Some Random Thoughts On Angel 5.7 Lineage and Angel 5.8 Destiny

Angel Season 5

Angel works with Wesley as Wesley’s father comes to visit in Lineage.  And Angel fights Spike for the plight of the universe in Destiny.  Continuing on with another SPOILER FILLED part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

Wesley has a secret meeting with a guy in a warehouse and wants to meet the boss.  He is stonewalled.  Freddie shows off the merchandise, a gun.  As the man is about to spill, a ninja attacks.  The bad guys are killed, Freddie is injured, and Angel saves the day.  Turns out the ninja is a robot.  Angel is mad at Wesley for bringing Freddie along and tells him off.  Wesley gives attitude to Freddie.  Freddie tells Wesley off.  Wesley’s father arrives.  The father, Roger, wants to rebuild the Watchers and will evaluate to see if Wesley is good enough to join.  Wesley does not care.  They argue.  Roger meets the rest of AI and is not impressed.  Wesley examines the robot, which is partially human, and accidentally activates a bomb.  They go to code red, but Roger disarms the bomb.  AI tracks the robots and realize they are fighting evil around the world.  Wesley gets Rogers’ help with research and Roger asks about Wesley’s feelings for Freddie.  Wesley cuts him off.  Wesley shows Roger the Wolfram and Hart magical reference books.  Roger complains about security.  Ninjas land on the roof and attack.  One attacks Wesley and Roger and they stop it.  Roger says they must secure the books and Wesley takes him into the inner vault.  Once inside, Roger knocks Wesley out and takes a magical object.  Wesley wakes up and tortures a ninja for information.  AI fights off the ninjas.  Roger gets Angel to take him to the roof.  Roger uses the magic stick to take Angel down and a helicopter starts coming.  Wesley arrives and points a gun at Roger.  Roger says the magic takes away Angel’s free will so they can use him.  Wesley figures Roger is behind it all.  They argue.  Freddie arrives.  Wesley has the magic stick.  Roger threatens Freddie.  Wesley shoots Roger many times. killing him.  Roger is really a robot.  Angel and Wesley talk about the robots and who sent them.  Wesley and Freddie talk and ho almost admits his feeling to her.  Freddie leaves and Wesley calls his parents.  Roger acts like a jerk.


My Thoughts!!

Evil guys meeting in old dark warehouse.  Cue Batman!  Wesley!  Getting snotty with bad guys.  Bringing Freddie into a dangerous situation?  Okay.  Love how Wesley refers to Freddie as muscle.  A gun?  AI is playing the long games, you can tell.  Collapsible swords?  Is that a Highlander reference?  Fight!  Wesley is a bad ass yet again.  Attacker is good with the chains.  Angel!  Wait, a robot?  One of Warren’s creations?  Freddie injured!  Wesley looks pissed.  Angel is really really really pissed that Wesley took Freddie along.  At least Angel isn’t trying to smother Wesley with a pillow this time.  This is silly, Angel not trusting Wesley now.  He has been over the Connor kidnapping for awhile now.  Freddie is being kinda whiny here, she got hurt so emotions are running high.  Wesley’s jerk ass father.  Why would he allow this abusive jerk into the office?  And why discuss business with the twit?  Not surprised his father was a Watcher.  They wanna reform the Watchers?  Bring back those useless old farts?  Wesley a failure?  He helped save the world at end of season three.  They all got blown up real good because they were morons.  What’s with the Watchers and their massively useless evaluations?  Wesley should give the speech that Buffy gave to them.  So Wesley becomes a klutz because his father is around?  Silly character explanation that I saw coming a mile away.  Lorne!  Wesley’s father has disdain coming out of his jackass out of touch pores.  Winston Churchill and Richard Harris, that would be interesting.  Gunn!  Don’t try to impress your obviously over compensating loser father.  Spike!  He would know about sex with a robot.  Wesley’s father and Spike have met, which is not surprising.  Spike is really uncomfortable with his past being brought up.  Of course he doesn’t shake Angel’s hand.  Someone kill this blowhard.  If Wesley snaps his neck, I shall cheer.  Ooops, robot bomb activated.  This feels forced with the father stopping the bomb.  Lorne does not deserve this jerk’s attention.  So the robots are killing demons.  Wesley gets real touchy when Freddie is brought up.  You just know the security of the magic books are gonna be a plot point.  Spike and Eve.  He really does not trust her.  Robot ninja attack.  These things are powerful if they can take out Wolfram and Hart defenses.  Maybe the Watchers sent them as their new weapons.  Old ass father fights to save the books.  An actual compliment?  And asking for directions from Wesley?  Yup, father is evil Watcher.  Gruesome and Gwen would be helpful in this fight.  So these robots are partially human.  Knew Wesley would torture this minion.  Yes!  A Spike punch!  Saving Angel?  Betcha to kill him later.  Is he stealing Angel’s soul?  Or just killing him?  Wesley!  Okay, steal Angel’s willpower.  Shoot the bastard Wesley.  They want to control Angel, those Watcher jerks.  Smuggling in a gun makes sense.  At least Wesley’s father is now saying what he really thinks of Wesley.  Wesley, shoot him in the kneecaps and work your way up.  Wesley is right, his father is jealous of him.  Knew he would take Freddie hostage.  Keep shooting Wesley!!!!!!  A couple more shots please!!  Wesley throwing up was nice touch.  Wesley’s father was a robot?  Did not see that coming.  Angel’s free will is back.  Pep talk from Angel to Wesley.  And now they realize these baddies know everything about them.  Yeah, bad example Angel, killing your own father.  And Spike killed his mother.  Field day for psychiatrists here.  Freddie is about to be told something she already knew.  Wesley loves her.  Lab jerk that I do not trust shows up.  Just need the sad Hulk television show music here and we are all set.  Why call your massively asshat father Wesley?  That “man” deserves nothing from you.


