Some Random Thoughts On Angel 5.1 Conviction and Angel 5.2 Just Rewards

Angel Season 5Angel takes on his first mission of reform at Wolfram and Hart in Conviction.  And Angel has to deal with Spike and a difficult client in Just Rewards.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel saves a lady in an alley from a Vampire.  Wolfram and Hart arrive to manage the publicity for Angel’s save.   Freddie and Wesley and Gunn and Lorne all talk in the Wolfram and Hart lobby about taking over the company.  Know, Freddie’s assistant shows up, as does Eve, Angel’s assistant.  Eve takes Gunn off for something secret.  Angel gets a new receptionist and it is Vampire Harmony.  It is revealed Cordelia is still in the magical coma.  An evil client who is guilty demands Angel gets him off of terrible crimes.  Angel says no, but client warns of mass death if he goes to jail.  Lorne has employees sing to him to see if they are evil.  AI wonders what kind of threat the client poses.  Harmony has a lead to a mystic.  Angel takes one car from a fleet and heads to the mystic.  The mystic created a magic box for the client that disappear with a magic word, releasing something nasty.  This magic box has a virus and it is inside the client’s young sons heart.  Gunn goes to a doctors office and goes through a painful procedure.  Eve reveals to Angel that she knows about Connor.  Lorne suggests getting the kid because the trial is not going well.  One of Wolfram and Hart’s commandos secretly listens in and takes the team to take out the kid.  Angel goes to the kids school and Harmony tells him the commandos are also en route.  They arrive and find only Angel in the class, having used the helicopter to beat them.  Gunn goes to the trial and gets it declared a mistrial.  Angel beats up the commandos and kills their evil leader.  Gunn reveals that Wolfram and Hart mentally downloaded all law, and several musicals, into his brain.  This worries AI.  The magic box is fixed in the boy.  Angel opens his mail from Sunnydale and out drops the amulet he gave Buffy.  Light comes out and suddenly Spike is in front of them.


My Thoughts!!

