Some Random Thoughts On Angel 5.11 Damage and Angel 5.12 You’re Welcome

Angel Season 5

Angel faces another Slayer in Damage.  And Angel celebrates his 100th episode with the return of Cordelia! in You’re Welcome.  Continuing on with another SPOILER FILLED part of My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully!



What Angel Investigations Did!

At a mental hospital, a young lady is given the wrong meds.  She breaks free and slams through the guards and her doctor.  She acts bestial but fights with skill.  Wolfram and Hart gets the call and Angel and Spike comes to investigate.  This teen, Dana, was kidnapped and tortured for several months at ten by a man who murdered her family.  She was been out of it since then.  Some months back she gained super strength and had violent dreams.  Spike thinks demon possession and goes to stop her.  Angel investigates more and realizes the teen was a potential who became a Slayer.  Spike fights Dana and gets his butt kicked.  Wesley contacts Giles and Andrew is sent.  Andrew finds out Spike is alive and is very happy.  Andrew informs AI of what Buffy did at the end of her series, changing all the potentials into Slayers.  Now all the Slayers are being gathered by the Scoobies and trained.  Spike heads out after Dana again.  Angel takes a psychic to Dana’s old house and they get clues as to where she might have gone.  Dana is in a basement of a warehouse where she was kept.  She recalls her tormentor and it is Spike.  Spike and Andrew are looking for Dana and catching with all the Scoobies.  Andrew wonders why Buffy does not know Spike is alive and Spike gives an explanation and does want her to know.  They find Dana and fight.  Spike is caught.  Dana starts blurring other Slayers into her mind.  Spike is drugged.  AI figures out where Dana might be.  Spike wakes up and Dana has cut off his hands.  Angel shows up and tells Dana her kidnapper is dead and catches her.  Spike is sent off to get his hands reattached.  Andrew tells Angel he will take Dana now.  Angel says no.  Andrew says Dana goes with him.  A whole bunch of Slayers arrive and AI realizes they are outmatched.  Andrew says Buffy gave this order because he now works at Wo9lfram and Hart.  Andrew and the Slayers take Dana.  Angel talks to Spike at the hospital, with his hands attached, about the plight of Dana.


My Thoughts!!

Oh goodie a mental ward.  On Angel this is never good.  Do they still wear nurses outfits like that nowadays?  Medicine mixup also never a good sign.  Banging door is scary.  Smashed down door scarier.  Is she demon possessed?  She fights real real good.  She kinda looks like the first Slayer with that blood on her face.  Oh crud, is she a potential turned Slayer, put into a mental ward like Buffy once was?  Gunn being tough lawyer.  And the question of the morals of what they are doing is brought up again.  AI getting ready to give Eve the chop.  But Gunn is right about Eve being connected.  Harmony with the plot update.  Love how Angel and Spike show up at the same crime scene.  So Dana the girl has dead parents and was kidnapped and now has superstrength.  Really thought that store clerk was gonna die.  She is so gonna find and kill her kidnapper.  Coming up, one dead security guard.  Nurse wants a job and of course Angel does not hear.  Kate would have been a great police contact.  Spike finds Dana first.  So she was shouting Chosen in Romanian so she is a Slayer.  This is a very interesting story choice, and a natural follow up from the Buffy finale.  I think Spike just realized he might be in trouble.  That fall has gotta hurt.  Angel tells Spike.  And of course Spike just thinks kill her.  Giles mention!  Andrew!  ANDREW!!  YAY!!!  Love that hug!  That’s right, Andrew still thought Spike his buddy was dead.  Kinda touching really.  So does this mean Andrew works with Giles now?  Lord Of The Rings reference.  I really missed Andrew’s storytelling.  Slayer of Vampyre!  AI seems so unimpressed.  I guess this is the Angel writers catching the non Buffy fans up with the plot.  They haven’t done this kind of uselessness since like season one.  So hundreds or thousands of potentials might exist?  And they have dreams of previous Slayers?  This feels like what season eight of Buffy would have been.  Love Andrew’s pipe.  Six months since the Buffy finale.  So Buffy never told AI what she did?  And neither did Spike?  So Buffy and the Scoobies are finding the new Slayers.  Love Andrew’s lunch bag.  Slayer dreams and kidnapping nightmares create one big mess.  So Giles does not think much of Wesley it seems.  Spike off to score Slayer number three.  Did Andrew follow Spike?  Yep.  Wedgie him to death would be interesting.  Andrew has gadgets!  Love how Mr. Giles has been training Andrew.  The real estate agent shows a house at night?  With a weird Seer hanging out?  Yeah, these flashbacks are freaky.  These are scary torture tools.  Wait, Spike was the kidnapper/torturer?  Has he done so much evil he has forgotten about her?  Spike and Andrew together again.  Andrew would be a cool Watcher.  Xander in Africa.  Willow and Kennedy in Brazil.  Wonder how much fanfic this scene destroyed.  Wonder when Buffy would come up.  Rome.  Getting European Slayers.  Scoobies having a conference call sounds so cool.  Spike is such a coward not telling Buffy.  Andrew is out real fast.  Fight!  Andrew good with a tranq gun.  Nice Spike, compare Dana to Drusilla.  Now Dana is channeling Wood’s mom.  Dana drugged Spike!  Why did Spike torture young Dana?  AI gets more clues.  Andrew with the plot update.  Holy Hellmouth, Dana chopped off Spike’s hands!  So Dana is confusing Spike with her tormentor, which makes perfect sense.  Dang, they really had me going with Spike being the kidnapper.  Angel!  Kidnapper is dead.  Love it how we have another Angel versus Slayer fight.  Tranq gun!  Betcha they are gonna magically reattach Spike’s hands.  Andrew trying to pull rank.  Andrew is right, Dana is theirs.  Really trying to pull rank.  Holy Hellmouth that is a lot of Slayers.  Looks like Giles really does not like Angel taking over Wolfram and Hart.  Snap, it is Buffy who does not trust Angel anymore.  Andrew really showing some bravado here.  Angel looks really hurt.  Spike with his hands.  Spike feeling remorse again.  And Angel would understand.  In a lot of ways, what happened to Dana is like what Angelus did to Drusilla.


