Some Random Thoughts On Angel 5.9 Harm’s Way and Angel 5.10 Soul Purpose

Angel Season 5

Angel does not even realize a plot against Harmony in Harm’s Way.  And Angel goes to dreamland in Soul Purpose.  Continuing on with another SPOILER FILLED part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!


Harm’s Way…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Wolfram and Hart has an employee orientation video and Angel is rather stiff in it.  The video talks about how they used to be evil, but no more.  Harmony wakes up in the morning and gets cheerily ready for work.  On the way to work her old lady neighbour snubs her.  Harmony gets to Wolfram and Hart and goes to get Angel’s morning blood.  She tries to engage in conversations with fellow employees, but the gossips also ignore her.  Another employee gives her attitude over the microwave.  Harmony tells Angel what’s on the agenda for the day and the coming demon feud treaty.  Angel is also trying to learn the demon language.  Angel and Gunn go into the office and another demon shows up for a meeting with them.  Harmony gets her blood checked to ensure she is not feeding on humans.  She passes.  Harmony goes into Angel’s office just as the demon is killed.  They tell Harmony the demon was killing people for fun and that Wolfram and Hart does not allow that anymore.  Spike says he is leaving to be with Buffy and says his goodbyes.  AI has a meeting about the demon treaty negotiations and Harmony tries to get involved.  These demons are obsessed with manners.  A man has already started the process.  When Harmony speaks up, she is told to get lunch.  Harmony hears more employees gossiping about AI.  Angel calls for her and is mad.  A camel is in the lobby because Harmony knew the demons liked it.  Angel gets mad and orders it gone.  Harmony gets upset and Freddie comforts her.  They go hang out after work.  Freddie gives Harmony a pep talk and sends her after a guy at the bar.  She talks to the guy and they hit it off.  Harmony wakes up the next morning and the guy is lying beside her, dead with bite marks.  She dumps the body into a dumpster and frantically heads to work.  She gets Angel’s blood and sips some of the blood from her thermos.  The police call about the Vampire victim found at the dump.  And he was the negotiator for the demons.  AI tries to reassure the demons.  Harmony goes to the lab and sees the body.  She and Freddie talk.  Harmony realizes the bite mark was not hers because of the side used.  Her blood is suddenly tested and she fails.  She knocks the tech out.  Lorne shows up and she knocks him out.  She goes back to the lab and tries to explain to Freddie the positive result.  Freddie goes to call Angel and Harmony knocks her out.  Harmony has the tech, Lorne, and Freddie tied up in a closet.  The demons arrive for the treaty and they are not pleased.  And they want justice or a sacrifice.  Harmony confronts an employee and reveals she is a Vampire.  Everyone runs but one lady.  It is the person framing her and she admits it.  She is also a Vampire and worked in the steno pool as well, and is jealous of Harmony getting promoted.  She wants Harmony’s job.  They fight.  Harmony gets the upper hand and drags the lady to the lobby.  They keep fighting.  The peace conference is going badly.  The ladies smash into the room and Harmony stakes her enemy.  This sacrifice please the demons.  AI is freed and Harmony explains it all to Angel.  Gunn says the demons are doing the treaty.  Harmony is told to just get coffee.  Harmony is at the bar and Spike walks in.  He almost went to Europe and Buffy but decided not to.  Harmony is mopey and Spike cheers her up by saying she had an arch enemy so she is important.  Harmony is now happy.


My Thoughts!!

