Scoops Angel Season Four Redemption Report

Angel Season 4

Dearest Joss,

Me again, am back with another look at your Buffy spin off Angel.

And still maybe barely impressed. With a glimmer of hope for next season.

That is not always been the case, as you can see with my Season One and Season Two and Season Three posts aptly shows.

So now onto my SPOILER FILLED look at ye fourth season.

7 Buffy AngelAngel, your title Vampire with a soul, goes through the wringer again, with lots of angst between him and Connor of course. Which brings up the first stupid thing he did, kicking Connor out at the start of the season. He would not do that, you know that Joss. But gotta create drama I guess. To me the more interesting part of Angel’s character this year was the dream sequences. Now I am not generally a fan of these story devices, but it did show that Angel’s greatest desire is to have a happy life with family and friends. In the midst of all this, the next dumb decision is done, with bringing back Angelus back. That went on too long and had no point. But it was interesting to see even more how Angelus views Angel. Mostly with disgust, so thanks for that Joss.

Now Cordelia is a problem one here, because except for some higher power voiceover stuff at the start of the season, we did not see the real Cordy at this year did we? She was all possessed, Jasmine in waiting kind of evil mastermind. Not happy with her use/misuse here Joss. And don’t even get me started with Cordelia and Connor sleeping together.

One AIer slowly coming back into the fold was Wesley. Even with the shunning and death threats from his ungrateful friends, Wesley showed tremendous responsibility and dedication with not only saving Angel, but helping with Cordelia, and fighting the Beast, and taking on Jasmine. All while taking potshots from Gunn. Maybe he is too nice to his former friends? The upside to Wesley this season Joss is showing how ruthless he can be with getting the job done. The downside to Wesley this season Joss is showing him and Lila doing a bad carbon copy of the Buffy Spike sex relationship.

You know who I got really really bored with Joss? Gunn. If he is not jumping to conclusions, he is getting jealous of former bff Wesley even saying hello to Freddie. And that felt about it.

Freddie AngelAnd speaking of Freddie, I still quite dig this quasi-Willow character. Even with her slightly harder edge this season. But creating false drama with this whole new wrinkle to the Pylea portal history bored me. Which has to lead to the break-up with Gunn. Just because. Well, that was nice while that lasted, and at least this season we saw her relationship being shown as adult in nature with multiple scenes of the two in bed.

I am also very happy that Lorne is finally in the credits. And did not suffer the same as Tara. It is cool how he has become Angel’s moral compass, it would have been awesome to see him and the real Cordelia team up on Angel when he is being a goof.

Connor is problematic for me Joss. I like the moody bugger, I really do, and I can understand where he is coming from somewhat. But he is too moody and jerk like and does not listen and has a whole Hellmouth worth of angst. We all knew something was going to change with him by the end of the season Joss, and I don’t begrudge him some happiness with little pain. But it would have been nice to fix him instead.

One cool addition to late in the year was everyone’s favourite Slayer Faith. I love using that line just to get people’s goat Joss. Our fav Slayer is of course Buffy. This is the new improved Faith. Still with the mouth and the sass and the attitude. But now with maturity and responsibility and determination of an adult. From the moment she broke out of prison, we all knew Faith was different Joss. And we all loved it.

Now what about the minor people passing through AIers life this year? Justine leaving made me slightly sad since this Slayer wannabe could learn from Angel. Gwen should also join AI because that would be cool. But making her a sudden virgin was silly. Loved Willow guesting and hanging with her soul sister Freddie. Darla was not a bad surprise, being a nice Jiminy Cricket for little boy lost Connor. Skip was awesome, then you stupidly made him evil and with a silly It Was All Planned Out storyline. Jasmine was very very well played but was slightly whatever after awhile. I do wonder what happened to Wesley’s little crew of kinda Scoobies. And thank the Hellmouth that Lostie guy Gavin is gone, double that for Lila, and triple that for all of Wolfram and Hart. Good riddance to that wasted storyline.

But wait, more on that in a second.

Angel logoA couple of things that accumulated in my brainpan this year Joss. The Vegas episode was meh to me, as was Angel and Connor fighting every third show. Also this apocalypse kept going on and on and on. Pus, Wesley and Gunn the former bff’s still arguing grew weary real quick. But my happiness was visible because slowly AI was being slowly brought back together. This seemed to really start with the Spin The Bottle show, the one you did Joss, with the old trope of memory loss bringing fun results and the characters in a different light.

Now back to Wolfram and hart, the elephant in the room.

This gamechange is very welcome to me Joss. While I will miss the hotel, I long felt that Wolfram and Hart was wasted and massively inconsistent. And now we get to see everyone in roles and positions new to all as AI goes forth to reform evil from the inside. Now that is a series concept that maybe should have been embraced a year ago.

This makes me really look forward to season five Joss, a whole whole lot. Angel going corporate with lawyers. That sounds like one Hellmouth of a series pitch.


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