Three Random Thoughts On My Fav Buffy Episodes – Part Three


Time for the final part in this part of my multi-parter of me going on and on about Buffy! I am almost ready to give this show up.

So with My Upcoming Year Of Buffy almost (tear filled eyes) over, time for the last SPOILER FILLED look back at what my fav episodes of the series is in order. You can check out Part One here and Part Two.

Lets finish up at the end…


Buffy Once More With Feeling

Once More With Feeling!

The long fabled all singing, all dancing, all greatness, show filled with singing and dancing and greatness. I saw this a million years ago before I knew anything about Buffy and thought it was fun and funny. Watching it now, with all the character and history now squirreled away in my head, makes this sensational episode waaaaay more better. Love songs, show tunes, head banging metal, rousing anthems, confessional medleys, and more make this one a multiple note spectacular.


Buffy Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa!!

I almost forgot about this one. Me funny. What starts and ends with a serious problem made massively worse, we get a middle with craziness and warped characters and weird connections. We also get my new fav character Randy Giles, and, of course, bunnies. Joss packs soooo much into this wacky adventure, coming right on the heels of Once More With Feeling, and I loved every inch of it. Even the parts I don’t remember. Again, me funny.


Buffy final shot All Of Season Seven!!!

Yes, this is me majorly cheating. And I don’t care. I loved the final season of Buffy so so much. Very few minor little things bothered me that they hardly matter. The entire season really felt like a sprawling epic tale with action, adventure, love, drama, humour, and awesomeness. We get a rollercoaster for Buffy’s last television season and that is what we deserved. Amazing job Joss and Sarah Michelle and company!


That’s it for Part Three! The mindnumbingly Never ending finale of my year and a half long My Upcoming Year Of Buffy is staking closer to closing!



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