Okay, I really hate this Wolfram And Hart commercial.  Newscorp reference.  Love how Angel looks so uncomfortable on camera.  Harmony!  Living such a normal life.  Okay, that was funny lifting up the dresser.  Love how the dog growled at because it knew she was a Vampire.  So these office pains are ignoring Harmony.  Talking evil office gossip.  Office that is gonna report Harmony for taking Angel’s blood drink.  Love how Angel has unexplained bruises and scratches.  That was rude slamming the door in Harmony’s face, Gunn had to have heard her.  We all knew Harmony was gonna walk in on something nasty.  And a beheading it is.  So Eli from accounting was dismembering virgins for his own amusement.  Love how Freddie is so concerned with newly real Spike.  Wesley!  Sigh, prophecy again.  Love how Angel and Spike negotiate.  Buffy mention!  “Tell her you’re a moron” is one of the best lines Angel has ever had.  AI says their goodbyes to Spike.  Aww, Spike you are so mean to Harmony.  AI talking demon wars.  So now Gunn knows demon languages?  What’s next the scripts for every Star Trek episode?  AI is really treating Harmony badly here.  She is useful and has feelings.  More office gossip from the idiots.  Harmony does notice things.  Love how these twats think Wesley is gay, but of course it is never said.  Lorne gives muffins.  You would think these twats would know to be nice to the boss’s assistant.  So a camel is in the lobby.  Angel is too mean to Harmony here.  Freddie is trying to do the right thing and be supportive of Harmony, which is so Freddie.  Harmony and Freddie is so cute.  Angel is always under stress.  Yet again it is pointed out to Freddie that Wesley likes her.  Which she has known for a long long time.  Freddie’s excuse for not dating AI is really lame.  These people thrive in their baggage.  I never really see any connection between Freddie and Gunn anymore.  Love Harmony’s definition of straight.  This almost feels like Willow and Cordelia hanging out.  Gosh, I miss Cordelia.  Harmony is sooooo bad at small talk.  Knew she slept with the guy.  Keep guessing names Harmony.  Betcha the guy is dead.  Great, now she thinks she fed on him, but we all know she didn’t.  At least Harmony knows the proper use of the garbage chute.  That old lady neighbour is probably evil.  Way to not act suspicious Harmony.  I wonder if these office twats know that Harmony is a Vampire.  Love Harmony’s To Do List.  Wait, that’s a different looking To Do List now.  Now Harmony thinks it is her “victim”.  Of course the police know Wolfram and Hart.  Would have been nice if Kate had known this.  So Toby the victim was the negotiator.  Gunn sounds like Picard talking to those aliens in that gangster episode of STTNG.  Angel shut up, you are obviously not good at demon lingo.  Good to know Freddie can do autopsies.  Suddenly.  Wouldn’t Freddie recognize that guy from the bar.  Besides being about Harmony, I noticed early on this is like that STTNG episode Lower Decks.  Ooopsie, Harmony failed the blood test.  That was a punch.  Lorne!  Love how Lorne calls Harmony harmonica.  Now Lorne is knocked out.  At least Harmony is telling the truth finally.  So Vampire’s can be right or left handed.  Harmony is right, spiking a Vampire’s drink has happened before.  Now Freddie gets knocked out.  What a polite kidnapper Harmony is.  These demon tribes act like annoying Star Trek aliens.  Yup, Harmony is losing it.  And yup, the twats did not know she was a Vampire.  Harmony has an arch enemy?  And it is not Buffy?  The arch enemy from the steno pool!!  The arch enemy is a Vampire as well?  Fight!  Dueling stakes.  Almost like Kill Bill.  Ooopsie, don’t make fun of Harmony’s unicorns.  These glass walls keep getting smashed.  Almost as much as Buffy’s house.  Yes, Harmony, staked her arch enemy.  And the summit is saved! No thank you from Angel, just get us coffee?  Not #1 Boss, but Jerk Boss.  Spike!  Wouldn’t he be with Buffy by now?  He came back for stupid reasons.  Grand finale?  Right.  Awww, so Harmony does matter.


I have always liked Harmony and this one shows us so many cool things about her.  Cheerful, happy, always trying to be nice, and sometimes not thinking things through.  One of the few comedy episodes on Angel that actually work.

Angel logo


Soul Purpose….

What Angel Investigations Did!

Spike drinks from the cup and becomes the champion and Angel wakes from the dream.  Spike is at a strip club and Lindsay talks to him, saying he is Doyle and has Visions.  Also, he brought Spike back and made him real.  Lindsay sends Spike on a mission to save a lady in the alley.  Spike keeps up the hero bit the next night, saving people.  Wolfram and Hart has Wesley and Gunn with two different plans to take out a cult leader warlock.  Angel does like all this grey areas and snaps.  It is suggested he get some sleep.  Angel has nightmares with Freddie doing a bizarre autopsy on him.  Eve gives Wesley a chunk of rock with writing on it to analyze.  Gunn tells AI that Spike is out helping people.  Angel dreams that Buffy and Spike are having sex beside him.  Angel goes down to the offices and everyone is watching the apocalypse.  Wesley says Spike will save them.  In the non dreaming world, Angel has a creature attached to his chest.  In the dream, AI is celebrating Spike saving the world with song and cake.  Spike talks of being a savior and making the world perfect.  A fairy shows up and makes Spike human again.  Angel shuffles off.  Spike is really in his apartment and Wesley and Gunn stop by.  They want Spike to do good with them, but he says no.  Eve and Lindsay talk about how mad the Senior Partners will be at them.  Eve says the tattoos make him invisible to them.  Angel dreams of Lorne playing the piano.  They talk.  Lorne tries to get Angel to sing and AI mock him.  Angel sees Eve in his room and the creature on his chest.  He pulls it off and Eve pulls out a bigger creature and tells him he is still dreaming.  Angel tries to stop the creature and Eve leaves.  Lindsay tells Spike he has a Vision.  Angel in dream and AI tells him to rest forever.  AI starts screaming.  Spike rips the creature off Angel, waking him up.  Angel tells AI about the dreams and Wesley explains the creatures.  Angel figures out it was Eve and she denies it.  Eve leaves and AI knows she is evil.


