Some Random Thoughts On Angel 5.3 Unleashed and Angel 5.4 Hell Bound

Angel Season 5

Angel meets a werewolf and traitor within in Unleashed.  Plus, Angel has to help Spike survive a crazed killer ghost in Hell Bound.  Continuing on with another part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

AI meets secretly in a park at night to discuss Wolfram and Hart.  Angel saves a woman from a werewolf, but she is bitten and gets away.  Wolfram and Hart tries to find her.  Spike tells Freddie he keeps slipping into hell.  The lady, Nina, wakes up and feels different.  Her sister and niece notice.  Nina feels bloodlust.  AI finds out where Nina is.  She is sitting her niece when she changes into a werewolf.  AI shows up and catches her.  Nina wakes up in a cell and Angel shows her a video of her changing from werewolf to human.  Nina is emotional about learning she is a werewolf.  Angel and Nina talk.  Nina cannot be cured.  A scientist, Royce, at Wolfram and Hart says werewolves might hurt themselves anyway, even caged.  To help calm Nina, she goes with Freddie to get some familiar objects.  They get to her place and Nina’s sister is mad she vanished.  They get some stuff and head back to the van and are attacked by some men.  Nina is taken.  She is chained up and cleaned up by her captors.  Royce sings for Lorne and passes.  AI tries to figure out who got Nina.  Freddie sees Spike wandering and follows.  She ends up in Royce’s office and realizes he is cheating the singing test.  Angel questions Royce who tells of rich people who eat live werewolf meat.  AI shows up at the rich guys mansion and they go to rescue Nina.  She is reluctant because she is depressed over being a werewolf.  Angel saves her and the rich guys fight back.  Nina becomes a werewolf and is taken down.  Nina bites Royce.  AI takes Nina and leaves Royce.  Angel takes Nina home.  AI hangs out in Angel’s apartment and orders in food.


My Thoughts!!

AI on a picnic and they sound forced.  Okay, forced because they are checking for bugs.  Now Wesley back to being a jealous jerk with Freddie.  Freddie dialogue is cringeworthy with sex talk.  One month since AI took over Wolfram and Hart.  Gunn defensive over instant law degree.  But AI is right.  Wish Wesley would shave.  Yes, Spike talk finally.  Lady chased by werewolf.  Oz?  Angel to the rescue!  Wesley’s silver pen.  Lady gets away and was bitten.  Gunn is like the legal Giles on this show.  Spike!  Pulling a Topper.  Now Spike remembers his trips out of this plain?  What happened between Wesley and Spike??  I don’t remember whatever he is talking about.  Oh, he made it up.  Love how Freddie figures it out right away.  AI in the lab.  And sniping at each other.  Phlox from Star Trek Enterprise!  Werewolf expert now.  Love how Freddie shuts down Spike’s bravado over fighting a werewolf.  This lady is feeling the werewolf now.  Mom and sister.  Enhanced senses.  Okay, it is sister and niece.  Staring at meat like this always bores me.  Love how they check the stop light cameras.  Torchwood does this all the time.  AI finds out werewolf to be might be.   I hope they don’t do an American Werewolf In London scene because that always grossed me out.  They started and cut away.  Wonder how Oz could not remember going through this.  Angel!  Wesley with a tranq!  Little niece all alone.  She probably thinks she’s been kidnapped by crazy rapists.  That is freaky, footage of yourself changing from a werewolf.  Angel says Vampire like it is leprosy.  Still no cure for being a werewolf.  Phlox tells the truth of werewolf and Spike even more truth.  And mail guy still wearing wrestling mask.  Taking her home is one really really bad idea.  That’s right Freddie, try and explain Angel’s romantic life.  Angel getting testy.  Again.  Lorne!  Doing the Lorne thing.  Werewolf lady is planning something.  Or not.  Freddie is darn good at providing darn good excuses.  And Freddie does a darn good job at channeling Oprah with the pep talk.  I thought these Wolfram and Hart guys were topline.  Taken out by these commandos.  Freddie is darn good at getting her fight on.  Darn, taken down.  Betcha this guy hunts werewolves for sport.  This is nasty treatment of her.  Phlox sings Jessie’s Girl for Lorne.  Hope he passes.  Yep!  AI wonders if it was a Wolfram and Hart inside job.  Wesley mentions the Initiative.  Love how a person is singing in the background for Lorne.  Freddie follows Spike and gets a clue!  Phlox is evil and Freddie is darn good at lamps.  Secret panel.  Angel interrogating!  Phlox whining.  Okay, they are going To Serve man with the werewolf meat.  Crazy with the crazy rich people doing mean things with the magic realm.  AI to the rescue!  No such things as leprechauns?  Looks like AI is outnumbered.  Yes, let the werewolf eat these buggers!  Phlox gets bitten!  Very Twilight Zone ending.  Drat, I like Phlox in this one.  You just know Angel gonna come back for this werewolf eating creep.  Spike!  In Freddie’s lab and not looking good.  Spike comes more into our realm the more people like him.  Sorta an Angel version of every time a bell rings and angel gets its wings.  Or clapping to bring Tinkerbelle to life.  So Nina the werewolf lady is gonna pull an Oz and get herself locked up every month.  Wonder if she will be a regular?  Hey, AI is looking at the Hotel from the window.  AI get together at Angel’s swag apartment.  Love Freddie explaining to the food take out how AI moved to a law firm.


