Buffy: In Memoriam

Buffy final shot

Welcome to one of my final ever posts in my epic My Year of Buffy! series.

That is, until the day I start the Buffy The Vampire Slayer comics.

Well before I finished up my SPOILER filled look at Chosen, I knew this last momentous entry would celebrate and commemorate the characters that unfortunately did not survive in this seven year ongoing battle against evil.

This is by far not complete, doe not include most of the villains, and is totally my subjective look at those who have left the realm of the living.

So without further ado…

Time To Bring Out The Dead!!


1 Buffy A Vampire

I said I would not feature the villains, but I lied.  Because I fully believe that all the hordes and hordes of Vampires who met the business end of Mr. Pointy and bit the dust deserve a mention.  All 4,815,162,342 of them.  I counted.



2 Buffy Jesse

By the end of the two part opener, Willow and Xander had lost a long time friend to the Vampires and then a stake.  Jesse, we hardly knew ye, and you were barely mentioned over time, but you were the first named victim we saw on Buffy.



3 Buffy Darla

While you kinda drove me nuts at first, you gave a different look at what Vampires were.  I felt for you Darla, being left in the dust by Angel moving onto Buffy.  We won’t mention your return on Angel’s show.  Again and again.




We end season one of Buffy with the death of Buffy.  We know you came back almost right away, all because of good old fashioned CPR, but you still died.



5 Buffy Ms. Calendar

You began as a mystery, became a love interest for Giles, revealed to be a spy for the Angel haters, got back in our good graces, and then suddenly died in a rather nasty fashion.  You did quite a lot for your short time on the show Ms. Calendar.  May you rest with the angels now.



6 Buffy Slayer Kendra Young

Even with your change in appearance, I loved your in the face attitude Kendra.  You were also a most excellent Slayer who went out in a very lackluster way.



7 Buffy Angel

Angel.  When you turned briefly evil, it was sad.  When you briefly died, it was sadder.  We all knew you were coming back, but when it still hurt when Buffy stabbed you into hell.



8 Buffy Sunnydale High School

While not an actual character, Sunnydale High certainly felt like a real person.  A terrible nasty person with a Hellmouth inside you and a jerkwad Principal in charge.  And you were a high school, so pain and anguish just lived in you all the time anyway.  With this in mind, good riddance!



9 Buffy Joyce

Joyce.  I really did not like you for a long time.  Cranky and never listening and cranky.  But you did grow on me, especially after you protected Buffy when Ted attacked.  So when you suddenly died in a most excellent episode, even with the illness lead up, it was heartfelt.  Buffy and Dawn lost a truly caring mom.




We end season five of Buffy with the death of Buffy.  We know you came back some months and a network later, all because of good old fashioned magic, but you still died.  Wait, this feels familiar…



10 Buffy Tara

Tara.  Of all the deaths on Buffy, this one really hurt a whole whole lot.  It was senseless and violent and bloody and almost completely destroyed Willow.  You were always one of my favourites, especially with Willow, and became one of the best Scoobies ever.  Still miss you Tara.  And Warren got what he deserved.



11 Buffy Cassie

You were only in one episode Cassie, but darn you would have made an awesome Scooby.  And your psychic powers would have very very useful against the First.  I was rooting for you to survive till your last scene, then had my hopes crushed.



12 Buffy Anya

I will confess, I never quite got you Anya.  Yes, you were funny and could be brutally honest, but except for wanting to be Mrs. Xander, I never thought you had much of a personality.  But still, you died a valiant death helping save the day in the last episode.



13 Buffy Amanda

There were many awesome potentials, and several died, but the one who most got my attention was Amanda.  Going from the quiet girl to the confident potential to the battling Slayer, you had quite a year.  Your sacrifice to help save the world will not be forgotten.



12 Buffy Spike

Spike, Spike, Spike.  Man did I not like you for such a long time.  Don’t get me wrong, you were an awesome villain, but as you became an anti-hero, I found you mean and not very nice.  Plus, the attempted rape of Buffy was a very low low to say the least.  But you came back with a soul, apologized, made good, and became a champion.  And even through I knew you would come back on Angel, your death in the Buffy finale was triumphant.



15 Sunnydale

The town of Sunnydale.  You were a crazy ass place filled with Vampires, a Hellmouth, a Guardian with a scythe, lots of demons, a magic drug dealer, a high school, a rather complacent populace, the Bronze, a cool main street,a corrupt administration, lots of cemeteries, quite a bit of woods, a magic store, a bus terminal, the Summers house, and a praying mantis teacher.  All this and Buffy and her Scoobies.  Fighting the good fight and keeping your streets safe for the good people.  Even the robot ones.  Ye shall be missed Sunnydale, but you look like a nice crater now.


So that is almost it with My Year of Buffy!

Whew!  The wild ride of excellence is almost over!



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