Three Random Thoughts On My Fav Buffy Episodes – Part Two


Time for another part in my multi-parter of me going on about Buffy! I just can’t seem to give this show up.

My Upcoming Year Of Buffy is almost (NOOOO!!!) over, so another quick SPOILER FILLED look back what my fav episodes of the series is in order.  You can check out Part One here.

Lets keep going at the middle…


Buffy The Prom

The Prom!

Is it awesome that Buffy gets a prom? Yep. Is it cool that she also saves the day from evildoers? Yepper. Is it lovely that she gets one last dance with Angel? Yepperer. But the real emotional wonderment here is when Buffy gets her due with the bestowment of the Class Protector Award on our favourite Slayer. No I did not cry. And I just lied big time.


Buffy Hush


I really really really really hate the floating gentleman and how they smile and tilt their heads are oh so happy and dress so freakishly elegantly and now they float. I know I mentioned the floating twice but I don’t care because I just hated the floating. One of the few bright fun moments in this scary ass tale is Giles cartoon slide show and Buffy doing very bad mime.


Buffy The Body

The Body!!!

This is one unrelenting stark slam to our senses of the horror of death. Especially a normal, mundane, death by a real world problem. And it is Joyce, Buffy and Dawn’s mom, who goes so suddenly and with no speeches or fanfare or a glorious battle. It is a slap that hurts for all because of the senselessness of it. Damn this hurt. For me, it felt even harder because I spent the first two seasons really disliking the who and the what of Joyce. I mean I really hated her. And somewhere along the way Joyce found her soul. She finally became mom for her girls. And now she is gone. RIP Joyce.


That’s it for Part Two! The completely Never ending end of my over a year long My Year Of Buffy is staking closer to ending!



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