Three Random Thoughts On My Fav Buffy Episodes – Part One


Of course this would be a multi-parter, it is me going on about Buffy!

So with My Upcoming Year Of Buffy almost (sniff!) over, I figured a quick SPOILER FILLED look back what my fav episodes of the series were in order.

So lets start at the beginning…

Buffy Welcome To The Hellmouth

Welcome To The Hellmouth!

What’s not to love? We get the introduction of Buffy and Giles and Willow and Xander, and of course, Vampires. That and Sunnydale High, a character in its own right, was all present and accounted for with the start of this wild thrill ride. Plus, bonus House Points by stating the movie kinda sorta happened.


Buffy Ted


This one has not only an excellent moral story of dealing with an abusive person, but finally made me like Joyce. After being an almost complete pain till now, she showed caring for Buffy by lying to the police. I think even Buffy was surprised that her mom gave a crud.


Buffy Amends


While it is obviously the setup for the Angel series, I don’t care. It is a beautiful episode with much soul and love and caring. The snowfall at the end, saving Angel’s life and realizing someone upstairs wants him around, is wonderful. Yes, Angel, you are worth saving.


That’s it for Part One! The Never ending end of My Upcoming Year Of Buffy is closer to ending!



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