Nice shot of LA, just like in the pilot.  Damsel in distress, just like in the pilot.  Angel saving the day, just like in the pilot.  Only this time with a batrope.  Great, tact teams and lawyers and very over the top.  Very very over the top.  New credits!  Spike!  Knew he joined the show!  Lots of lawyer office shots!  No Cordelia anymore.  Notice Spike was in the credits right after Angel.  Comic talk with all these kids.  Package from Sunnydale.  Why would Freddie be carrying her own box?  Wolfram and Hart would not let her do that.  Thanks for the plot recap Freddie.  That was condescending Wesley, saying Freddie can be pointless.  Looks like Wesley and Gunn have made up and are bff’s again.  And no longer both in love with Freddie.  Just like magic.  That is one big law firm set and one long tracking shot still going on forever.  Young lawyer named Eve who is supposed to be sexy and smart and hopefully a replacement for Lila.  Eve tells AI the plot of lawyers helping evil demons.  Of course Angel takes a bite from the apple, sigh.  AI going through gazillions of files of evil.  And seeing how evil evil is.  Like this is supposed to be a shock to them.  Eve implying that Gunn has been possessed, probably by that cougar last episode.  Haha, evil voicemail.  I think they are trying for absurdist comedy here.  Harmony is Angel’s assistant?  This I like because I always thought Harmony was kinda fun.  Thankfully she left the cult.  Wait till Spike sees her.  Wesley found Harmony in the steno pool?  Cordelia mention.  Time for the sad moment.  Really feel sad for Harmony here.  And now back to regular Harmony.  Evil client.  Eaten by weasels?  I like Wesley’s style.  Holland mention!  Heard he got Lost someplace.  Ferret’s anus?  What a nice mouth on this evil client.  Love how the lawyer mentions how the jury was made magically tamper proof.  Only in LA.  And Sunnydale.  Evil client is threatening to destroy California?  Love how Lorne has the employee meetings to measure evil.  And his sheet for deciding is cool.  Sing!  Still wonder what happened to the hotel.  This guy is so hitting on Freddie.  AI does a better job brainstorming then they did previously.  Knew Angel would love all the cars.  This tact team is getting weird and creepy.  Angel still likes/loves doing the legwork.  Why would this wacko tell Angel anything?  And if he knows magic stuff, wouldn’t he figure out that Angel is a Vampire.  Gunn seeing a strange Wolfram and Hart doctor.  Freddie is one messy researcher.  I used to have a computer like that.  Hey, Dixie Chicks poster Freddie was putting up earlier.  Angel is freaky because we are led to believe the virus is in the kid.  Gunn getting zapped?  Angel is upset over a kid being jeopardized and AI has no clue.  Eve knows about Connor.  Wonder what Buffy and Giles think of Angel taking over Wolfram and Hart.  Freddie losing it is not surprising.  And the lab techs do not seemed fazed.  I think the baliffs would not let Lorne in the courtroom and tell him to take the “make up” off.  Love the tact team is listening in.  And taking action.  Without thinking of getting approval first of course.  Harmony proves useful again.  This tact team better have Men In Black little pens to wipe people’s memories cause otherwise everyone saw them storming a school.  Betcha the class is empty.  Angel has a helicopter.  This evil tact team is now ridiculous.  Of course Angel easily beats up these idiot snots.  Gunn shows up in court all lawyer like.  And kicks the judges ass.  So I am guessing the doctors made Gunn lawyer smart.  Tact team guy gives boring speech.  Hoping Angel snaps his neck.  Or blows his head off.  So Gunn did get the law mentally implanted, guessing so that he won’t feel like the Zeppo.  Hate that term.  Gilbert and Sullivan?  That feels like a Joss bit.  Not surprised AI is not happy with this.  Angel finally, out of nowhere, opens his mail.  The envelope from Sunnydale.  The necklace he gave Buffy that Spike wore when he died.  Here comes Spike!!!  Yep!!!!!!!  Wesley seems surprised.  Angel seems pissed.  Harmony is oh so happy.  Blonde bear!


Really really digging this almost completely new direction.  From all sorts of new roles for AI, and Gunn’s cool upgrade, we also get the awesome return of Harmony.  And one more crazy complication, Spike is back!!  A darn good, nay great, episode.

Angel logo

Just Rewards….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Spike is completely bewildered at everything.  And Spike is ghost like as well.  They take Spike to the lab and examine him some more.  They also wonder the amulet got to them.  Spike just wants to move onto the afterlife.  Spike keeps fading in and out and arguing with Angel.  Angel sees a beast coming into the office and fights it.  Harmony tells Angel the beast was a client coming in to change its evil ways.  Gunn thinks he can salvage the situation.  Spike ignores Harmony.  A lawyer is upset the Internment Acquisitions Division, which is grave robbing, is being shut down.  They have a contract to provide bodies for a warlock.  Angel sends the lawyer to cut off the warlock.  Spike leaves in a huff but comes back later because he magically cannot leave the city.  Wesley thinks Spike is connected to the amulet.  The lawyer returns, dead in three buckets.  AI researches the warlock and figure out he uses the bodies in his magic.  Angel goes to see the warlock and Spike tags along.  Gunn tells Angel how they can stop the warlock.  The warlock is busy transferring a demon into a dead human.  He sends his butler to kill them.  He tries but Angel kills him.  Spike vanishes again.  Angel confronts the warlock who attacks him easily.  He does not kill Angel because it would upset the Senior Partners.  Angel calls Gunn and tells him to have the IRS freeze the warlock’s assets.  Angel leaves and Spike pops back to the warlock, who tries to strike a deal with Spike.  AI talks about Spike and he overhears.  Wesley says the amulet could be destroyed on sacred ground.  Spike visits Angel at night and tells him of the warlock’s plans.  They head to a cemetery to destroy the amulet and instead the warlock attacks Angel.  The warlock plans to put Spike’s soul in Angel’s body.  But Spike takes over the warlock’s body instead.  Angel and the warlock fight and Angel kills him.  Spike is still around.  Angel tells Wesley that he and Spike planned this all along.  Spike tells Freddie he keeps slipping away from this dimension.


