Some Random Thoughts On Angel 5.5 Life Of The Party and Angel 5.6 The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco

Angel Season 5

Angel helps Lorne as he gets in over his horns in Life Of The Party.  And Angel helps a previous champion in The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco.  Continuing on with another part of SMP My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


Life Of The Party…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Lorne is going through the Wolfram and Hart offices and getting stuff done and telling the AI staff that they have to come to the office Halloween party.  They are busy and resistant to coming.  Lorne privately shows signs of stress.  Angel finds out some clients don’t want to come because they feel it must be a trap.  Lorne gets Angel to come with him to see a prominent demon client and convinces him to come.  The party happens and only Harmony is having fun.  Lorne starts telling AIers to loosen up and have fun.  Soon Wesley and Freddie are drunk and someone keeps peeing around the office.  One of the demons is brutally killed in the bathroom.  Angel and Eve go to have sex in his office.  Turns out Gunn is peeing around the office.  Spike is being happy.  They are all acting out things Lorne said to them.  Lorne had his sleep magically removed by Wolfram and Hart so that he could get more done.  Side effect is that Lorne is now projecting emotions and thoughts.  People have to do what he says.  Also, a byproduct of the procedure is that a separate Lorne who is hulking and primal comes into reality.  That is what killed the demon.  Wesley and Freddie go to the lab to find Lorne’s sleep and figure out how to put it back.  Angel fights Lorne Hulk and gets slapped around.  Wesley and Freddie restore Lorne’s sleep, which makes Lorne Hulk vanish.  The guests and previous Wolfram and Hart employees love the party now.  Lorne ends up sleeping on the couch in Angel’s office with Angel watching over him.


My Thoughts!!

Lorne!  Will this be where we see Lorne falling to temptation?  Lorne and Harmony look so cool together.  That is one wet Angel.  Lorne’s office is so Lorne.  And now his mirror is talking to him.  Is being cheerful all the time taking a toll on Lorne?  That is one freaky singing smashed mirror.  Back to cheery Lorne.  Maybe it is all the evil at Wolfram and Hart getting to him.  Eve knows no boundaries.  Eve is a lousy flirt.  Angel all worried every decision he makes right really be evil.  Angel does bottle.  Angel does not notice Lorne kinda freaking out?  I still don’t trust this lab tech.  Lorne is soooooo trying to keep AI together.  Two episodes ago they were all having dinner together, now this.  Gunn was never much of a party person.  Spike calls back to what was established in Buffy, that real spookies hate Halloween.  Lorne is right about the party and Angel is right about the party.  Harmony speaks truth about employee moral.  Makes sense the evil think it is a trap. Angel finally notices Lorne’s mood.  If they call Lorne a Zeppo I shall scream.  Demon guy prefers Angelus and that think with the arm is really gross.  Can’t blame the demons for coming armed.  Love how Harmony is just dancing away.  Of course Wolfram and Hart had ritual sacrifice.  Human skin on demon face is gross.  I could see Wesley and Freddie being wallflowers.  Since when is Angel into hockey?  I would pay to see Spike and Harmony dance.  Saw that Pylean joke coming a mile away.  Is Wesley drunk?  Is Freddie drunk?  Could not see them getting drunk at the party.  Wait, Lorne is screwed up because he does not sleep anymore?  Lorne would never be that stupid or desperate, even if he felt like a Zeppo.  And Gunn thinks this is a good idea?  How long till Angel and Eve have sex?  Okay, not long.  Demon on the toilet is such an Angel thing.  And he’s dead now.  This is really bad drunk acting.  Gunn is such a pisser.  How come Spike is drunk?  Yeah, Wesley is right, a drunk spell.  That explains sooooo much.  Of course AI walks in on Angel and Eve having sex.  Even drunk Wesley figures it out.  Lorne is projecting out emotions because of the sleep deprivation.  Love how Gunn keeps peeing.  Sending Wesley and Freddie to find Lorne’s sleep is so normal on this show.  Love how Angel goes right back to sex.  How long till Wesley and Freddie have drunken sex?  Freddie knew Wesley liked her.  That is one annoyed demon.  Wolfram and hart never warned Lorne of these side effects?  Or was that part of their evil plan.  Lorne Hulk!  Love how Gollum just takes off.  This is like when Buffy came back to life and fought the byproduct.  Only Hulk Lorne would disintegrate into confetti.  Now Lorne sleeps and the affects wear off.  Still do not trust this lab guy.  Knew Eve would blow Angel off.  Back to Wesley’s crush on Freddie.  Why isn’t Gunn jealous like always?  Spike just keeps staring at the sun through the magic windows.  Love how Spike loves Gunn peeing on Angel’s chair.  And now Angel is taking care of Lorne, awww.