Oz did a great job showing us the horror of being a werewolf.  Now Nina does the same.  The third really great episode in a row, which is simply awesome.

Angel logo


Hell Bound….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Spike jokingly stalks Freddie in her lab.  Freddie again promises to save Spike.  Spike accidentally goes to the basement and sees weird ghosts.  Freddie gets Wesley’s help with Spike, needing rare magical artifacts.  Freddie is called to Angel and told her lab budget is way over.  All because she is trying to save Spike.  Angel is not happy and a jerk.  Freddie tells Angel off.  Spike is being haunted by something.  Spike talks to Angel and they bicker.  Angel is grumpy and does not believe in redemption anymore.  Spike sees more ghosts that no one else sees.  AI investigates and Spike becomes completely unseeable to them.  Spike tries to communicate with Freddie.  And almost touches her.  AI tries to figure out how to save Spike.  A psychic is brought in to connect with Spike but she is killed by something.  Spike gives another clue to Freddie.  Spike is taken by the ghost called Reaper.  He arrives and torments Spike.  AI investigates and figures out the Reaper is a crazed killer from long ago connected to Wolfram and Hart.  The Reaper uses powerful magic to not end up in hell and to avoid detection.  And is feeding on the ghosts in the office.  Reaper tells Spike he can control reality.  Freddie figures out how to make Spike real again, but needs lots of dark energy.  Gunn and Angel go to the white room and get some from the evil panther.  Spike realizes he can control reality as well and fights back against the Reaper.  AI sets up the machine and magic and Reaper goes to kill Freddie, giving Spike a choice.  Spike pushes Reaper into the device and he becomes real.  Angel beats up Reaper.  Spike has learned how to touch things.  Angel imprisons Reaper in the Wolfram and Hart basement.


My Thoughts!!

Freddie is being stalked in the lab by…. no one.  Spike!  We all saw that one coming.  Spike is sooooo flirting with Freddie.  They are almost writing this like it is Willow and Spike.  Spike falling through the floor is silly.  But gotta get him to the basement and get the plot going somehow.  I hate cutting off fingers.  Lorne!  Gotta love Lorne!  It did feel like Wesley was hitting on Freddie.  Angel does feel very corporate here in his talk with Freddie.  And jerk like.  And the jealous type.  Freddie is smart enough to know that Spike is flirting with him.  This spooky lab is not spooky, just annoying.  So now the show is dumping all over the prophecies that drove the show for such a long time, and Angel is all depressed because he pretends Amends never happened the big idiot.  Angel and Spike are like the stereotypical old married couple.  Spike seems surprised Angel likes his poems.  Spike sees ghosts.  Ghosts no one else sees.  Okay, Spike is getting worse, and that really scares him.  Okay, that was funny, Spike popping in on Gunn in the washroom.  It seems like the only person who recognizes Spike’s contribution to saving the world is Freddie.  Very ungrateful AIers.  I hate glass in the eye.  That was shocking Spike, touching Freddie.  Psychic ghost finder lady is annoying.  Angel is such a twat, thinking Spike is killing the psychic lady.  At least Wesley figures that part out.  Time for Freddie’s shower scene.  That is smart Spike, writing on steamed glass.  Wonder if this is all some Wolfram and hart boody trap?  One they “forget” to turn off?  Or maybe all of Spike’s victims coming back for revenge?  So Wolfram and Hart used crazed killer to build office.  Actually makes sense in this warped world.  Yes, lets pull The First and play mind games with Spike.  Freddie pulling  A Beautiful Mind again.  But for a good cause.  Love how Gunn gives the more sensible advice, that he knows all because of his upgrade.  Great, bad guy wants to switch himself with Spike.  Reality bends to desire in this realm, so Spike pulls a movie Ghost.  Makes sense.  Ghost fight!!!  I still think Spike would kick this guy’s ghost ass.  Knew Spike would make the bad guy real again.  And knew Angel would kick his ass.  Now Freddie feels bad about not saving Spike.  Betcha Spike can touch things now because the actor was going crazy not touching things.  Sorta like Giles in the first half of season seven of Buffy.  Love the crazy guys prison.


While not as scary as intended, The Reaper is a darn good nasty villain with an interesting origin.  Plus, it is cool to see Angel and Spike argue and bicker and argue.



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