Wow, this really was awesome.  We see the fallout from Chosen, we see what happened to the Scoobies, and we see very graphically how Buffy feels about Angel’s choices lately.  Sending a whackload of Slayers to get Dana , and we all know Buffy did give that order, is such a gut punch to everyone and says oh so much.

Angel logo


You’re Welcome….

What Angel Investigations Did!

AI smashes into a dark room with magic items around.  They find a bunch slaughtered nuns and Freddie announces their client has fled this dimension.  And it will hard to track him.  Angel gets mad and quits.  AI tries to talk to Angel about this, and Gunn says leaving Wolfram and Hart will not be easy.  Angel gets a call and finds out Cordelia has woken up from her magic coma.  Angel and Wesley go and get Cordelia and she is all bubbly as usual.  And she remembers everything that happened.  AI does not tell her of Wolfram and Hart.  They take her to Wolfram and Hart and she is not happy.  Cordelia is happily greeted by Gunn and Lorne and Freddie and Harmony.  Cordelia asks where Connor is and AI does not know who she is talking about.  Cordelia tells Angel of the Vision that woke her up, Angel in danger and symbols on flesh.  Eve arrives and Cordelia and her verbally spar with Cordelia winning easily.  Spike is visited by Lindsay who complains about his lack of hero activity.  Spike says his hands have to heal.  Lindsay mentions his hand getting cut off once.  Lindsay gets a call that Cordelia is awake.  Angel finds Cordelia watching the commercial Doyle made for AI.  Angel and Cordelia talk about Wolfram and Hart and Connor.  Angel tells her of Connor’s new life.  Angel and Cordelia almost admit their love.  Cordelia and Wesley research her Vision and she apologizing for killing Lila.  They find out the symbols are magic to hide people.  Lindsay breaks into Wolfram and Hart and heads to the basement.  Cordelia sees Spike and he bites her.  Angel attacks Spike and Spike says Cordelia is not evil.  Angel says of course she isn’t.  Spike says a man with Visions, Doyle, told him Cordelia was evil.  And the man has tattoos and once lost a hand.  They now know it is Lindsay.  Eve is caught.  AI interrogates Eve and she won’t talk, but Harmony is the one who beats the answers out of Eve.  Lindsay uses a crystal to turn on a machine.  Everyone but AI has left the building.  Eve tells AI that has turned on a failsafe the Senior Partners have against Angel, an evil creature.  Wesley gets ready a spell to remove Lindsay’s tattoos.  Harmony is left in charge of Eve.  Spike and Cordelia and Spike go after Lindsay.  They are attacked by zombies.  They fight and Spike stays to hold them back.  Angel and Cordelia confront Lindsay.  He is super powered now and fights Angel.  Cordelia goes to stop the machine and succeeds, shutting off the failsafe.  Angel beats Lindsay.  Wesley magically removes the tattoos.  The Senior Partners can now see Lindsay and they take him away.  AI kicks Eve out and she swears revenge.  AI gets ready to celebrate.  Angel and Cordelia go to his office first.  Cordelia says she had faith in Angel and the good he can do at Wolfram and Hart.  She tells him she is leaving and Angel wants her to stay.  She has something else in her future.  Angel and Cordelia kiss.  The phone rings and Angel goes to answer.  Cordelia says “Oh, and you’re welcome”.  Angel is told Cordelia has died, never coming out of her coma.  Angel looks over and Cordelia is gone.  Angel says “Thank you”.


My Thoughts!!