My Thoughts!!

Sunnydale, California, The Hellmouth, Nineteen Days Earlier.  Spike is about to “die”  An actual clip from Buffy, with Buffy in it.  Wonder how they got the internetwork okay to do this.  Love how completely disoriented Spike is.  Of course Spike attacks Angel.  Wait, Spike is like a ghost or something now?  Is this because they don’t want AI to be too powerful?  Angel still looks piiiiissed.  Spike is really worried about Buffy.  Buffy is in Europe?  With the Scoobies and all the new Slayers I presume.  Harmony is hurt by Spike and Buffy being together.  No one told Spike about AI?  Experimenting on Spike in Wolfram and Hart lab.  Love how Lorne goes all meta with the Buffy story.  So Spike is not a ghost.  That’s right, the amulet was buried under the hole that was Sunnydale.  I assumed Buffy sent the amulet.  Spike is going all see through.  Angel did not tell AI about the Buffy series finale and the First.  That was the job Buffy gave him!!  Angel and Spike argue like an old married couple.  Now AI finds out Spike has a soul.  Mail guy wearing wrestling mask?  Spike is right with Angel.  Betcha the beast is a client.  Yep!  Gunn has demon laws as well.  I wanna see Spike and Harmony locked in a room together.  Love how Spike doesn’t care.  Grave robbing division?  Spike is the oddest Jiminy Cricket ever.  Which used to be Cordelia’s job.  Spike takes off in a huff.  Angel realizes Wolfram and Hart might have wanted Spike’s fate for him.  Knew that Spike would be suck to the amulet, and the city.  Hence, no visiting Buffy.  You know the lawyer is going to come in dead.  Yep.  Only three buckets for one lawyer?  Spike is starting to enjoy haunting Angel.  Time to see the grave wanting sorcerer.  Lots and lots of corpses on display.  And a very strange magic ceremony with a corpse and a demon.  Spike kinda does still wish he was dead.  But he is taking being back to life better then Buffy.  Prob because he did not go to heaven.  Butler with knives.  Spoon to head.  Time to argue over who had a harder time with getting a soul.  Spike fades out, that sucks.  Wonder what the logic is?  Early One Morning?  Knew that corpse was now a demon.  Angel versus a wizard.  Spike back.  Love the flip phone.  Gunn hits him with the IRS.  Greater magic!  So magic guy is gonna tempt Spike.  He is one evil creepy wizard.  Wouldn’t Spike’s soul and need for redemption keep him from hurting Angel?  Plus Buffy would never approve.  Ghost movie reference!  Of course Spike overhears the wrong words from AI.  Wesley wants to show mercy to Spike, which is very big of him.  Oh yeah, Angel would have a new apartment at Wolfram and Hart.  Spike admits to listening in.  Knew it, Spike is a good guy.  Spike wants the afterlife.  Awwwww, Spike called Angel grand sire.  Course correcting the continuity snafus.  Jar hitting Angel head?  Wizard!  Yep!  Bad Spike!  The wizard has a very familiar voice.  Spike in Angel’s body?  AI would figure that out real quick.  Spike, Buffy would be mad at you for this.  The wizard seems to be in trouble.  Spike taking over.  Fight!  Angel versus magician!  So this was all part of a plan?  Wesley is annoyed Angel never shared plan with AI.  Is Spike getting feelings for Freddie?  Spike can feel himself leaving this plain.


Man, this is a real different show now.  Not only watchable, but even enjoyable.  Two really great episodes in a row, so I am guessing Joss is a lot more involved now that Buffy is over and done with.  Thank the Hellmouth!



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