angel a question about them “What was the highlight of our relationship.  When I broke up with you, or when I killed you?”  Xander explains Buffy and Dawn to Buffy and Dawn with “Don’t look at me.  This is a Summers thing.  It’s all very violent.”  Buffy tells off Dawn with “You get killed, I’m telling.”  Giles gives Buffy a compliment with “Buffy, what you said, it flies in the face of everything, of what every generation, has ever done in the fight against evil.  I think it is bloody brilliant.”  Giles gripes to the D and D players with “I used to be a highly respected Watcher.  Now I am a wounded dwarf with the mystical strength of a doily.”  Giles complains to the air about the Scoobies, almost just like in the second episode of the series, with “The Earth is definitely doomed.”  Buffy asks the potentials an important question with “Make your choice.  Are you ready to be strong?”  Vi speaks truth to what the potentials are gonna do to the uber Vampires with “Those guys are toast.”


Holy Former Hellmouth!

Now That Was An Ending!

While I cry for Anya and Amanda, and anyone who still owned property in Sunnydale, I do not mourn as much for Spike, since I know he ends up in L.A. with Angel.

But the cool thing is, Buffy wins her way, by breaking stupid rules and trying her darndest, which is one of the millions of reasons we love about her.

And for that, and a zillion other things you accomplished with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I want to say one thing…

Thank You Joss!



…is currently reading Watership Down by Richard Adams

Buffy final shot



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