Roger was scum and we hate him so much.  I really wished he had died a horrible painful death even earlier.  This jerk was almost as bad as Warren.  And yet Wesley still calls him, which is really not surprising.

Angel logo



What Angel Investigations Did!

Flash to 1880 London and Spike is not Spike yet, but is a Vampire.  Drusilla introduces him to Angelus and they get along.   Today Spike and Angel are arguing.  Wesley is on leave.  Spike gets a package in the mail.  He opens it he becomes material again.  And the phones start going nuts.  Spike and Harmony go off to have sex.  More electronics start going nuts.  Eve tells AI that the universe is in trouble because Spike is now real again.  Two Vampires with a soul who might be champion.  The prophecy says so.  Harmony goes crazy while having sex with Spike.  Gunn sees the Senior Partners and finds out the White Room is gone.  AI and Eve hear a guy in the research department re translate the prophecy and tells of a place in the desert with a magic cup the champion must drink from.  In 1880 Angelus and Spike to be talk after a killing.  Spike goes to his love Drusilla.  Today.  Angel and Spike race to the cup, get their, argue, and fight brutally.  In 1880 Spike walks in on Angelus and Drusilla having sex.  Angelus makes fun of Spike about it.  Today Gunn gets ill as well.  Spike wins the fight and gets the cup.  He drinks from the cup and realizes it is a soft drink.  Angel and Spike know they were tricked.  The prophecy guy has disappeared.  The illness has disappeared at Wolfram and Hart.  Eve says the Senior Partners intervened.  Eve also says that she had nothing to do with what happened.  Angel realizes Spike finally beat him in a fight.  Eve goes home and undresses and tells someone that the plan worked and AI has no clue.  Eve gets into bed with Lindsay.


My Thoughts!!

A hotel in London.  In 1880.  Pre Angel.  Spike and Drusilla all evil and nasty.  This is before Spike met Angelus.  Darla off with the Master because she probably wasn’t available.  Spike looks scared of Angelus.  Angleus wants a guy bff.  And he has a serious sunlight torture issue.  Today.  Awww, Spike wants on office from his former bbf Angel.  Harmony!  Wesley on leave of absence?  Spike has watched too much Oprah, confessing too much of his sordid past in public.  Package for Spike can’t be good.  Wait, Spike is solid again?  Cue Beauty and the Beast song, “To Be Solid Again.”  It is so cute seeing Spike and Gunn hug.  Out of control phones and wacky computers and that box mean bad news.  We all knew Harmony would go for a long “lunch” with Spike.  In 1880 and terrorizing a wedding.  Spike really does love/lust after Drusilla back then didn’t he?  Today.  Spike gets an office finally and Harmony looks really happy.  I hate people who bleed from the eyes.  Remember to always replace the toner.  Freddie!  Love how Gunn describes Spike and Harmony having sex.  Angel finally notices the connection between Spike material and phones on the blink.  Eve with the freaking prophecy again.  Angel still wants Eve.  Eve would know that AI had nothing to do with Spike.  Great, Harmony gets red eyes during sex with Spike and now bites him.  What in the Hellmouth is going on?  Buffy mention!  Now that was a punch.  Lorne stopped the toner guy?  I cannot believe the prophecy would be that specific as to only allow one champion/Vampire with a soul.  White Room gone is never a good sign.  Mention that Spike was gonna head to Europe for Buffy.  Wesley would never misread the prophecy because of language barrier.  Lets reiterate the prophecy storyline one more time and change it around like Skip was involved.  An opera house in the desert?  That is weird enough for Angel.  Of course Spike took off, all because he thinks the champion is him.  Wouldn’t the Wolfram and Hart cars have magic placed on them to take back stolen ones.  Gunn and Eve are soooo flirting.  Because we really need another love triangle on this show.  Guy with axe in background?  That joke worked better on Buffy.  1880.  Spike walks in on Angelus and Drusilla having sex.  Yet another reason to hate Angelus.  Today.  They find the slightly Holy Grail.  Knew Spike was gonna punch Angel.  If Angel and Spike fighting becomes the new Angel and Connor fighting I shall scream.  Dirty Buffy reference.  All without mentioning Buffy directly.  Great, now Gunn is infected.  Angel and Spike still fighting.  1880.  Spike sounds like a little boy.  Today.  I thought Angel would do better in this fight.  So Spike hates Angel because he reminds him of his killing days.  Using the cross as a bat is different.  Buffy mention!  By name!  They really are beating the crap out of each other.  Boring Freddie and Eve bonding moment.  And I don’t believe she is not the bad guy.  Almost thought Spike was gonna dust Angel.  What crap Angel, Spike really does want to be a champion, not just take that from you.  Spike drinks from the Holy Grail, and nothing happens.  It’s a fake!  So prophecy old guy was lying.  AI gets played yet again.  Recurring theme for them.  Eve tells AI that Senior Partners saved the universe.  So was prophecy guy working for robot ninja’s and are they the Big Bad’s?  Now Angel realizes he might not be the champion from the prophecy.  Eve is evil.  Undressing scene!  Is that Lindsay?  Covered with tattoos?  Why in the name of the Hellmouth did they bring that loser back?  Ugh.


I actually liked this one because we get Angel and Spike really duking it out.  And we see even more of their bitter history.  But Eve being evil is a surprise to no one, and the reveal of Lindsay made me groan.  Why bring this loser back??



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