I like Lorne a whole heckuva lot.  I just don’t buy him as the Zeppo, a term I hate, of the AI group.  So while this was entertaining as hell and slightly goofy, the basic premise does not work for me.

Angel logo


The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco….

What Angel Investigations Did!

It’s the Mexican Day of the Dead coming up.  Angel goes to give some mail to the masked Wolfram and Hart mail person and gets thrown through some glass.  For that he is fired.  Also a demon creature is taking people’s hearts.  AI finds out and goes to investigate, just like the old days.  AI fights the creature and it gets away.  AI researches the demon and realizes it is an Aztec creature that comes around every few decades.  When last around, five champions stopped it.  The last surviving champion turns out to be the just fired masked mail person.  Angel goes to see him and hears of how the man and his brothers were wrestlers in the ring and fought crime and demons also.  But when they faced the Aztec demon, only her lived.  After awhile in despair, he was recruited by Wolfram and Hart.  The demon is after the hearts of heroes.  Angel does not think of himself as a hero at this point because he is having a crisis of confidence.  Angel and the wrestler hang out and talk of being a hero.  They go their separate ways and Angel is attacked by the demon, but is let go.  Angel is told by AI that a necklace he had seen with the wrestler must not fall into the hands of the demon.  Angel goes after the wrestler and finds him by his brothers grave awaiting the demon.  They go to fight the demon and the wrestler hopes to die.  The dead brothers come back to life and help fight the demon while the living brother is mortally wounded.  The demon is defeated.  The wrestler dies.  He and his brothers move onto the afterlife.  Angel gets the necklace.  Spike thinks the prophecy is actually about him as champion who will become human.  Angel starts to maybe believe the prophecy again.


My Thoughts!!

Scary dark alley means trouble.  And evil demon thingee.  The now non evil Wolfram and Hart.  What is with the mail delivery guy in the wrestling mask?  Kinda boring Lorne and Freddie scene.  Love how Angel signing in blood is so normal.  Spike!  So proud of touching things now.  Okay, wrestling guy is odd and throwing the boss is odder.  Only Gunn has the real appropriate response.  Love the Wolfram and Hart gossip is already twisting this all around.  Spike is sooo loving rubbing Angel’s nose in the fight.  AI on a mission.  Fight!  Spike not being able to fight must be really driving him nuts.  Just like with the chip.  That is actually a pretty good description of the demon Wesley.  So now the prophecy is all about Spike?  Talk about twisting the storyline around.  Plot points with Aztec demon and 50 years ago and champion brothers and of course the wrestle mask mail guy.  I have not liked wrestling since I was 12 and this scene does not change that.  So how did this former champion end of at Wolfram and Hart?  Also, always wearing masks all the time?  Kinda silly.  Holland reference!  Not Lost on me!  Broken by the brothers deaths, knowingly working for evil.  This almost feels like a season one to four episode.  The demon wants hero’s hearts.  That is kinda an interesting motivation.  Knew Aztec demon would not want Vampire heart.  So Angel thinks it did not want his heart because he is not a champion, not because he is a Vampire.  Gunn goes to contracts which is smart.  Angel forget that Wesley has no memory of the prophecy involving Connor.  Knew this would happen.  Wonder what Wesley and AI does recall of Connor.  This kind of mental rewrite is of the Dawn level.  Demon after a talisman.  Magic ceremonies in graveyards never go well.  Swallowed talisman?  That is different.  Fight!  The wrestling brothers have risen?  Okay, even Angel looks shocked.  Yes, Angel, pinning works.  Number 5 did not drink the talisman, smart move.  Time for the brothers to be reunited once more.  Love how AI is worried over what happened to wrestling guy.  Love these magical kindles that Angel can see the prophecy on.  Maybe he is getting his hope back.


While not a fan of Angel version of goofy, because their goofy tends to be stupid, this one I did not mind.  It is wacky but still has heart.  And it is interesting to see the wrestling guys story.



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