My Thoughts!!

Angel looks bad.  Oh great, he us reliving the beatdown Spike gave him.  And in this nightmare Spike wins it all.  And Angel burns up ala Raiders Of The List Ark.  Yep, dream.  Spike at a stripper bar.  Lindsay.  Hope Spike snaps his neck.  Spike would beat mysterious guy until he told him the info.  Yep, Spike does that.  Lindsay just used Doyle’s name, all because the jerk has no shame.  AI arguing over how to take out evil.  Angel gets to the heart of it all with the grey areas.  Spike does figure out Lindsay played them with the magic cup.  Lindsay gets the visions now?  Riiiiight, why don’t I believe him?  Spike and Lindsay, the new champions of the oppressed?  Riiiiihht.  Back to the retard word after not using it for a long long time.  Spike is really into victim blaming.  Please kill Lindsay Spike.  AI keeps arguing over how to take out a cult leader.  Of course Wolfram and Hart has a satellite.  Angel is really feeling this decision.  And kinda losing it.  The thought of maybe not being the champion really weighs on him.  At least AI finally noticed.  This is not the first time Angel has been attacked in his dreams.  Or is he still all worried about Wesley betraying him?  Spike being the hero he always wanted to be.  Eve.  Senior Partners want magic rock with writing on it deciphered.  We all know this is from Lindsay.  Freddie.  Scary with a rubber glove.  I hate surgery scenes so I might be suck now.  This dream sequence is stupid.  Jaws reference.  A bear?  This is really not at all like Restless.  AI figures out that Spike is pulling a British Batman.  Spike’s Wayne Manor and Batman is kinda dull.  Of course Angel dreams of Spike And Buffy having sex.  That really did sound like Buffy.  Buffy mention.  Is that Buffy’s voice??  No shoes, no service Angel.  Still dreaming.  AI watches the apocalypse like it is a movie.  Okay, Angel is under mental attack.  By an anti Black Mercy.  That is one big cake.  Spike made the world a candy mountain place?  Freddie is so poetic sometimes.  I really hope they break into song and dance.  That is one funky fairy.  Somehow we all knew they would go with a Pinochio reference.  Yes, let’s all hear Spike’s heart.  Aww, poor dream Angel.  A Miami Vice reference?  Why does Wesley and Gunn come across as jerk heavies?  Spike does have a point, AI has made many many compromises lately.  Lindsay and Eve come across as an even more watered down version of Wesley and Lila.  Knew Lindsay was stringing Spike along.  Superman reference.  So Lindsay’s magic tattoo conceals him from Wolfram and Hart?  Oh look, a magic box that Eve likes.  Lorne playing the piano is cool.  Nice spit take.  Eve is darn good at playing Freddie.  That is one bright spotlight.  Should have been a Manilow song.  Angel finally figures it out and wakes up.  Eve admits this too easily.  That is one ugly face hugger.  Will Spike figure out Lindsay is lying?  Angel back in dreamland.  But this is the happy happy land.  Okay, that was like the Klingon death cry.  Spike for the save.  And taking a shot at Angel.  Wesley for the explanations.  And Angel figures it out it was Eve.  Now the earrings I could see being a giveaway.  Eve plays mindgame.  AI is onto her.


Did not realize till after viewing that Angel directed this one, which is quite a big job to take one with this complexity.  And found out Buffy’s voice was really Buffy, a clip excepted from The Prom episode.

But back to this one.  Dream episodes are really not my fav, and this one did not thrill either, but it is far better than if they attempted it in season one to four.  So I give this a solid B for the effort.



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