AI doing the old break and enter.  Tracking whatever killed the Nuns.  Disgruntled client that Angel now wants to kill.  Client off to another dimension.  So Angel has finally enough of reforming evil and quits.  Guess Buffy not trusting him hurt.  Cordelia!!!!!  She’s awake!!!!!  At Wolfram and Hart and Angel still pissed.  Angel getting pissy at Gunn because he is right about leaving, they might not be able to.  The Phone Call!!  CORDELIA!!  Only Angel and Wesley come??  Love how Cordelia is back and right back into being Cordelia.  Love the Angel hug.  She does look great for being in a coma forever.  Cordelia remembers everything, including Jasmine.  Interesting how she wakes up just when Angel is quitting.  They really don’t to tell her about Wolfram and Hart.  She looks… displeased.  That is quite a lot of cleavage on Cordelia.  Hey, that demon thingee from Halloween.  Cordelia with the rest of AI. Connor mention!  And the blank stares.  Harmony saves the day!!  Time for Angel to explain Connor, Wolfram and Hart, and everything.  She is still getting Visions?  Eve!  Being a pain.  Cordelia versus Eve and Cordelia of course wins.  Eve looks scared of Cordelia, which she should be.  Love Cordelia being snippy mentioning Darla.  Spike!  Playing a video game?  Sounds like Donky Kong.  Lindsay, please die.  Powers That Be mention.  Not quite the Angel/Doyle relationship is this.  So Lindsay is gonna send Spike after Angel isn’t he?  Crap, the Doyle videotape.  Cordelia looks so happy to watch this, like seeing an old friend.  Angel, not so much.  Wonder if the actor has passed away in real life at this point, which would make this even more sad for them here.  Cordelia is almost seduced herself with this glitz and money.  Connor.  Cordelia is rightly horrified over Connor, and Wolfram and Hart.  And now Spike is mentioned.  Cordelia’s head in gonna explode from all this.  Wait till Angel tells her about the Buffy finale.  Bizarro mention!  Love how Cordelia talks about how Angel was always mopey.  Cordelia almost said love.  Thinking of what could have been at the beach that night.  Lindsay and Eve doing more boring pillow talk.  Cordelia and Wesley doing the old research thing.  So Cordelia feels guilt over being possessed.  Interesting, Cordelia apologizes for killing Lila, even through it is not her fault.  That is touching.  Lindsay skulking around.  All invisible to everything.  Tattoos as a cloak of invisibility.  Why is Spike attacking Cordelia?  Spike versus Angel, round ten.  Spike thinks Cordelia is still evil, all because he does not read the memos and emails.  And because Lindsay is in his head.  Spike mentions Lindsay almost, and the Visions.  Spike saying tattoos makes sense.  The Doyle name really really really gets Angel and Cordelia’s attention.  Eve!  Love how Cordelia takes down Eve.  Harmony with the plot point that the office is empty.  What evil thing is Lindsay doing?  Love how Cordelia tells Angel to torture Eve.  And love how Harmony goes for it instead.  Those are really good punches.  Knew Eve would break fast.  Senior Partner failsafe against Angel.  Now they know it is Lindsay!  Love how Angel tells Harmony to feed on Eve if she moves.  Love how Cordelia grabs the sword.  Angel and Cordelia and Spike in the deathtrap maze.  Just snap Lindsay’s neck Angel.  Great, he has superpowers.  Time for the Highlander fight.  Cordelia with the doomsday weapon.  This is kinda like the end of Serenity.  Awww, feel sorry for Lorne having to give blood, not urine.  Dammit, he stabbed Angel.  So that crystal is important to the twat Lindsay?  Time for Angel to kick some ass.  Yes, Wesley’s spell is wiping the magic tattoos.  Time for Senior Partners justice.  Goodbye and good riddance Lindsay.  Awww, Eve is gone.  Time for Cordelia to go back to the coma any second now because the writers are evil.  Back to Angel and Cordelia and her moral compass, which I love.  And Angel has his mojo back.  And Cordelia has faith in Angel.  So Cordelia is just leaving?  No place at Wolfram and Hart for her?  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  I want Cordelia to stay.  Now that is a kiss.  Wonder if Cordelia is gonna head to Europe to join up with Buffy?  WHAT?????  CORDELIA DIED??????  SHE NEVER WOKE UP???  THIS WAS ALL GHOST CORDELIA????????  DAMN YOU JOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not crying at the last line, not crying.


For the 100th episode, we get all sorts of amazing things, including Angel getting his groove back yet again.  One downside is Lindsay coming back as the alleged big bad.  But, the really massive incredible wonderful major attraction for this one is the return of Cordelia!

Love Cordelia and love she came back and love she saved Angel again and love all her attitude and love love love love her final scene.

Then the final bit, with the death of Cordelia and now I am a sad puddle of mush sobbing during the credits.  Darn you Joss, darn you.  RIP Cordelia.



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